Report: BlackBerry has about 30% market share in Canada, grabs second place ahead of Android


  • Brandon Roberts

    Not sure if I believe that…

    • Policyman

      I think this number reflects mass bulk orders from public agencies. Federal and provincial governments are locked into BB for many reasons. Finally offering new phones with proper smart phone features triggered mass orders. I know it did in my province.

    • matthewfabb

      StatCounter does web data, not sales data or any bulk sales data. They are a web analytics company. So we are seeing how many BB users are using the browser on sites that have StatCounter installed for their data, that’s it.

    • FuzzyFish6

      I think we have a winner here!

    • DrWhoWhat

      It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to get that using that method, all previous studies would under report BlackBerry usage, as no-one in their right mind would have opened a browser on their OS5 or OS6 BlackBerry. You would have decent sized user base that just wouldn’t show up – until they traded in their old BlackBerrys for new BB10 models.

    • matthewfabb

      The BlackBerry Playbook managed to get a decent amount of marketshare in the tablet market in Canada thanks to RIM (they were still called that back then) selling models for $200. There wasn’t any Amazon Kindle Fire or any other tablet for around that price range for quite some time.

      Meanwhile, people tend to use their tablets for surfing more than their smartphones, so that’s likely where a good chunk of BB market share is coming from.

    • Martin Chan

      I believe someone in the Crackberry forums reported this same thing, but it wasn’t reported a Crackberry news. I love my Z10 but haven’t seen too many other user of it or the Q, but I don’t think it represents how many user there are for each device. But keep on fighting Blackberry! I wanna see you take second at least but properly!

      (Forgot that there’s a few OS7)

    • Hillbilly

      And yah, the ppl that said the report is wrong and far from truth were right and gave correct numbers. 3% worldwide. Poor blackberry. I think I almost let a tear go.

    • spammenotdisqus

      My latest theory is that they only count stock browsers… Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, etc may not be included in this chart. Android is about even with iOS from what I see and BB is way far behind in numbers.

    • Grewal_U

      Ya ya ya just like their going go bankrupt right you believe that?

  • Collin Lewis

    I can’t believe how many i****s out there are still using IOS

    • Stephen

      I can’t believe how many i****s are buying BB10 software after the garbage they’ve released for so many years

    • FuzzyFish6

      Because there’s never been garbage that run Android?

    • FuzzyFish6

      Different OS will appeal to different people for different reasons. Calling people i****s for choosing an OS that doesn’t match what you like is well, idiotic.

    • Ed TY

      I agree with you. People use what they like. Using iPad and Nexus 4, to me, they all does the same thing. Hard to believe the statistic above though. However, it’s good to see BB doing well since it is a Canadian company.

    • Sean Woodly

      Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it good or bad, or right or wrong. The same could be said about any phone/os. It seems though, that a whole lot of folks disagree with you. Perhaps there’s a reason other than “they’re dumb hahalolz”…

    • HelloCDN

      Lol, love seeing Android troll’s butthurt from this survey.

    • Yermum

      I can’t believe for how many android phones that are out there that they only have 38% of the market, while apple retains 26%.

    • Bri

      I can’t believe how many i****s out there are still saying this kind of idiotic things

  • Guest

    Who did this report, a team of monkeys… These numbers are unbelievable

  • Collin Lewis

    That can’t be right.. there’s no way there more bb10 devices out there than android.

    • FuzzyFish6

      It’s not just BB10, but I can’t see this being correct neither.

    • Sean Woodly

      They’re not right. Go do a pull yourself. They’ve gone from 11% to 12% in Canada over the past 2 months. They’ve also gone lower worldwide to almost nothing.

    • Sean Woodly

      What kind of porch monkey could Vote down my post? some flamboyant fanboi of blackberry? I’m not lying. Seekingalpha and its gang of blackberry apologists are. Go do a statcounter pull yourself and see…

    • FuzzyFish6

      I down voted you for your reaction.

    • Sean Woodly

      What, investigating their claim using their same sources and coming to a completely different conclusion? I presented the numbers and urge you all to go look for yourself to verify.

      Oh and about seekingalpha… if you’ve ever visited on a regular basis they’re completely delusional and blind in their love for blackberry. A real sorry bunch over there that fabricates stuff all. the. time.

    • FuzzyFish6

      BTW, calling Seeking Alpha (and Statcounter by default) liar is pretty stupid no?

    • Hillbilly

      Not when the facts support it, as they do in this case.
      Besides, the way those commenters react to most articles over there you can just tell they’re all a bunch of thirty something’s still camping out in their mommas basement.

  • Renaud Lepage

    I’d be ready to say LOLNOPE, but in this country where most of the technology is sheeply acquired, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    So instead I’ll write LOLCANADA.

  • jackjiarocks

    I see a lot more PlasticSam products than BB these days.
    Seeing a BB10 phone is almost like a treasure hunt :/

    • Dimitri

      Weird as i work in the downtown core at the Exchange tower & i see almost 60% of them use Blackberries & have the news ones. Also i live in Leaside in Toronto & when i go grocery shopping or what not i see half of those people with BB10 phones. What world do you live in?

    • jackjiarocks

      I am in high school lol… BB almost does not exist now

    • Mike Post

      You’re in high school, exactly. Don’t take this personally, but the people with money are buying Blackberries again

    • tarnel855

      I’m an engineer and everyone I know is either using Android or iOS. But I guess relative to people who work in finance, we are not “people with money”.

    • Yermum

      The finance shirts (well the naive ones anyways) have been led to believe iOS and android don’t have calculators. Or for that manner, superior office apps. Oh we’ll sucks to be them.

    • Dimitri

      There is your answer why. All your little school friends just copy what others have. If someone has a iPhone or a Android, they will buy that because they think its cool when its really not.

    • JTon

      Overall I agree with you. But I’ve been seen more and more BB10 devices in the wild…

    • Stephen

      lol let’s pretend the Z10 isn’t made of plastic shall we

  • Lukeiphone

    I could believe that, considering every other person I see holding an iphone

  • MoonMinion

    I could sort of buy it. I still see a hell of a lot of Bold type devices in Vancouver, A lot. I hadnt noticed it until I moved to BB10 but there is still a lot of support from Canadians towards BlackBerry.

  • EvanKrosney

    CBC’s The National presents Only in Canada: The world’s only country where iOS and BlackBerry market share is above Android.

    • skullan

      Feels good not to be a conformist, doesn’t it.

  • pwnasaurus11

    I literally haven’t seen a BB10 device outside of a store. There’s no way this is accurate.

    • Dimitri

      IT is tho. Go near Leaside, Exchange tower & some stores downtown & watch a few people. Some will have them.

    • skullan

      I’ve seen tons (10 or 11) in recent months. I know when I am lower on my contract, you’re going to see me really evaluate the Q10 or whatever devices are out there at that time.

    • Ry29

      I’m surprised to see how fast BB10 has been adopted. On the bus yesterday, I counted more Q10/Z10 than any other platform. I can’t say I expected that…

    • Yermum

      That u manic? 😉

    • djorourke

      Government workers typically don’t have a choice. Since BB10 came out, it’s BB10 or nothing.
      There are a lot of government workers in our country.

      That said…I too find these numbers difficult to swallow.

  • Stephen

    30% of Canada are a bunch of suckers grasping onto the garbage known as BBRY? Sad, if true…. but incredibly doubtful

  • J. W.

    Wait…why are Nintendo and Playstation even on that graph?

    • FuzzyFish6

      You don’t carry your WiiU or PS3 with you when you go out? :/

    • matthewfabb

      Because StatCounter monitors web traffic, so it includes mobile video game oses in it’s mobile data.

    • Christophersosopherson

      It’s because the graph measures mobile traffic on the internet from Canada. So 3DS and PS Vita are included. All this says is that people with iPhones and Blackberries use them more often. Actually that would mean this includes iPads as well.

    • omegajimes

      I think it’s because people use the 3DS browser and Vita browser enough to be counted.

  • Kris Pucci

    and this is why we cannot have nice stuff.

  • FlageJan1

    apparently everyone here lives under a rock lol

    BB has been ahead of android in Canada for a very long time now, seeing they dont make phones like PlasticSung

    • Sean Woodly

      No they aren’t. The report is false. Go produce one yourself.

    • Martin

      Colleague at work just sent his q10 back because it’s got bad reception, (surprise Bb hardware fail) and it is all plastic.
      I hate having to do stuff on team members ios devices, but this Bb was just as much of a nuisance. Spent way too long trying to migrate phone back to bb7 (loaner phone) ended up having to Bluetooth everything over, and for some reason there is no select all function. Phone froze 4 times while trying to do this.

    • Yermum

      What are you smoking lad?

  • Mlads

    30% of a nation with the population of California isn’t going to save Blackberry. They need these numbers in the US market if they want to reach their previous level of success.

    • skullan

      they don’t need to hit there previous level, they just need to solidify their 3rd place spot.

    • Mlads

      I’m sure any business has the goal of being #1, short-term they are looking to be #3, if their long-term goal is not to be a leader in the smartphone space then that would be an issue.

  • p_lindsay

    This isn’t really surprising. A lot of people still buy BB simply because it’s Canadian and we have the cheapest subsidized price for iPhones in the world. There’s a small handfull of AMAZING Android phones, but I still think the majority aren’t so great and only get bought because they’re cheap, and in countries that don’t have subsidized prices, cheap is extremely important.

    • Doobie

      It is surprising, and simply not true. It’s a false report. Nuff said.

  • Henry

    Well good for BB, even though those numbers seem a bit stretched. I’m sure if these stats were based on new activations only Android would have a 2nd or first place.

  • matthewfabb

    StatCounter tracks website data not mobile shipments or anything like that. So we aren’t talking about market share, but internet usage. Internet usage is hard to gauge how many users exist as sometimes users of particular OSes are more actively use their mobile browser skewing data.

    Also mobile website data tends to be tablet heavy since tablet users are more active than smartphone users. Which is why iOS is in the lead despite the fact that other studies have shown that is has fallen behind Android when it comes to smartphones. As the iPad completely dominates the tablet field and in Canada the Playbook had done quite well for itself (when the price was reduced to $200).

    In the end it’s really not a good source to judging how well any device is selling.

  • StMisery

    Don’t get too excited, Nokia is #1 in their home country of Finland and look how good they’re doing everywhere else. Sent from my Z10.

    • t.sze

      Actually Nokia isn’t #1 in their home country anymore. It’s Samsung at 36.1% and Nokia at 33.6% according to WSJ.

  • PT

    “BlackBerry having a mobile OS market share in Canada close to 30%, beating out Google’s Android OS 21% ”

    This is a bad joke or what?

    And how is the Hockey team is doing Mikey?

  • Andrew Brown

    Considering Unknown is beating out Win 8 mobile phones I don’t believe this s**t ..The Nokia Lumia 920 was Rogers big seller and the HTC 8 X and *s for Virgin and Bell ….Sure it isn’t top I sheep purchases or Android butr I fail to see how BB market share virtually died on the vine and out of no where with 2 new phones is beating Android lol …I don’t think so cowboy !

  • Sean Woodly

    I live in KW (hometown of BB), and I have to call BS on this here.. iPhones yes. But you really only see maybe 1 in 20 blackberries, and hardly any of the new models at all. Far more android devices are to be seen than what this chart would lead you to believe.
    The simple fact seekingalpha and “analysts” are mentioned should be enough to “roll eyes”.

    Edit: I actually just did a pull on statcounter myself for Canada and for the past 2 months and blackberry has gone from 11% to 12%. The graph is a complete fallacy. You can verify it for yourselves.

  • arthurz

    I am surprised

  • alphs22

    Guys, rather than getting butthurt and worked up about the number, just go to the actual statcounter website. Choose Mobile OS and select Canada. A quick look there would show you that there was just a daily spike (anomaly) of BB users on the internet that on June 16, 2013.

    If you change it to traffic for the last month (May-June 2013) the numbers are as follows:

    iOS: 60.2%
    Android: 25.6%
    BB OS: 12.2%

    Clearly those are closer to reality.

    Shame on mobilesyrup for not checking the sources and putting out this misleading article. Seekingalpha is a stock newsletter website. This is a matter of them pumping good news out for BBRY, presumably because they own the stock.

    • Sean Woodly

      Thanks. Exactly what I saw. Seeking alpha has an interesting bunch that love to play with and on blackberry articles in particular. They act like conspiracy theorists or even Alex Jones in the way they twist a piece of data around and around to try to make something out of nothing. Kinda sad really.

      Anyways, besides Canada’s numbers, blackberry worldwide shows a continual drop of users and is now down to just under 3% (from 6% this time last year). One point to note though is that their base has remained fairly flat since February and the launch of bb10 software.

    • Sean Woodly

      Thanks. Exactly what I saw. Seeking alpha has an interesting bunch that love to play with and on blackberry articles in particular. They act like conspiracy theorists or even Alex Jones in the way they twist a piece of data around and around to try to make something out of nothing. Kinda sad really.

      Anyways, besides Canada’s numbers, blackberry worldwide shows a continual drop of users and is now down to just under 3% (from 6% this time last year). One point to note though is that their base has remained fairly flat since February and the launch of bb10 software.

  • Coprophagia 247

    RIP Android!!

  • Coprophagia 247

    Android is dead….soooo dead. COME!!! Let us dance upon their grave and rejoice in their failure!

  • Zed

    Donnow how accurate these numbers are considering I have only sold one Q10 and 2 Z10 since their respective launches, but Android pretty much every day. Not to mention how pretty much all low end smartphones are Android.

    • Doobie

      They aren’t. Appears to be the typical shenanigans played out by seekingalpha.

    • EvanKrosney

      I don’t personally sell phones, but a friend of mine who works as a sales rep for MTS here in Manitoba told me that the Z10s have been selling extremely well, almost as many as S4s or iP5s. Same for the Q10. As for seeing the on the wild, I come across one every so often. I work at Tim Hortons, and you can often see people’s phones as they come through the drive thru, I usually see at least one BB10 device per day, a Q10 or a Z10, but of course that’s still in a sea of Android and iOS devices.

  • Wayne Hosh

    I’m familiar with that stat….the problem is, something is wrong with it!

    The “surge” happened last Sunday with BB suddenly overtaking Android. Before that, Android was consistently far ahead. So not only would BB suddenly have to have sold a HUGE number of phones, but they also did it in ONE DAY! LOL.

  • Mobile Nerdy it doesn’t

  • Chris

    I believe it – people love their iPhones, especially my mother and aunts.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    it won’t be long before people learn Black berry still Sucks and run back to Android
    Only thing Good about blackberry is BBM and it’s coming to Ios and Android soon
    Android has more and better apps anyways

  • Nik

    Aside from the fact that the graph is incorrect (if you look at the previous week on stat counter you’ll see an almost 20% variance with BBOS in 3rd place) or check the aggregate 2013 numbers to see a truer representation. This is not data on sales but a select few participating websites. It likely does not cover mobile Chrome/Firefox or 3rd party browsers. Pinch of salt type of thing. Attached is 2013 including last week for a truer representation. Bad reporting to use a single snapshot and put a spin on it.

  • Grewal_U

    Rooting for the home team

  • Kenny G

    Nintendo has a mobile operating system? Since when?