Where Canadians can buy a BlackBerry Z10


  • COBwiggy

    Wish I could go out and buy it today..instead I have to spend the equivalent to fix my car >.< .. oh well :\

    • Just sying

      In New York City!

    • Just sying

      Let’s see how many thumb down I will get for this
      Why you would buy the BB10 for $600+, you can buy the nexus 4 for 359+ no contract

      I have met a family yesterday and they bought an ipod touch to use it to play games only for $249, when I showed them the nexus 7 on Google the dad started pulling his hair!

  • marion

    Koodo has it for $150 on the tab??? I thought you only get a $150 therefore making the price $400 on a tab instead of $550

  • Kid.Canada

    I was planning on buying it this week but the small battery (1800mAh) and apps running in the background and LTE worry me about how it’ll effect the battery life. So I decided to stick with my S3 for now till Blackberry releases the next one with a bigger battery and possibly a bigger screen (4.6-5″). Otherwise idk why anyone wouldn’t give BB10 a try. Best of luck to you Blackberry tho!

    • Blair

      Those are all of my worries too. I’m torn between getting this and the s3 currently.

    • hoo dat

      The QNX powered BB10 OS is far the most efficient on the market. The Z10s at BEF were all hooked up to HDMI but no external power source and seemed to be lasting very well indeed. At the end of the day none appeared to be labouring battery wise. Actually user reports from the UK are overwhelmingly positive too and should only get better as the batteries are cycled a few more times. Personally, I’m not concerned.

    • Brian

      All of those are legitimate concerns.

    • Tom

      To be quite honest, just about every smartphone nowadays, especially LTE models, is going to need to sit on the charger every night even if it was mostly in standby throughout the day. You’ve got power-hungry components, that’s a fact of life. Not really much point in comparing battery life across high-end LTE phones.

      I have no idea what the exact life of my dual core Android is, but I can spend a day outdoors, take out my phone a few times to snap photos, call/text, check email etc, and I just don’t pay attention to the battery level. It’s never sounded a low-battery alert before. If it becomes yellow, I don’t care. I also use the phone for music, and its impact isn’t felt. Because once I get home, it goes on the charger till I get out of bed the next morning. As long as the battery doesn’t die before my day ends, I’m perfectly satisfied.

      Now if you play games or watch videos regularly, then that takes a huge toll on the life of any media device – whether it’s an iPod or a laptop. If you’re complaining that you could only watch two movies or your angry birds session only lasted four hours, get a charger.

      Micro USB chargers are cheap – I bought four for $10 and keep spares in my car, at my work place, in my travel bag. I’m rarely without a charger as a result.

      I sometimes miss the days of dumbphones where the phone could be in standby for over a week and the battery meter wouldn’t budge noticeably. But really, unless you plan to go into the woods for several days in a row, there’s nothing to complain about for whatever the BB Z10’s battery life will be. And if you are going into the woods for several days in a row, how about putting that phone away and enjoying the trip?

    • Alex

      Same issue with every first-generation devices.

  • Mark

    It is priced like a high end device. I think they’re trying to cash in on the die-hard blackberry zealots who will purchase anything BB at any price. Give it a month or two and you’ll get it discounted.

  • StEC

    And at Walmart they have signage up all over their stores.

  • Bob

    When you the s4 comes out the z10 Will all be forgot about. I sorry blueberries I’m mean blackberry.

  • tresfou

    So.. i just read in The Register’s review of BB10 that it doesn’t have sound profiles or custom contact alerts. That pretty much leaves me with the ‘ol BB9900 for now 🙁

    • Anonymous

      This is true. It’s amazing how they removed core functionality like that from the legacy OS’s in BB10.

    • Eric

      Actually, there are sound profiles and custom contact alerts…just have explore the OS and find them. Once you know they are there, it becomes very easy.

  • Brandon S

    The pricing seems pretty fare in today’s market. One part off me want’s to own something simple, well made and Canadian. The other part of me loves Android.

    • Mathieu

      Yep, me too

    • Tom

      Ditto – Android (CyanogenMod) enthusiast in Canada hoping BB10 will succeed, but not intending to get one for personal use.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    This phone will be kicking some a*s

  • J

    Bell pricing is $139.99 on a 3 year.

  • Miknitro

    Same as others, want one but can’t swing it right now, though congrats to those that can, woot.

  • MaXiM

    I still don’t understand why you can’t buy it free of contract, unlocked, from a store.
    I would love one, but I don’t want to feel the chains of another contract.

    • Thomas

      We live in North America where the carriers exercise too much control. Additionally, a lot of people are too short-sighted to realize the higher long-term costs associated with a contract.

      Europeans and Asians have it good – many people just buy phones outright unlocked at retail (often at a lower price than buying it full-out from a NA carrier) and choose their (much cheaper than ours) monthly plans later. Even contracts in Europe are pretty flexible, i.e. from Vodafone UK you can choose to bump up your upfront cost by a few quid in exchange for a cheaper monthly plan.

    • Jonny

      Anyone know where you can buy it unlocked? Very frustrating cause I don’t want to change or upgrade my contract, I want to own it outright and be contract free soon.

    • Eric

      With Rogers, you can pay off you contract early by simply paying the balance of the subsidized portion of the phone. That is the only obligation you have. For example, at Rogers, to buy the Z10 off contract will cost $650. You can get it for $140 on a 3-year. That leaves $510 being subsidized or $14.16/month for 36 months. If you pay off the subsidized portion, you are off contract. Why not get it on contract and pay it off afterwards?

  • wotzit2ya

    wish could buy it unlocked direct from BB

    • Thomas

      I was hoping for that too, given how Google and LG are pricing the Nexus 4 at $300, but RIM can’t afford to do that. Hell, they had to cut nearly 1/3 their workforce just to make it to this point. They don’t have a choice but to “overcharge.”

      Google/LG are barely breaking even or making a loss on the Nexus 4 (can’t remember exactly), and they can afford that because they have boatloads of revenue from a zillion other product lines. Just like how Microsoft and Sony always make a loss during the early days of selling a new video game console.

      On the other hand, RIM’s business is 100% on their mobile handsets/services, and the Playbook – so they can’t afford to do this. Sad but true.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    im at the mall right now, no lineups anywhere except the usual crowd gathered outside rogers who need to either fill up their expired prepay from the change they pan handled or complain about being overcharged

  • Geoff

    Had mine since saturday, get it you will love it. Battery is ok, I can finally get accessories today, I really want that extra battery and charger for my car. On a side note I can confirm I bought a Rogers locked one and Fido works no problem in it.

  • Brian

    After two days you can also find it on Kijiji because people are going to realize what a POS they bought and want to pawn it off on you

    • REDRUM


    • Brian

      Oh shucks, a BB employee doesn’t like my truthtelling.

    • Thomas

      Don’t listen to this troll… tons of iPhones and high end Androids end up on ebay and kijiji and craigslist in less than a week after they’re purchased.

  • Brian

    The BlackBerry staff patrolling MobileSyrup to downvote anything even remotely negative are sure out today.

    • REDRUM


    • Miknitro

      Nope, just regular folks using down vote correctly.

    • Brian


  • Roreh

    I switched from blackberry to android almost three years ago. My contract runs out in May so I’m curious to know how this device does, it might be my time to switch back.

  • Thomas

    The Fido one at $350 looks like the best deal – because it’s compatible with a 2-year contract AND better-value monthly plans on top of that.

    $60 for unlimited everything including long distance calling, VM, and caller ID (well the data is only 1 GB, but that’s not bad). $60 doesn’t even get you long distance calling on 3-year contracts. Well worth the extra $200 up-front over 3-year contracts, IMO.

    My dad has over $120 in FidoDollars and he is able to grandfather in his monthly $56 plan (unlimited everything with long distance, VM, caller ID, 2 GB data) – definitely getting the Q10 when it launches if it’s the same price as the Z10 or lower.

  • Hamza

    Virgin Mobile has dropped their prices..

    $139.99 @ 3YR/Platinum Plan
    $349.99 @ TAB/Gold Plan
    $499.99 @ TAB/Silver Plan

  • fandroid

    IS THIS N4???

  • nexus lover

    Ian hardly or Daniel barder fix your pricing. the phone cost $400 on a tab at koodo. 150$ is added to your tab. don’t mislead people.

  • SrslyGuys

    As of yesterday, Bell has switched to a Tab style on all phone acts and upgrades. If you buy a phone from them on a 3 yr term, all you’re responsible for paying off is the device balance. The Z10 @ 139.95 would leave a balance of $510, or $14.17 per month.

    It makes no difference whether you pay for your phone up front now, or take it on a 3 year term, you’re not paying any more for it.

  • royf29

    would Bell match the Rogers 600$ price?

  • Steve

    If I bought it retail at Koodo, how much does it cost to unlock it and use it with Bell.

    • Chris

      The unlock codes aren’t ready yet. Usually is about $10. I have used cellunlocker.net with great success many times.

  • Al

    The penny is discontinued shouldn’t the carriers now have honest pricing instead of the $$.99 marketing fakery? Thanks to Fido and koodo for at least having honest prices now in the handset anyway

    • Tom

      All businesses do this, why single out the carriers? Not that I’m defending them, but I’m not going to call them out for something they didn’t come up with.

  • Alsharpton

    Well I wish bb the best of luck because they need it, for Petes sakes wake up and smell the coffee people bb10 is merely piggybacking on Androids success ooohh time shift.. Xperiaz…. Ohhhhfancy keyboard…. SwiftKey and on and on.. In this market u have to take big kid steps forward in order to remain at the top or in this case get back off the ground. No disrespect but cmon we are gonna have Huawei and zte phones (which are questionable at best) ; blowing this thing away when jb 4.2.2 comes along any second now and wait till 5.0 step it up bb and that encouragement not a diss


  • nagi

    If i buy it outright at Wind, is it unlocked and can use it on Bell?

    • Chris

      better off at Koodo. Wind uses different spectrum (generally at least)

    • Tom

      Nope, if you buy it outright from any carrier in North America, it’s never unlocked. You’ll need to buy a code.

      Wind uses a different frequency (AWS 1700 mhz) from the Big Three, so most phones sold by Wind will not work at all on Bell or Telus, and will only work in 2G mode on Rogers. Some phones like the nexus 4, galaxy nexus, galaxy s3, lumia 710, etc are pentaband and will work on pretty much any GSM carrier in the world, but RIM didn’t announce they’d make a pentaband version of the Z10. So I’ll go out on a limb here and say that a Wind/Mobilicity version won’t work on Bell or Telus.

      In fact, I believe the version announced for T-Mobile USA (it also uses AWS 1700 primarily) is not supporting the frequency bands used for the Big Three and AT&T, so this suggests the same for Wind/Mobilicity.

  • Sweet

    Why are the New 3 carriers only offering it next week ? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Dan

    RIP BB

  • Jonathan W.

    My guess is that there will be open box phones available at Rogers Plus stores in the coming weeks. Hopefully it follows the same 50% off discount trend.

  • Solange

    Koodo is $400 on a tab. Not 150.