Here’s some Nexus 5 press images with TELUS branding


  • Frederick Edwards

    re: “a highly questionable (from a design standpoint, not legitimacy) phone icon.” hahah.. yah i didnt notice the phone icon until I read that line.

    • superfly

      Where is the ear piece speaker? You know… hear voice during a phone call?

    • Dimitri

      its the circle dot on the top of the phone where the speaker grill is supposed to be… It sure looks like it.

    • jclgan

      Yeah if you check out the leaked images on the internet (not press renderings), the centre-aligned speaker grille is quite obvious. Not sure how I feel about that design choice; I guess it was for consistency on the front face since the sensors, camera, and notification LED are all circular as well. Not to mention the huge circular ring around the camera sensor on the rear.

    • johnlistos

      people still make phone calls??

    • Mayoo

      In a few years, your question will not be considered as troll.

      A few years after that, Apple will make this a “revolutionary new feature” on IPhone 8s

    • MrRtd

      Who actually uses these as phones nowadays?


    • Jason Courage

      Earpiece for what? No one actually makes calls on these things anymore do they?

    • OMFCody

      Confirmed to be fake

  • James

    I can’t wait for 4.4 can’t wait to install it on my nexus 4

  • neodoru

    I’m willing to bet that the new launcher will be downloadable from the Store… as most of google’s apps are, lately.

  • Jonathan G.

    Im not making that mistake again of getting my galaxy nexus from Rogers and then getting screwed on updates that had to go through them.

    • Eluder

      That was a Samsung problem, the Nexus 4 model, regardless carrier or direct from Play store all received updates from Google.
      Since this one is LG as well, you’re not going to have the same crap you had to go through with the Samsung Nexus lineup.

    • Jonathan G.

      I’ll believe it when it gets released by rogers. But in any case I will still be getting through the play store and keep my 3 year contract that I have. 😀

    • SinkyChan

      Yeah, my girlfriend never got the 4.3 update on her GNex with Rogers. : /

    • Jonathan G.

      Yea Im not surprised. I flashed yakju on my phone since 4.0 to get updates directly from google. How many updates did she get?

    • KiwiBri

      yakju was the best thing I did with my old Nexus. I’ll buy from Google next time.

    • Sean Walton

      And you got screwed on the price too! Buy direct from Google.

  • brararsh

    Looks really good.. Waiting for it.. (Y) (Y) (Y)

  • David Lemelin

    just miss a official annoucement and a buy button on play store

  • rynh

    Can’t wait for this phone, good to see it’ll work with Telus too… But like the Nexus 4 it’ll probably be better to buy it direct from Google instead of through Telus.

    • Mayoo

      The same went with Videotron. They sold it no-contract 600$. That over 200% of the real price.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Why would anyone have been so stupid to buy it at that price? Don’t they know about the play store?

    • Sean Walton

      Majority don’t know which is sad. The carriers know that most of the general population is unaware of Google selling direct so they fall for the carrier deal which is basically the carrier ripping you off badly!

    • KiwiBri

      For sure. Most people like shiny things and get caught up in the hype. Look how many people went for the Galaxy S4 or Note 3

    • Mayoo

      To add to Sean’s comment which is 100% accurate. Some people think an IPhone actually costs 150$. They have a heart attack when they go in the AppleStore.

      For Android, I’ve heard some people talk and it went like this :

      – I like Google phone’s better
      – Yeah but Nexus are great too
      – Nah I prefer the Android

      Yeah, they were 3, and all 3 still thinks they talked about 3 separate brands. Carrier keeps clients in ignorance because it makes more money. It is the sad truth of our world. We can’t blame the users because not everyone can understand the tech world. But companies that chooses to rip them off instead of educating them are to be blamed.

    • kal326

      They have Best Buys in Canada?

    • Mayoo

      We have almost every major retailers. We only lack Music, Voice, Wallet, etc.

    • Günter Schwarz

      Yep. Most cities near where I live have one.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      Isn’t it the idea of getting the phone for a “subsidized” price the reason why a lot of people would rather get the phone through a carrier.
      Ex: Nexus for on Koodo with Large Tab you get it for “$0” remainder put on the tab. I think it’s the cost upfront that people can’t afford so in the long run they would rather pay more if it’s “$0” now

  • Pengy Lin

    I was hoping for a 5.2″ G2 screen. Looks like it’s using a different one. Lets hope the quality of the screen is at least on par with G2.

  • casey

    If they give it a 3000mAh battery I’m sold

    • jclgan

      Already confirmed via FCC filings and teardown images, 2300 mAh. Rumours of 2 capacities: 16GB w/ 2300 & 32GB w/ 3000 but it’s pure speculation based on an “anonymous” tipster. Likely the Snapdragon 800 + 4.4 improvements will keep the battery running for at least a day on moderate usage (given that the G2, with similar internals, has a 3000 mAh batt)

    • casey

      I can still dream. Anything less than 3000 for me would be a deal breaker. My HTC one can just get me through a day if I limit my games or videos.

  • Mayoo

    What can we see here (already leaked, but more evidence is good) :

    1) Image #1 = Landscape on OS
    2) Image #2 = Redesigned folders
    3) Image #2 = Redesigned icons
    4) Image #2 = Hangouts taking over SMS/MMS
    . ) Image #2 = Transparent notification and nav bar
    4) Image #3 = Meh

    I give a t-shirt to the first person who sees what I did there.*

    *disclaimer : t-shirt might not really exist.

    • Elfatih

      The color of the status icons is white

    • TheManInYourSoup

      I see what you did there. (4.4 in the outline). Does the shirt come in fuchsia?

    • Mayoo

      Always read the fine prints my friend 😉

    • BrandonP

      “So you’re telling me there’s a chance…” Lloyd Christmas


    is this blackberry 10?

    • Nathaniel James

      Are you stupid?

    • Guest

      No it’s not the crapberry 10

    • Balls O’Steele

      Hopefully we can set up the default dialer to work with Fongo. Hello data only plan!

    • Christian Artin

      Totally agree!! It’s quite a pain not being able to dial directly from the Phone or Contacts app…

    • Balls O’Steele

      And the Fongo app on the N4 messes up the speakerphone and blue tooth. This needs to be fixed before it’s ready to replace my voice plan.

    • Christian Artin

      Yeah the speakerphone kinda sucks, but I don’t use the bluetooth, so I don’t care so much about that one. I replaced my voice plan with data-only+fongo just about two weeks ago and it’s actually going great (except the minor downtime yesterday or so). LTE makes it low latency enough for the calls to be decent!

    • Christian Artin

      You just ask for a mobile hotspot plan and they give it to you no questions asked!

  • canucks4life

    Available no term for $600 😛

    • TB!

      Nexus 4 is currently $350 no term from Telus. I believe it was only $425 when released (still a premium over Google, but easier for most).

      It was also available on a 2 year term with no mimimum spend on release. Pretty sweet deal.

    • canucks4life

      Which is still $100 more than Google play store…

    • TB!

      True, but can you actually buy the Nexus 4 at the $199/$249 price? Sold out shortly after the price drop and probably won’t ever be back in stock.

  • Tom

    If the bootloader policy remains true to the Nexus principles, then the carrier splash screen can be taken care of very easily 🙂

    Of course, Telus and other carriers will no doubt charge $100+ more than Google will!

    • Mark

      I suspect it is more of a carrier jpeg pasted on a google render. Nexus and carrier branding is a contradiction.

  • Hungrier

    Getting a Nexus 5 from Telus is a great idea if you think firmware updates age like fine wine.

    • TB!

      The Nexus S and Nexus 4 both got updates from Google. The Galaxy Nexus was the odd one out, and Samsung was to blame for that, not the carriers.

    • Tip O’niel

      Exactly. Doesnt matter who you buy it from, Google sends updates straight through, no carrier involvement whatsoever.

    • Hungrier

      That’s true, but if that Telus logo actually appears on the phone (as a boot screen, for example), they have to get it in there somehow.

  • OMFCody

    I wish Google kept the rear mounted buttons for the N5.

    • Tech Guru

      lol why, the G2 will fail due to those

  • hunkyleepickle

    This is in the running for most leaked device ever….

    • Johnny S.

      Still not as leaked as the Moto X

    • J-Ro

      Nothing can top the iPhone 5 up. Nothing was a secret on those phones.

    • Ryan Bach

      Hey, that’s not true. Apple did a great job hiding how overpriced and underpowered the 5C would be 😉

    • J-Ro

      You got me there. No one expected that jaw dropper.

    • JTon

      lol. yeah. Although the 5C specs run the OS just fine

    • Johnny S.

      Underpowered? The S4 is laggier than the 5C. You fandroids are delusional.

    • Ryan Bach

      I typed that comment from my iPad, but I’m sure it’s comforting to assume that any information you dislike comes from a biased source that you can therefore ignore.

      It’s not a secret that the 5C is underpowered for its cost. Apple is selling twice as many of the more expensive 5Ses and is cutting its production orders of the 5C already, a mere month after it came out. The 5S is a good phone. The 5C is not. That’s not the words of a “fandroid,” just anyone who pays any attention to tech news.

    • mark

      Yep You got that right…

    • Rambir

      The nexus 4 holds that mantle…

  • Abdul Al-Basith

    I am aching to hold this phone in my hands! and hug it maybe

  • E. R

    That’s a first. I.e. first when the N4 came out, it was Play Store only, then only afterwards it was carriers. Either way I am sure they will sell it for arm and length vs Play Store given the track record of greedy carriers.

  • eliseo

    Fuckin’ camera icon 😀 Just love it!

  • Sean Walton

    My Bell insider buddy told me that Bell and Telus are getting it but Rogers might have to wait which sucks for me as I’m with Rogers.

    • telusgirl

      As a telus employee, I have no word of this phone yet.

    • Sean Walton

      That sucks. My Bell guy told me about this last week.

    • Sean Walton

      Also as a Telus employee I would expect that to be your answer. If you had confirmed it you might get fired!

    • Gsizzle

      Buy the phone outright? Is $420 plus tax too much for Awesomeness?

    • Sean Walton

      I would pay that direct from Google. Carriers will charge more as they did with the N4.

    • Sean Walton

      Honestly it will depend on what deal my corporate rogers guy can give me. My business contract is up soon so I will see what price they can do for us first, if it’s high I will then buy direct from Google.

    • Guest

      Not sure why but my last reply got deleted. I would buy from my carrier only if they offer me the phone for cheap. My corporate plan is almost up so I’ll see what my carrier can do and if it’s not to my liking I will buy direct.

    • Günter Schwarz

      People actually buy Nexus devices on contract? For the price its probably not worth it and who knows what Rogers might sneak on it.

    • Sean Walton

      Trust me if Rogers will give it to me for free I’m all in as my corporate contract is up soon. Otherwise I will buy direct from Google.

  • GreatNews

    NOTE: No Massaging App on the screen, Hangouts will take it over!

    • alpo

      A massaging function would probably need to be a hardware feature.

      …or did you mean messaging app? 😉

  • Jim__R

    Here’s hoping Koodo does what it did before, and offer the N5 at a discount.

  • deltatux

    I’m not too keen on the idea that the navigation bar and notification bar are both transparent. I liked it being black. Hopefully once custom ROMs come out, I can set it back to default. However, this could just be because I’ve had horrible experiences in the past with transparency. Let’s see how Google does it.

  • AlithiaZito

    Can’t wait to replace my Samsung 2 with this.

    If there was a church of the Holy Saint of Google, I would light a candle. …..or wait…pollution! Make that an LED candle……

  • gmaninvan

    Take my money!

  • Gsizzle

    MobileSyrup first to leak a story? I am in awe right now. 😀

    • JTon

      Genuine question: where do you go for your breaking canadian tech news then?

  • formulaphone

    The Telus Splash screen is just an image. The photo is most likely going up on the Telus website as a preview. The device won’t have its software altered by Telus at all.
    And no matter who you buy it from, the updates will come though when Google rolls them out.

  • lesserlesserwashington

    More RAM please.

  • Ryan

    with phones like this that come yearly with this kinda price tag, I don’t understand how anyone goes with an iPhone anymore.

    • Tiago

      its more of a status symbol now really plus girls leik their iphone

    • Tiago

      well at least its a pretty 800$ phone

  • sarcastic

    yeah, looks totally different than the last one

  • James Telus

    Spec’s look good to me.

    ill be upgrading my Nexus 4 to the 5 if it has the same price point as the 4 when it came out for 16 Gig. My 4 is solid and only 9 months old but want a bigger screen and battery.

    Now just have to sell the 4 I guess. What do you think is a fair price to sell it, pretty much new condition???? $100?

    • Liberal Phone Person

      what is this, a fido trade-in program? Don’t let it go for less than $175

    • Tiago

      150 seems fair he should get 140-160 if the demand is there

  • King Ramos

    C’mon Google, Telus when we could get our hands on this sweet device! (see what I did there?)

  • xOptix78

    Fantastic! My 2 year contract on my Nexus S is up on December 8th, and I was hoping to stick with Telus (good support/coverage so far). To those bad mouthing the carrier markups, yeah, it sucks, but paying a couple of hundred on a 2 year contract is better than shelling out the full amount from the Google.

    • deltatux

      Full amount is ~$349 and you won’t be tied to your carrier and get ~$20/month off on your bill. You’ll save $240 over the same 2 year period on your bill without contract and you can jump on a better offer on another carrier whenever there is one.

    • Tiago

      haha i still have my nexus s its starting to lag i cant wait to get this asap =)

  • AndroidShiz

    Seems an odd stance on the SMS app. Limiting it to just one to keep multiple notifications? Most people know how to disable notifications. Also most apps tell you to disable through settings upon install. Just hope they finally added a “quick reply” option.

  • framing god

    I’m looking for an n4 right now. To bad I can’t get it from play store.

  • Jason Courage

    Looks like a nice phone and I love the pure android experience but I wouldn’t give Telus or Rogers another cent of my money. So I bought the note 3 and went with an unlimited lte plan for 60 a mth…I hope I made the right choice.

  • Tiago

    why? why would they do that?

  • ErikRP

    Telus didn’t do a thing to my Telus-provided Nexus S: no splash screen, no label, no nothing. With the necessary exception of an entry on the Settings page there is absolutely nothing about my phone that indicates the carrier.

  • Jolene

    Any way of buying this through Google Play and getting it shipped to Canada when it comes out?

  • Jolene

    Awwe 🙁
    So I either have to go through a carrier or say eBay, Amazon etc.?

  • ErikRP

    Actually you said, “the carriers have in fact intervened with Nexus devices.” I was commenting to say that Telus has not interfered with the Nexus S. My comment wasn’t meant to suggest that there weren’t other Nexus devices that were branded.

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