Rogers increases Early Upgrade Fee for Smartphone and Premium Smartphones to $20/month


  • dandoozled

    I had thought that “early upgrade fees” were limited to your “FlexTab” balance?

    • Ryan Laker

      This only effects non flextab customers.

    • dandoozled

      so, basically in that case they want you to pay out your contract, with the exception of DECF, which if I remember correctly was capped @ $100, but they still want you to put up with a $50 mail in rebate. (1999 called and would like it’s business model back, please.) Really, you’re only saving at most $50 if this is true.

      good deal to jump ship instead of upgrade

    • Super_Deluxe

      Actually it doesn’t. I’m on the FlexTab and my balance just increased from $383 to $480. Now I have to pay more to upgrade and when I called into Customer Service, they didn’t even know what FlexTab was let alone the price increase. Eff you Robbers, I’ve finally had it with your gouging and clueless customer service reps.

    • Fo Shizzle

      lawl at the fact it took you this long! Try out the cheaper and better alternatives!

    • Super_Deluxe

      I wish we had Wind here in Winnipeg. No cheaper alternatives here bro. Bell, Rogers, Telus and their sub-brands including MTS all have similar price plans so it doesn’t really matter which we go with, we’ll get a$$ rap3d either way. 🙁

    • Anthony W

      What’s with these FlexTab and Early Fee?

      When I was in Asia, everyone buys the phone full price and unlocked. If someone can’t afford a $700 phone, he will go buy a $100 to $300 phone.

      In Canada, most people ask for “free” or cheap price on phones, including high end phones. I see 12 years old kids walking in the mall holding $700 phones all the time. What’s up with that?

      I guess Canadian carriers spoil customers right from the beginning that it is like a virus to customers, including myself. LOL!

    • Arju

      There is a lot of whining here. This comment is the best I’ve seen so far.

      IMO if you want a subsidized device you have to play by their rules. I buy my phones outright and avoid this mess. You have options from the big three if you have your own device.

  • Thurnis

    Remember, this only applies to those with term contracts prior to January 22, 2012. So if you have a GS4, HTC One or iPhone 5 this likely doesn’t apply to you.

    • Andy

      Correct. If you have a flextab, this does NOT affect you. Only affects persons who got a subsidy prior to Jan 22, 2012.

  • Matthew P

    Robbers gonna rob

    • Fo Shizzle

      potatoes gonna potate =P

  • howitzerr

    I dont understand why people go with Rogers at all, i know NOBODY that is satisfied with them nor fido,

    J.D’s survey seems to agree with me

    • Marc Knightly

      I have always been.

      But contract ends in Sept and my bill will be going from $44 to $77, so I’ll be jumping ship unless I can negotiate something lower.

    • Dr. Marvin Lara

      How is your plan going up $30?

    • Guest

      How is your bill going up $30 a month?

    • Ryan Laker

      Credit’s are probably expiring.

    • Billy

      Wait till your contract is over and tell them to keep it the same price or you walk. No need to negotiate or be rude to the reps.

    • Dr. Marvin Lara

      I’m pretty satisfied with them. You just can’t be a on contract and then you have to complain. Then they will give you a grandfathered plan which is 50% lower than the advertised deal. That’s what I did 4 years ago.

    • pwnasaurus11

      How can anybody be satisfied with any of the big three? They are some of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with – never again.

    • Guest

      I’m pretty satisfied with Rogers. You just have to wait until your contract ends, then you negotiate a deal which will be a grandfathered deal and then it will be lower cheaper than their advertised plans. I did this 4 years ago.

    • jappy67

      So you have to get on your knees, and beg. Gotcha.

      I used to be with Telus (supposedly the “nicest” of them all), but the billing frustrations that I had to endure over the 3 years sent me running for the hills as soon as I was free. Paying an arm and a leg didn’t help much either.

      I have been with Wind for a couple of years. My monthly bill is a constant $39.95, taxes included. No worries at all.

      I am following the acquisition news closely. If Wind goes, it’ll hurt.

    • Techie01

      Please on Fido $56 Unlimited Canada with 2 Gigs of data. how does it feels to pay 80- bucks a month in roaming in the city on top of your 39.95.

    • hardy83

      Or you can wait until your contract end, don’t say a word and then get bombarded with spam mail and phone calls from them trying to sell you a new 3 year contract every week.

  • beyond

    So does this mean that now every month your device is being paid off $20 at a time (rather than $13)?

    • aczeclipse

      As far as i understand it means that for every month remaining in your contract you would pay a fee equivalent to $20/month in order to upgrade early.

    • beyond

      But what does it mean for the actual balance. Was the amount of the device subsidy paid off using $20 per month?

      Say I was with the device for 12 months and had 6 months left. If I upgrade now I have to pay $20 x 6 = $120 early fee. But does this mean that I also paid off $20 x 12 = $240 of the device already?

      Where previously it would be $13 x 12 =$156 paid off and $78 early upgrade fee.

      Or is it some weird combination of the two $158 paid off and $120 early fee?

    • silver_arrow

      This is for customers who are not on that kind of plan

    • Davidyyz

      If you have a subsidy based cancellation fee aka flextab, this change does not affect you. This change will primarily affect people who’ve entered into a contract between Jan 1, 2011 and Jan 21, 2012.

  • bill

    Fee increases from Rogers…I just can’t wait for Rogers to roll out their upcoming “Rogers Bank”

    • Billy


  • Conception

    Coincidence? I don’t think so, they’re not called ROBBERS for nothing!

  • Stephen

    From the company that brought you the GRRF, a bogus “replace your phone if you lose it or break it” [lol enjoy your refurbished Nokia E71] and the worst customer service in the industry, we’re here to introduce…


  • PT

    ROBBERS! The scumbags of Robelus! Shall I say more!

  • Accophox

    Probably a quick policy change to milk customers for all they’re worth until the CRTC wireless code of conduct comes into play.

  • rvichar

    Can’t wait to switch fast enough. Robbers lies cheats and steals from all of their customers. I will hang onto my nexus 4 until my contract expires this fall and switch to a device worthy of a subsidy if at all.

  • Alex

    Working as a Rogers retailer, I can give a little bit more insight into how this will work.

    Irregardless of what your contract type is, if you come into any retailer location (such as wireless world, cellcom wireless, etc), and want to upgrade early, you will be charged the upfront fee of $20/mo. remaining on your contract + 3yr. pricing of phone add $50 + $35 admin fee – $50 mail in rebate.
    If you do not want to pay so much, you can contact Rogers via cust. service and have them match you’re old price, for a limited time. Otherwise, you can call in, and pay your Flextab balance off over the phone, then do the upgrade normally.
    So far that is how it’s been in store. It’s very frustrating when a customer walks in to upgrade, has a $500 EUF, but could just pay out their balance owing of $235. It’s more hoops to walk through then entirely nessicary.

    • Stephen

      irregardless is not a word

  • EmptyTome

    Couldn’t they just cancel under bill 60 and go with someone that doesn’t charge a crap ton for upgrades? I’m so glad I got away from rogers. I wonder if the other two big names are going to follow. If they do, I’m never signing a contract ever again.

    The CRTC is trying to put everyone into their place and they try to weasel their way out of it. How about not paying your CEOs 18m dollars?

    • DoNotBeCheap

      How about just buy device outright that you can afford? Don’t buy something you can’t afford.

    • Verdic

      Not about what can be afforded. You can afford to give a homeless guy $20 – but you won’t, why? Bad value.

      You could buy a phone and bring it to Rogers, but why? You don’t get a discount. If they are going to charge $20/month to cancel, that means that they should be willing to knock $20/month off your bill to bring your own phone, which they of course will never agree to since they are ripping you off.

  • Chris McLaughlin

    Fresh off the phone with Rogers. In April my EUF was $182. Today it is $260. Apparenly my 2 year old device went up in value! I cant wait until I accidently break it so I can give Rogers more money!

  • Dragonballzpokemon

    There is so much complaining on theses forums and the solutions are already there.
    1-If you hate contracts buy your phone outright
    2-If you feel that the phone you want is too expensive buy a cheaper one or do like everyone else and save until you have enough to pay for it.
    3-If you think the Bell Rogers and Telus are too expensive then go whit the new entrants who all have unlimited calls for a cheaper rate but don’t start complaining about rates when you want your internet to be LTE and for your phone to be able to stream videos on a 5 inch screen or to have an intergalactic coverage.
    Seriously from what I read it seems like people feel entitled to have discounted pricing because someone somewhere is paying less.

    • Techie01


  • Mr.Dooz

    Mine went from 150 to 240 with about a year left on the contract. I asked how much to cancel the contract.. 200 dollars. Seems like a bunch of i****s work there and I will definately be switching since theres no incentive to stay with rogers if I have to wait out the rest of my contract anyways.

  • brenda west

    My mom was due for an upgrade and she gave it to me. I have a plan with Rogers with no contact, now my mom said she is being charged $30. a month for the galaxy s4. Is this right?, can they do this? I didn’t think there were charged on upgrades.