LG holding a smartphone-related event on August 7th, likely for the Optimus G 2


  • not4metoday

    If they follow the orginal Optimus G and not the Pro this phone should be awesome. LG made huge steps forward with the G and then slid backwards with the pro (at least in build quality). If they are not going to put a removal-able battery in it please make it at a 3000 mha to keep it alive all day.

    Wasn’t a fan of LG with their phones until the Optimus G. Don’t have it anymore but it is still one of my favorite ones.

    • deky_

      I couldn’t agree more, Optimus G is the phone that changed the way I see LG as a smartphone manufacturer. Had the device, loved it and still of my favorites, if Optimus G2 is a worthy successor to G, I would gladly switch back.

  • Gsizzle

    I would have been excited if this was a Nexus device with 3000 mAh plus battery life.

    • not4metoday

      I had both the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G. Even thou they were sister devices the Optimus G won hands down for me. I like android raw but the tweaks made by LG on the Optimus were an asset not a liability. Your right about the 3000 mAh battery being the minimum size nowadays with such high ppi screens.

  • Rimz

    Pretty excited about this. I went from a S3>Note 2>Optimus g and I gotta say I am loving it. Build quality alone is just superb. I wasn’t a huge LG fan up until the Optimus G was released. Let’s hope their marketing this time around is a lot better.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Have to agree with all of the comments so far. The Optimus G is a great device. I also prefer it to my Nexus 4.