WIND Mobile releases the Samsung Galaxy Ace II e


  • Mike Serafin

    Or you can order an 8GB Nexus 4 for $50 more.

    • chris

      We don’t need to hear a hundred more complaints about WIND’s prices, they quite clearly have a different business model by charging more for devices and less for service. Who cares? If you want a cheaper phone, go with someone else, nobody is stopping you.

    • That Guy

      Just wait until Rogers increase the pricing of their devices once the Wireless Code kicks into effect. 😉 Shorter term means increase in hardware pricing.

    • Philosoraptor

      Nothing is forcing you to buy from them.

    • doktormcnasty

      That’s no excuse.

  • Tybo

    I didn’t go with a Nexus this time around due to overwhelming complaints about battery life not being up to par, but I am waiting for the next Nexus to make its appearance, as it will likely be my next phone. Unlocked, and at a price that doesn’t break your wallet. Yes, please!

  • saqrkh

    A similarly spec’d Lumia 520 runs for $200 at Rogers and $150 at Koodo.
    I understand that Windows Phone is nowhere near as robust (in apps, functions, etc) than Android, but it isn’t enthusiasts who are buying phones at this price point. It’s people who just need a phone that meets their day-to-day needs, $260 is pushing it IMHO. By Fall I’d say $250-300 would be the sweet point for a phone with an 720p screen and 1GB RAM.

    • Philosoraptor

      I bought a Koodo Lumia 520 for a back-up phone/bike computer. Fantastic device. No chance in hell I’d spend $109 more on this.
      Also, you can get a Telus prepaid Lumia 520 for $129 at Walmart.

  • sunvv

    why not any Nokia Lumia phones?

    • Philosoraptor

      Up until recently, only the 920 and the 810 were AWS-compatible. Unfortunately, the former’s a Rogers exclusive and the latter’s a T-Mobile US exclusive.

      T-Mobile got the 521 recently, so maybe we’ll see a Wind variant of the 520 as well.

  • Jason Cao

    The one thing that makes this better than the Galaxy Ace II x from Koodo/Virgin/Fido is that this has 16GB of internal plus expandable to 64GB unlike the other one that only has 4GBs plus SD slot. Another big thing that makes this phone better than the Galaxy Ace II x is that the battery is massive for its size (1500 mAh vs 2600 mAh). As for the Nexus 4 comparison, there really is no comparison except for the fact that this phone will likely have a longer battery life and the expandable memory…Either way, its a nice phone and most people who gets it usually buys it with the WindTab anyway..

    • David

      Yeah, you can get it free with WindTab, but the question you have to ask yourself is, is this the phone you want to stick with for the next 3 years. On a $40 plan you only knock $96 off your WindTab over 2 years so you’d still have $163 to pay out if you wanted a new phone in 2 years on WindTab or leave Wind for someone else. It’s 3 years before they will wipe your WindTab clean. For a user on a budget that doesn’t need the latest and greatest that might be fine, but it isn’t for everyone.

    • Dave

      Another option is to sell the phone in craigslist and buy another one such as nexus, unlocked directly from google for full price and use it on wind mobile.

    • Electrify85

      Think 16GB is a typo. On both Wind and Samsung’s sites it says 4GB of internal memory. Fortunately Android automatically moves apps to the microSD card as much as possible.

  • Petephone

    can someone confirm that battery capacity? it’s questionable for the physical size of the handset, but great news if true.

    • That Guy

      1500 mAh battery. Average 2 days of battery life roughly. Can’t be exact on that though.

    • Yu Zhu

      thats for the ace 2x and yes it is a 2600 mAh battery on the ace e

    • That Guy

      A tad late now, but I’m looking from the box directly. It’s a 1500 mAh battery. 🙂

  • Maurice Hoo

    Can you confirm the 16GB internal storage? Wind’s website says it’s 4GB.

  • Electrify85

    Android manages app locations automatically. Look at the Applications page in Settings, it will show that most larger apps are on the card (ie: USB storage) with minimal use on the internal storage.