Roam Mobility’s latest SIM Swap promotion nets you a better deal for US roaming


  • ToniCipriani

    Not everyone is technically inclined to set that up. There is still a market for those who just want a SIM to put in their phone and dial.

  • AlexanderLong

    So can we just buy a cheap att ism from eBay, and do this trade-up?

  • Martini

    Your point?

    • ToniCipriani

      Humberto said “too bad it’s for only US SIM Cards”, whereas your reply says “asks if SIM is active or not”. So my impression was he had some old inactive cards, hence my point is whether it is active or not, it still has to be US carrier, active or not.

    • Martini

      I am aware that he was referring to US SIM cards. Why are you giving me a difficult time?

    • ToniCipriani

      Huh? How am I giving you a hard time?

      You need a chill pill dude.

  • BB BB

    Roam is good for calling back to Canada and sms. Data is quite slow and not very reliable depending on where you travel I suppose that is TT-Mobile’s network. Just make sure you plan ahead of time it takes a week for your SIM to arrive from BC. Overall I would still recommend the service as it is cheaper than Rogers although I found WIND to be reasonable if you don’t need unlimited calling .