SwiftKey unifies phone and tablet keyboard in version 4.3, adds new layouts for bigger devices

SwiftKey has made the best virtual Android keyboard even better with the beta release of version 4.3.

Not only does the release unify SwiftKey’s smartphone and tablet layouts into a single version (or, in this case, APK), but it adds three distinctive layouts aimed at appeasing every type of Android user.

For example, the new Compact layout reduces the physical size of the keyboard and lets users move it around the screen, so those with larger devices like the Galaxy Note can tap or Flow with a single digit or thumb.

The new Thumb layout splits both sides of the keyboard into two distinctive areas, letting people who typically type in landscape or wider phones tap away without stretching their thumbs to the centre of the screen. Apple has offered this layout on iPads since iOS 5, and it’s nice to see it come to Android.

Finally, the Full keyboard is still very much available, and looks the same as previous versions of SwiftKey.

There are also a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to the keyboard’s prediction technology in this beta, which is free to use until it inevitably expires.