Banner showing “7” hints that iOS 7 is only a few days away


  • jorvay

    Look at banner, Michael.

    • EvanKrosney

      Family love Michael!

  • daftchemist

    Your move apple, your move.

  • jmevee


  • daftchemist

    That looks awfully colourful for “black and white”…

  • craz

    I wonder what feature of android, blackberry and windows phone will apple “invent”.

    • Stylz Kartel

      aren’t you being critical of craz…who presumably you know nothing about?

    • Bbrysucks

      Oh you mean how bb10 is a complete and utter ripoff of ios, android, win phone, and webos all packed into one? Or how every single major hardware vendor has copied the overall look and feel of the iPhone since its inception?
      If so, then yes I too wonder what trends they might take a liking to and improve. Very much so.

    • Stylz Kartel

      the iPhone was not the first mobile phone with a capacitive touchscreen (LG Prada).

    • Sweet

      The Prada only came out something like one month before the iPhone. So it’s unlikely that Apple got the idea for an iPhone from the Prada.

    • Stylz Kartel

      Perhaps. LG does claim that Apple stole both the ideas and concepts from them when the LG Prada was first unveiled when it was presented at the iF Design Awards a few months before it was officially announced.

    • Me Ted

      Yeah except you’re wrong.

    • SirMehr

      Or you mean how the iPod design was a complete rip of many other hard-drive based portable mp3 players and other gadgets? Apple has done a great job creating its products for it’s specific demographic of consumers. However, Apple’s policy of claiming ownership to the natural evolution of technology is just plain ridiculous. They, just like every other hardware manufacturer take the available technology of the time and build products out of them. Due to the size, shape, and look of those components we are going to see a lot of similarity between different companies who use them. Heck, I had a HD based mp3 player that basically looked like a fatter version of the original ipod for over a year before the ipod came out. If product designers will stop trying to lay claim on the design elements that they used as reference to make their designs, then the end user will stop jumping on board with flame wars to protect what they believe is theft of the designers work.

      -Apple built products based on ideas of other companies… yes.
      -Other companies built products based on the ideas of Apple…. yes.
      -A broken Patent system has allowed major corporations look like children fighting over toys in the playground….yes.
      -Consumers have decided that these playground battles are their new Colosseum and corporations are their Gladiators. Fight on defending the stupidity.

    • Dylan Neild

      While obviously it’s an academic discussion I rather doubt that many things we consider to be “the natural evolution of technology” would have actually occurred (or occurred at anywhere near the rate) had Apple not popularized them. The genius of good design is that everyone claims that the design in question is so simple and obvious that anyone would have figured it out anyways. This is something that’s awfully easy to say in retrospect, and most often heard from those who weren’t the ones who had the simple and obvious idea in the first place.

    • craz

      I never said it sucked. Just going by their track record. I hope they come out with something great, competition is important. I just find it funny how they always say they do everything first and apple fanboys believe them.

    • Johnny S.

      This site should be called FandroidSyrup

      Way too many apple haters it’s amazing. And I thought Engadget was bad

    • Me Ted

      Apple’s reputation is well earned.

    • Sweet

      Rumour is that they’ll implement something like BB’s Hub. I suspect they’ll also include live tiles and something like BB’s Peek. They really need to improve the workflow in iOS. I hated their task bar since day 1.

    • Me Ted

      Look up ‘pull down notifications’ for starters. It’s not like they haven’t already done it. Take a pill.

    • Johnny S.

      So you are okay with google copying apple’s Game Center?

      Nice double standard.

    • Me Ted

      Wtf are you even talking about?


    i0s 7? yawn.

  • dshum

    that font in those colours reminds me of nexus7

  • fraughtwith

    Oh, okay I’m seeing that now. At first I thought this was a confirmation of the number of days in a week, but a reference to iOS7 is marginally more interesting.

    Seriously though, I’m gritting my teeth as I prepare for a few puffed up announcements that are more about the packaging than the content – followed by the whole tech world tripping over themselves for how otherworldly and fantastical it all is.

    • jappy67

      This pretty much sums it up.

  • Martin Chan

    Please don’t iOS MAC, please don’t that’s all I pray for.

  • Arcsvibe

    I’m wondering what tweaks and features they ripped off from the jailbreak community? I love my (jailbroken) iPhone but am hoping Apple steps it up.

  • PT

    OMG! People still using iOS in 2013! Why?

    • Rio

      because sadly enough it works better than any other phone out there still.

      It doesnt have all them features but it works.

    • Chargers

      Yes I love going all the way into settings just to turn on wifi or change brightness.

    • Johnny S.

      I also love to dick around with my animated home screen all day, marvelling at its beauty because I have no quality apps on my platform.