Apple Stores in Canada stop activating new iPhones on Rogers and Fido


  • Dave

    No, thanks.

    • Plazmic Flame

      The system has evolved and gained emotions now. It doesn’t have the heart to subject anyone to a $130/month phone plan.


    No to Rogers & No to iPhones so all is still good in my world 😉

  • happyboy

    Rogers is horrible their coverage sucks they’re overpriced their employees are a bunch of dummies

  • marv

    insider info, apparently a lot of people have been activating fraud accounts with rogers and fido at apple stores, and apple is losing so much money since rogers wont reimburse them back. there’s no issue with the system, they’re letting go of rogers and fido completely

    • Liberal Phone Person

      Details? Source?

    • marv

      just wait. the news will come out soon

    • Dave

      I can see it, why would rogers will stop stealing just from their customers? They would like to steal from apple as well. Lol.

    • Davidyyz

      That doesn’t make any sense. If this is indeed a fraud issue, of course Rogers is not going to reimburse Apple. It’s Apple’s responsibility as a Rogers dealer to ensure their staff are trained on fraud prevention strategies.

    • Dave

      If it doesn’t happen with bell or telus, then it’s probably rogers fault.

    • Davidyyz

      1. We have no clue if this decision by Apple is really due to fraud
      2. Fraud happens on all carriers, Rogers/Fido have a larger share of the market so it’s not surprising that it’s happening more often with Rogers/Fido accounts
      3. It’s the responsibility of the retailer, in this case Apple, to practice their due diligence to prevent fraud by actively looking for red flags. I’ve worked in retail sales for many years and spent quite a few years doing wireless as well. The vast majority of fraudsters are dumb and you can easily spot them right away.

    • djzone

      Won’t be surprised if Bell and Telus go the same route in a few days

    • southerndinner

      Having worked at a Future Shop, this doesn’t surprise me. We weren’t frauded very often but when we were, it was always Rogers. Their activation system is hands down the worst among the big 3, didn’t help that they’re easily the worst in every other aspect too.

  • ConsciousConsumer

    No way in hell to either of those corporations!

  • DavidP

    What can you expect from a process that involves using Windows XP ina Virtual Machine on a Mac, for the purpose of using IE6 for the carrier’s horrible activations portal?

    • southerndinner

      The Rogers activation system is embarrassingly bad. Telus and Bell have at least updated theirs in the last fifteen freaking years

    • Vacillator

      What have they been doing with all those profits?

    • wildspin

      Executive bonuses?

    • GGB

      This was the case years ago, but activations are done in Safari on a web based service now.

  • fido

    well I can confirm you guys that one of the problem that happened was that a customer could get an Iphone with any plan and still get the discount on the phone. He could potentially take a phone a 25$ plan if he wanted to.

    • Bhudda Rayes

      If you represent Fido, you’d be better off posting through an official account. The real truth of the matter is that Apple cannot recover the direct loss of their equipment whether its from erroneous activations due to incorrect MSF sku’s or from fraudulent activations with illegitimate identification, and since Apple does not sell their devices locked through their locations until the SIM is activated, the device is still 100% theirs and not Rogers technically. Thus, if their own employees and their company as a whole fail to take precautionary measures, it’s their own fault, not Rogers. If it never becomes Rogers’ inventory in the first place, and they never purchase it from Apple, why should Rogers be accountable for another company’s ignorance?

    • Dan Brown

      This is wrong. Rogers has employees that work with others creating new BAN’s that are “eligible” for upgrade. They then send their counterpart into the apple store, with proper ID and perform the “upgrade”. However the customer has no intention to pay for the phone, and the account will be frozen after a few months of non payment. In the backend, Rogers does not recognize this as their problem and does not reimburse Apple with the price of the phone. I work at an electronic retailer as well and know for a fact that Rogers has employees doing this. I once told a customer that it didn’t make sense that their BAN was only a week old and said I needed to call Rogers, he excused himself, and 10 minutes later the account that he had me looking at was no longer an account number and the CTN no longer existed. It is a rogers employee issue that they have seemed to just overlook and are trying to place the blame on others.

      Bhudda, you do NOT know where you get your information from. You are wrong, and anyone reading his message should take what he says with a grain of salt.

      So what you’re saying is, if a co-worker of yours gives some random person a key to your home, and that person comes in and steals from your home, that it is your fault for not making sure you had a second lock? Your logic is ridiculous.

  • KAPT Kipper

    Too bad, no one deserves a Rogers iPhone.

  • icemasta

    Somewhat misleading article title. Probably should add ‘temporarily’ or ‘due to technical issues’.

  • Eluder

    Who really cares? If you want an iPhone you can still go anywhere but the apple store to get your phone.

  • gommer strike

    Well sure you can “walk over to a Rogers store”, so long as you paid full price for the phone, and THEN walked over. Try signing up for 2 year contract in the Apple store, then walk over to Rogers to pay. Nuh uh.

    • Eluder

      Why would you need to pay full price? Get your phone subsidized at Rogers or Best buy, etc and you’re good to go. If you’re buying it outright anyway, you would go to Apple since it would be factory unlocked and there’s no problem with buying it outright at apple right now.

    • gommer strike

      But can you not normally buy an iPhone(on contract) at the Apple store? They don’t insist on buying the device outright in the Apple store, do they?

      My impression was, you could tell them which provider you wanted, and they’d just set everything up for you right then and there, contracts and all. But the point here is, you *can’t* set it up with Rogers on 2 years for whatever reason that’s not disclosed.