LG Optimus L9 arrives on WIND


  • silver_arrow

    Seems like a prety good medium end phone.

    • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

      mid range 🙂

  • TP

    it’s 4.7, not 4.5

    • alphs22

      Wrong. It’s 4.5″

      There are multiple versions of this phone because LG likes to be confusing. This one is the same as the T-Mo version (P769). The most common international variants is P760 and P765 which are 4.7″.

      I would skip this phone based on its terrible camera and the fact that are no words on Jelly Bean for this variant. The P760 and P765 have been updated to Jelly Bean but no announcements yet for the P769, so you may be stuck on ICS forever. LG is terrible with supporting their phones. P999 (G2x) owners on Wind will know what I’m talking about.

      Development for L9 is lacking, and most of those developers are developing for the P760.

  • EK

    What’s the point, WIND is going to get bought out by Robbers anyway

  • hoo dat

    LG will give the usual run-a-round regarding updates until everyone gets fed up and vows never to buy another LG again………until the next one.

    • Ugslick

      LG is getting better at them. Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if LG is regarded as the highest quality mobile manufacturer by the end of 2013 even.. well that might be pushing it a bit, I probably would be surprised 😛 But Im expecting them to build on the momentum theyve build with the Optimus G and the G Pro, with the G2 in the fall completely outclassing the S4 (S4 is comparable to the G Pro)… Itll definitely be interesting… Also Wind should try and get the F-series phones and the G-series.. not just the L-series.. -_-

    • Ugslick

      I am sure LG is getting better though. Theyve proved it with their new structure and their new lines, although the carrier mediated updating is still infuriating.They could get a LOOOT better yet.

  • rte

    T-mobile prepaid only sell for $199 with $50 credit.

    • MaXiM

      T-mob … who? I thought this is a “…for canadians” site.

    • Guest

      Nope, it’s listed as $290.99 on T-Mobile USA, although a $50 top-up
      is included in that price. Wind does offer monthly credits for prepaid
      activations, plus any top-up of $20 or more is doubled this weekend for
      prepaid customers on current plans.