Prior to Facebook Home release, Messenger update brings Chat Heads to all


  • G Mohal

    awesome addon to messenger app.

    • mistermystery

      Agreed, I like the amalgamation of SMS and Messenger into one app.

  • silver_arrow

    I seriously hope Google implements something like this is Babble. I tried using it and it’s pretty fluid. Though i’m wondering when they are updating Facebook home. I like to use it as my lock screen replacement for when I unlock the device but still prefer Apex as the main homescreen

  • silver_arrow

    Yeah I think it’s less “won’t work in your country” and more of “this app is not available in your country” in the play store but the moment you install the APK it will work. I had the dev version up and running on my Nexus 4 before they nuked it

  • E

    Only thing I see is that awesome HTC One sense 5.0 skin

  • Gsizzle

    Damn Facebook is doing big things for Android. Me like.

  • Adam Fox

    Figure it would be up by now…..

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    great addition works like a charm and I love the Chat Heads

  • David Fradette

    Damn this is cool. I got it working on mine too and its fun, specially merging SMS with it too.

  • Wanker

    Can someone tell me what that Clock/Weather widget is?

  • Jeremy

    In the screenshot above, how do you get the folders to display like that (with the 4 complete icons showing)?

  • Shaun Chaudoin

    Galaxy nexus: do you see it now? I do and love it!!!