Twitter improves the search and discovery experience on its Android and iOS apps

Twitter has updated its Android and iOS apps today, honing the increasingly-marketable search and discovery features of its mobile experience.

The company is focusing on its Discover tab, which has gained prominence as Promoted Tweets are integrated more seamlessly into the Twitter feed and new content and users become just as important to many Twitter users as the main stream. Discover now incorporates prominent tweets, activity, trends and suggested accounts in feed, whereas previously it was separated into disparate areas. The same has been done for search results: tweets, activity, trends and suggested accounts all in one place.

Users can also tap on a URL within a tweet itself as opposed to opening that tweet to activate the link. One fewer tap but, repeated, it saves a lot of time.

Unfortunately, Twitter has not changed its increasingly-aging mobile app design, which is due for a sprucing, nor has it made any Android-specific updates like expandable notifications or an improved widget.

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Source: Twitter Blog
Via: TNW