WIND cuts BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 pricing


  • MXH070

    Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab released in 2010 it topped out to gingerbread but the P3000 galaxy tab was able to move up to ice cream sandwich.

  • Ren596

    Same Here

    I Hope When the A10 is Released the Prices for all other BB Models come Down By a Tangible Amount

  • Ren596

    Scratches Head

    Lazaridis Left After the Launch of Q10& Z10

    30/January/2013 ?
    He was at The Launch

    • MXH070

      Yeah he was in the crowd, he had already stepped down from the board but agreed to stay until the launch of the BB10 OS. Thor has been in full control of BlackBerry January 2012.

  • Anthony

    Who is this doorknob PHI???

    Who says “people do not want to pick up a phone and spend 20mins trying to learn how to use it or worse spend 10mins trying to go thru burried menus to find something”
    Do you even know how to use a cell phone??
    I have a BB Z10 and it certainly does not take 20 mins or 10 mins for ANYTHING!
    Nothing takes that long. I have managed to know the phone inside out in a matter of a few minutes. Seeing that it takes you 20 minutes trying to learn how to use a BB, it would take you a few months to know the BB inside out.
    I am more than happy with my BB Z10 and do not need those useless apps that the other phones have.