Foursquare for Android updated with tablet interface before iPad gets its own version

Foursquare for Android is at the point of maturity where its developers have moved on from tweaking its interface to expanding its potential device reach.

In an update unveiled this week, Foursquare hit the green light on an interface specifically designed for Android tablets, breaking the screen in half between information and maps. The company recently updated its Android app to take advantage of Google’s newest Maps SDK, so this functionality was likely borne from that integration.

There’s nothing shocking about the functionality except for the fact that this is Foursquare’s least check-in focused release, since one is much less likely to have a tablet handy at a bar or restaurant. It reinforces Foursquare’s commitment to being a data-centric discovery engine, a place that users go before they head out rather than an app they open once they’re there.

Foursquare received a $41 million loan in April to further its expansion plans, and boasts 33 million users and 1.3 million business listings. The company derives the majority of its revenue from partnering with businesses for promotions, specials and discounts, and the next step is to integrate ads into the check-in experience, something that is sure to be met with disdain across the ecosystem.

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Via: Venturebeat, TechCrunch

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