TELUS schedule shows iOS 7 update coming in September


  • Dimitri

    That would make sense as Apple will follow last year & most likely release the new iPhone in September. Give & take it will be September 20th as that falls on a Friday for the release date & the first week of September for them to announce it. ( My own estimate date).

  • hunkyleepickle

    Say what you will about apple, but they don’t screw around with their updates. Everyone knows when their coming, they release it to everyone, and its done. Not like these other manufacturers cough *microsoft* who fiddle about, release to a few markets, then mess with the date. And yes, i’m bitter about still waiting for GDR2….

    • Dimitri

      You also need to understand that Apple has agreements in which carriers are not allowed to touch any updates they release. Microsoft, Android ( Only for Nexus devices have the agreements) & Blackberry, do not have agreements like this. The manufacturer sends the updates to the carriers. From there the carriers are responsible for the updates & when they get rolled out. All the manufacturer can do is ask the carrier to process the update a bit faster.

      Now all we can do as customers is make the manufacturer realize that by doing this, its not the right thing to do. We need to get their attention to give us the updates instead of waiting for the carriers to release them.

    • hunkyleepickle

      I agree with you. Unfortunately, the only way I can see to do this is by going with the products that give us the updates the ‘right’ way. I have grown tired of waiting for android updates, waiting for WP updates, waiting waiting waiting. That alone is enough to make me move back to iOS devices exclusively. Very frustrating.

  • Jeff Slater

    Not surprising that it’s sometime in September. Was hoping for a more concrete date. Oh well, I guess we’ll know soon enough!

    • Dimitri

      You won’t get a concrete date until Apple announces the new iPhone. That is when IOS7 will be released to everyone.
      That is how its always been with Apple updates. The come out a few days before the release of the new iPhone.

    • Jeff Slater

      Yup, I know. That said, having used beta 5, I can’t see it being too far from a final release.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Get with the nexus program and you won’t be at the mercy of carriers for updates ever again.

    • tilbar

      What does this have to do with the iOS update? iOS updates are never at the mercy of the carriers.

  • Dennis Chan

    I would wait for iOS 7.1 seeing as there will be bugs. Remember Apple Maps? Apple is playing catch up to Android.

    • Dimitri

      Every carrier is playing catch up to everyone other OS. Give is a break.
      Every OS has its own bugs which have faults in. Go search & you will see IOS,Android Windows & Blackberry have their own bugs in every release of updates.

    • Novalax

      Nobody can get map data right on the first try? Do you think Google Maps was great in the beginning? Guess what, it wasn’t.

    • WatDah

      You should really do yourself a favour and give it a rest.

  • Sweet

    September 6 is the rumoured date of Apple’s next release media event.

  • letodax

    It’s always nice to see almost the entire iOS user base upgrade at the same time.

  • hoo dat