Seven Wearable Tech Predictions for 2014


  • Scazza

    I was really going to get a pebble when it was $20 off for Black Friday, but held off. This is exactly why. Next year is going to see a bunch of these at various price points, and I think getting in now might be too soon.

    • fellah

      So that was your big decision for 2013? A $20 purchase? How long would it take for you to buy a bike?

    • Scazza

      I think your reading comprehension failed you there, sir. I said I did not want to drop 130$ on a smartwatch when next year there will be more to choose from and different pricepoints that might suit me more; instead of buying one of the only ones on the market right now, just because it’s new.

    • fellah

      You got me :>

    • Stephen B Morris


    • fellah

      Tune in next week to hold your breath, along with the rest of the world to see if Stephen B. Morris buys Juicy Fruit for $4 or holds and gets it for $4.25 in January! #breathlesss_with_excitement

    • Stephen B Morris

      Well maybe with the extra 25¢ it will be new and improved with flavor that lasts longer than 30 seconds.

    • fellah

      i am just p***ed off that I can’t find gum with sugar in it.

  • The Guy

    If everyone really wants a watch that will do it all and I mean all, try the HOT WATCH. Unfortunately they have not been mentioned in this blog and I just wonder why??

  • framing god

    I have a galaxy gear, it’s all right. Could be smaller and better fit. Otherwise it saves me pulling my phone out of my pocket and is somewhat easy to clear notifications. I haven’t tried any other watches in a long time so I don’t know.

  • mad

    Who wears a watch anymore? another way to separate money from fools..

    • Mathieu

      I haven’t wear a watch for years but I got the Pebble to try it and after a while you get use to it (and more importantly, people around you don’t find it odd that your wear a watch on your wrist … unlike Glass on your head).
      Having the time, weather and notifications on your wrist are killer features.

  • Laurent Le Pen

    Good article but Tom is wrong in his analysis about standalone smartwatches (a.k.a smartwatch 2.0) as at least at Omate, we have always communicated that the TrueSmart is not aimed to be a replacement of your smartphone but more an extension of it in situation you would not be able to carry your smartphone (outdoor activities, etc…)

    • Mathieu

      It’s true that smartwatches will not replace smartphone (like smartphone and tablets will not replace PCs) but they are always useful, not only in situations you would not be able to carry your smartphone.
      Every time you receive a notification, a quick look at your wrist can tell you if you need to get your smartphone out of your pocket or not.

  • Mathieu

    Smartwaches will be ready way before product like Google Glass.

    I would argue that the Pebble is already pretty close.

    Also, human beings have been wearing watches for a while now it won’t be too hard for people to accept smartwatches into their life.

    Google Glass has some unique features that smartwatches will never have like hands-free POV photo and video recording so some people might end up using them over smartwatches once it become ready and widely available.

  • Mathieu

    Up until now, only “small players” have really launched their smartwatches.
    The Galaxy Gear is the first smartwatch from a big player but it has a lot of missing features and it’s compatible with only a handful of Samsung devices.
    Once Apple and Google launch their smartwatches, it will be another story and very few will survive because you need to build an ecosystem of apps/services and companies will develop a different app for all smartwatches.

  • Mythos88

    I’m still sceptical about smart watches. Even more so after I saw a Rogers employee wearing a Galaxy Gear the he received for free. It was worse than I thought even.

  • Haythem Shakarchi

    I’d really love to see a smartwatch from a real high tech watch maker, Casio!

  • amber

    to be perfectly honest i dont see who really even wears a watch anymore.. most people have cell phones or ipods to check the time.