BlackBerry winning back Canadians, market share now at 13.5%


  • Mobile Nerdy

    no they’re not….

    • Plazmic Flame

      A war is not one in a day…

    • blackle

      A war is not two in a day either

    • d094

      Perhaps one day the war will be won?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Have I mentioned I effing hate the horrible auto correct on iOS?

    • chris

      Yes they are…

  • Shaggyskunk

    Great News for the Canadian Co.! 😉
    Let the narrow minded haters, commence their feeble minded posts.

  • Day trader

    Does anyone actually use Raymond James for anything? All I’ve ever read about them back in the days before I started managing my own finances was to stay the f away from them. Hmm.

  • Renaud Lepage

    13% of 35 million.

    That’s good.


    Give us the international numbers. THEN I’ll be surprised…

    Or totally not.

    • sicsicpuppy

      there you go , 2.9% market share down from 6.4% in 2012

    • Renaud Lepage

      Aaaaaand my point is made.

    • Jon Fry

      Well BB10 wasn’t even available in most parts of the world including the big US market at all in Q1 yet it was only partially available in Canada (Z10 for 45-50ish days and NO Q10) in Q1 and still managed to more then doubled its market share. What do you think will happen in Q2?

    • Jon Fry

      Also Here is a conflicting report from another analyst named Gartner, I know it shows no difference in BB sales (Maybe even a few thousand less, probably as IDC rounds numbers up), but it also shows them holding #3 spot and Windows in #4…. Very Interesting.

    • dsfdsf

      I don’t see any conflict. 2.9% or 3% is about the same. It is within the margin of error.

    • Jon Fry

      The conflict is with Windows numbers. If you even read what I posted, I even said that there is NO DIFFERENCE with blackberries sales numbers. The BIG Difference is for Windows phone, it shows from 5.9 to 7 Million phones sold. Also a difference of Windows being in 3RD place and 4TH place. That IS NOT within the margin of error at all, hence my statement that there is a conflict is correct.

    • sicsicpuppy

      It’s ok relax .Either you’re a BB employee or a BB sheep ,we get it .But those are the numbers .

    • Jon Fry

      Don’t know what that has to do with my post??????? You Posted the IDC Numbers and I posted Gartner’s numbers. I even stated that Blackberries numbers were the same lol……My point was about the difference for Windows phone. Take your blindsides off and look at the numbers and actually read the comments, not just what you want to read.

    • dsfdsf

      One study says 2.9% for Microsoft and the other 3.2%.
      That’s within the margin of error.
      It happens to make the difference between 3rd and 4th place. BB and Microsoft are about equal in 1Q2013, that’s all.

    • Jon Fry

      A difference of 1.1 Million Windows Phone sales (5.9 Million Sold as per Gartner and 7 Million sold as per IDC), Which translates to an approx 20 percent difference in sales numbers is within margin of error. Wow … Also When numbers are in the hundreds of millions, the Margin of error would be at or less then 1 percent btw.

    • Pete

      Guys all of these surveys measure different things. Pay attention to what it measures … shipped in a quarter or active users? A specific country or worldwide? Share of web traffic or ad traffic?

      The problem is that a lot of sites (and users) use the term “marketshare” interchangeably and incorrectly.

    • Jon Fry

      Learn to read your own post. It says 2.9 percent, not 2.1 percent

  • cdndrob

    Only a matter of time before BB takes a bigger share. Technology changes and the BB OS is the best in the market – at this time of the technology cycle.

    I switched from Android to BB – no regrets.

  • Ferraro161

    Where are they! The people from last year saying that BlackBerry (formerly RIM) would be closed down around this time . Silent, that’s right. And even when we get good news they’re still going to talk trash. Piece of advice for you guys, BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere!

  • saqrkh

    As long as BB10 is supported at an eco-system level in Canada by local banks, stores, services, etc, it’ll thrive in Canada.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Huh . no

  • Jon Fry

    What is even more amazing about these numbers is the fact that Blackberry more then doubled while BB10 was only partially released. BB released the Z10 almost half way through the quarter, in February, and No Q10’s were even sold in the first Quarter at all as that phone was never launched until 2ND quarter, and with the Q10 possibly outselling the Z10.

    • omegajimes

      It’s definitely good news. I hope the trend continues upwards. It’s silly to think that BB will be anywhere near what they once were, but I’d like for them to do well enough to survive and continue to provide products. The world needs more than two or three providers of anything.

  • Martin Chan

    Happy for the Canadian company. Except the world is harder to conquer, I’m rooting for you!

  • Ronell  I.T. Man

    That’s welcome no matter how small…. it’s still progress. And as a Z10 own and proud Canadian I wish all the best for BlackBerry. BlackBerry 10 is a great new OS with lots more potential in the future

    It’s a shame for some reason people look to always take any good news and twist around then when bad news comes they blow it up.

  • dsfdsf

    the Z10 would have been a great device 1 year ago. But now it’s too little too late.

    • skullan

      Maybe for you, I personally love it and the Q10. However, I want to see what their Phablet turns out to be.

    • dsfdsf

      you’d love it even more if it had Galaxy S4/HTC One level of hardware instead of stuff from the past year.

    • skullan

      Doubtful to be honest. I had a better hardware Android and went to a BB 9300. I don’t use the Android except for as a Bluetooth streaming device.

      Hardware typically doesn’t impress me, which is why I am able to move beyond Android and to other Operating Systems without having much of a problem.

    • Giovanni64

      I checked user reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB on US carrier sites like T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, and customer satisfaction for the SGS4 is LOWER than the Z10.

      The main complaint about the S4 is that it’s loaded with bloatware that hogs almost half the available internal storage space: you only have 9 GB available for your apps. The second complaint about the S4 is LAG!
      There are no such complaints about the Z10, it’s well designed, fast, easy to use and doesn’t lag… call reception is excellent, and I can go on and on.

      The S4 is popular but it’s cheaply made.

  • dsfdsf

    Canada always lags behind the rest of the world in cell phone. So if the world slashes blackberry now, Canada will do the same in 1-3 years.

    • Stephen


    • Lolz

      Yawn. Give it a rest rim employee. It’s the long weekend! Go out side and have some fun! Leave the internets alone for a while. It’ll benefit everyone.

  • Henry

    Hey any gain is a good thing, plus they still have 60+ mill users. BB right now still has a way better chance than some newcomer os like Ubuntu or Firefox

  • Stephen

    lol suckers. Have fun with your POS devices

    • Pete

      Why all the hate? Someone once video record you in a sex act with a donkey on one?

    • Lolz

      Orly? Don’t talk foolish nonsense. Makes you look schtoopeed. Like REAL dumb.

    • Doofus

      How about openvpn and pgp for starters?
      Exactly how many items for argument do you require?

  • Julius

    Good job RIM. Looking at that graph…Am I the only one impressed by Samsung? and LOL Nokia and Motorola

    • saqrkh

      Nokia just can’t get a break in North America, they should stick to their strengths in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

      But notice how Apple and Samsung’s drop reflects BBRY’s rise.

    • Julius

      Yeah I noticed but this graph is from before the S4 was released and before the Q10 was released. Which means that the BB and especially Samsung shares must be much higher now implicating a reduction in Apple market share

    • saqrkh

      Maybe, but this is just sales though. Samsung and Apple declining in sales in Canada does not mean they’re declining overall, it could be that Samsung, Apple and BBRY may share more equally in future quarters.

  • green_ember

    doubling is a little more than an ‘uptick’…

    • charlie2010

      They doubled with a very restricted Z10 release and no Q10, that’s remarkably. What would you expect after a full quarter of Q10 and Z10 being available in the USA?

  • Nacos

    A bunch of twisted lies meant to deceive the masses and cover up the reality.

    • Lolz

      Get back under heinz’s desk. Now!

  • stevedion

    The Z10 is a really good smartphone, i am sure most of the haters on the comments are people who haven’t tried it nor have any use for a real work tool. I have an S4 for weekends and weekdays my Z10 gives really good productivity, no other phones has better messaging (email, txt, etc…). The keyboard is also hands down the best on any smartphone and i have tried many.

  • FS

    Great! 🙂 I’m from Germany, and i love my Z10! BlackBerry forever! 🙂

  • Web developer

    Interesting. I have some cool dpi logs for some not to be named Canadian ISPs and don’t see the same thing. I wonder where they retrieved their data?

  • kroms

    Its been said before and I’ll say it also again . BB and MS are in a fight for survival.
    GOOGLE Android and APPLE IOS are not going anywhere so everyone can just relax and wait for the outcome. The Z10 is an OK Phone but not a GIANT LEAP forward compared to the many other smartphone devices on the market today.

  • Lolz

    It’s his job to do this dontchaknow?

  • Rds

    I’m not convinced that at the start of q1, only 6% of Canadians were using bbry phones. It’s def more than that. So those numbers are off.

    • party independent

      Everything about this chart is fabricated for the stupid. Dontchaknow?

  • Norman Fong

    I am not convinced that Nokia’s numbers are as low as they are shown. However, I have seen alot of Blackberry Z10’s and Q10s in the hands of strangers in the past 2 months.