Update: “Help us save Mobilicity” hits Indiegogo, looking to raise $400,000,000


  • Devern

    400 million eh… ok, so. There were 33,476,688 people enumerated in the 2011 census; let’s say there are 33.5 million Canadians. As of March 17th 2013, according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association there were 26,543,780 mobile phones in use in Canada–roughly 75% of the total population. Let’s take 400 million dollars, divide that up by the 75% if the 33.5 million Canadians (this is assuming the best case scenario of course; every subscriber on every carrier contributes = 25,125,000)… and I had to double-check my math on this one… but that means that all of those Canadians (myself included) need to donate and average approximately $15.92. However, citing Telus’ press release of their acquisition of Mobilicity in May 2013, there were 250,000 Mobilicity subscribers. This works out rather nicely for working into the aforementioned average donation requirement; let’s move the decimal place on the donation average (1% of Canadian mobile subscriptions are Mobilicity, so we need to increase the donation 100-fold –subscribers to other carriers aren’t likely to donate)… leaving us with, well let’s round up $1600. I, for one, would spend this money on something else.

  • blarry

    “Sounds simple enough. All the money will be returned if the campaign doesn’t reach the $400 million goal.”

    This is NOT true. This is a flexible funding campaign, meaning that he gets whatever amount has been pledged, whether he reaches the goal or not.

    Valya Michael has no intention of raising the goal amount and buying Mobilicity. This is just an attempt to scam a few people who don’t read the fine print and grab some easy cash, and mobilesyrup is giving him free publicity.

  • Viktor Elias

    P.S. it’s over. The campaign is OVER!