Canadians: Nexus 4 is back in stock, ships in 1 – 2 weeks


  • deltatux

    Great news for my friends! They’re definitely going to have a great day today lol.

    • As Expected

      Just as expected:
      Another batch of the BB10 is available BEFORE the BB10 is available at stores!

      I wonder if Google is raising the cap available phones just to make more noise against the BB10. This will certainly take a bite of those people on the fence, that were considering buying a BB10 phone just because the N4 was not in stock and were thinking of waiting months to get it.

      N4 BOTH versions available now. Wonder if this time will be hours or days before they run out of stock!

      If the N4 is still in stock tomorrow, it will steal the thunder of the BB10 announcement of the FIRM DATE of their phones.

    • As Expected

      Yay! Delivery date is Feb 07!

    • J S


    • Glass.-BackBadIdea

      I will not buy a Glass Back Nexus 4 phone thank you very much. I don’t need to waste my money on poorly desinged phone. you people can go ahead.


    YESSSS! I bet the people who were done waiting changed the minds!

    • As Expected

      This is the best thing that RIM has done for Canadians in the last couple of years:

      By launching their new phones they pushed Google to release more N4 for Canadians !

      Merci RIM!
      N4 still in stock as of now; Expect it to be in stock tomorrow; then once the N4 takes some of the media and buzz on the streets and once the media compares both ecosystems the N4 will be out of stock again by Thursday.
      Thank you RIM!

  • iphoneee


  • me

    Bumper is in stock too.

    But it costs $11 to ship it. That’s more than half the price of the item itself. Ridiculous.

  • Fluxman

    Bumper is also in stock 🙂

    • twocents

      I haven’t read through all the comments but you folks seem to LOVE LTE. How can you folks afford it? Especially with companies like Rogers, well, I guess everyone except Wind.

      I have to be really careful with my new Galaxy Nexus. I try to turn off as much “backgrounding” as possible, but my data just gets sucked up with things like Flipboard even when I load and just peruse. And my phone is only HSPA!

      Are you all rich, or don’t mind paying overage, all on Wind, or have data limiters that cut you off at the knees halfway into your monthly plans?

      The N4 is wonderful technology, but I don’t understand the draw to LTE when it can be so expensive here. (Btw, I know LTE is not inherent on the N4 unless you tweak our model.)

      Oh, and I just checked; it is still available towards the end of the day. To expand some on someone’s observation above, was there an intentional “hold-back” to compete with yet another platform? I can’t think that Google felt so threatened by RIM, but perhaps it wants to wipe out the BB platform itself? Hmmm…..

    • twocents

      To the brain-dead person who disliked my comment, I don’t care that you disliked it. At least have something to say or just STFU! What EXACTLY are you disliking about my comment? Why? If you’re too stupid to say, then like I said, STFU!

    • twocents

      Ha, ha, ha! Good one brain-deads! Still unable to put a sentence together, eh? Don’t worry, you’ll be like that for life! And don’t forget to have a “Timmy’s” after your McDonald’s shift… :-)))

    • John

      How much data do you have on your plan? I pay 30$ for 6Gb with Fido. I don’t find 1$ a day out of hand at all.

  • jack

    just bought all of them, it is now sold out

    • noisnot

      NO IS NOT

  • Dimitri.K

    Give it a few hours. It will show ” OUT OF STOCK” again for the next month or so. Its becoming a habbit with Google now. I like the Nexus 4 and yes I have it, but the launch and the stock is making it look bad.

    • As Expected

      Google will make sure to keep the N4 in stock for at least 30 hrs to steal news from RIM’s BBX launch and to take a final bite to RIM’s potential market share.

      If people could get a N4 tomorrow and get it delivered by Feb 08 for less than $400 all in delivered, unlocked and with life-upgrades they might even forget about the lack of SD Cards.

      We will see tomorrow: in the meantime RIM stock is 5% down.

  • Dony

    The wait was too long, SGS4 is coming in april…too late LG and google!

    • mrmef

      yes, but will the GS4 cost $360 off-contract? doubt it.

  • Gsizzle

    I told you pansies there is gonna be a third batch of the Nexus available.

    In YO FACE.

    Nexus 4 Life.

  • MBCrunch


  • Henry

    now I don’t want one anymore

  • jonny

    if you like to use speakerphone, you wont like this phone

    the speaker is on the back, and is very quiet. and totally useless if you lay the phone on its back. and you wouldnt want to lay it on its front either.

    you have to hold the speaker close to your ear to be able to use it – which defeats the purpose of a speakerphone.

    i am really unimpressed with this phone.

    • Hilman

      Me thinks you don’t even have one, the speaker is crazy loud and is much louder then my GNex.

  • Mark

    This phone has no LTE, no buy for me. Common Google we’re in 2013!!

    • Gsizzle

      Seems like you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months Mark.

      Nexus 4 is LTE capable. You just need to activate it and make sure you have a LTE MicroSim.

    • some guy

      Here Mark, let me help you out ^_^ I believe you’re looking for “come on”, not “common”.

      com·mon (kmn)

      adj. com·mon·er, com·mon·est
      a. Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint: common interests.
      b. Of or relating to the community as a whole; public: for the common good. See Usage Note at mutual.

      2. Widespread; prevalent.

      a. Occurring frequently or habitually; usual.
      b. Most widely known; ordinary: the common housefly.

      4. Having no special designation, status, or rank: a common sailor.

      a. Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average: the common spectator.
      b. Of no special quality; standard: common procedure.
      c. Of mediocre or inferior quality; second-rate: common cloth.

      6. Unrefined or coarse in manner; vulgar: behavior that branded him as common.

    • mrmef

      plz do some research before spreading FUD. thx, bye

  • COBwiggy

    Haha I think the hype has died significantly.

  • Plan Shopper

    I’ll have my BlackBerry Z10 before the first person that ordered today gets their N4.

    BlackBerry 10 all the way.

    • Reality

      Dream on, blackberry zombie…
      If RIM had a brain in their heads, they would have released a portrait QWERTY android device in 2010 and a) have SOME marketshare b) release their QNX when it’s done, with an application layer for Android apps THAT WORKS. The two days I owned a playbook were the most boring two days in my life.

  • rolfpal

    Ordered one 16GB. We shall see what we see.


  • Bundarr

    Yeeehaaaa !

  • Vin

    Nice to see Google back in Business

  • Shirajum Munir

    SCORED!!! Thanks MS…

  • coop3422

    Sure hope it’s in stock Friday, if so, I’ll be ordering. Come on Google!

  • wotzit2ya

    too little too late Google , waiting for what’s going to be announced at MWC in a few weeks .

    • Dave

      Enjoy waiting! I’m enjoying my Nexus 4.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    I just bought 16 of them so I can re-sell them on Kijiji after. I’ll use the money to buy BB10s and make them go out of stock since RIM will only be able to produce 10 of them before going out of business. Then I’ll bury the bb10s in the dessert in Arizona and it will become the E.T of the cell phone industry. Rip Rim!

  • moose

    Ordered one! will compliment my note2 as a wicked dev phone and will allow me to work with the newest versions of android as they appear

  • Rick

    Ordered one… finally!

  • spyderwraith

    I go to finish the order and it tells me there is an error and i cannot proceed

  • shardik7

    Just put in my order – $359 + $16 shipping + $43 tax. I’m happy since I missed out in October. Wish I could take a BB10 but it sounds like carriers are going to top tier the device ($700 range, $100 on contract?) with $50/mth minimum 3 yr contract required.

  • Cyrano

    lol present for Chinese new year i guess

  • Lei

    Now I choose to wait. not a good time, Google. you are late.

  • jimbo

    You lost me at, OUT OF STOCK

  • David

    Ordered! It was weird not seeing that red “SOLD OUT” on the order page 😉

  • Superfly

    Got mine. 16gb. Done and done.

  • dayafter21

    Coincidentally came 1 day before bb10 launch. Hmm. Maybe RIM has struck a chord with Google.

  • Graham

    I told myself that I would wait for a 32gb one. screw it.

    Ordered! On it like a bonnet.

    Time to go home and experience months of sweet sweet buyer’s remorse.

    Also, google’s chronic stock shortage may have bumped up its sales in the long run by inducing panic-buying (right here).

    • Graham

      Just got my email shipping notice from Google Play. Project Delivery is February 5th.


  • rockman

    Damn, the $40 dollars tax just made me a sad panda…

    • As Expected

      Think about it:
      No SD card
      LTE if you care about that battery killer-function on BELL, Virgin Telus and Koodo (not on Rogers et al)
      No bloatware
      Fastest updates….for life
      Biggest re-selling value ( comparable to an iOS device)
      Wireless Charging
      Tons of Accessories, support, kernels
      Delivered to home and all for $418!

      That Mobilesyrup 4 point Advertorial from a few days ago is not valid anymore…for now!

      -Wow its been over 60 minutes and still is in stock!
      Will they break the two hour mark??

    • MattyMattMatt

      @As Expected: LTE a battery killer? Running on LTE all day, I get two out of my Optimus G. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy user, but I watch about 2-3 hours of contents during my commute.

    • COBwiggy

      @Mattymatt, he was referring to LTE on the Nexus 4, which is a HUGE battery killer as it is not optimized for that

    • Rio

      Nothing comes close to iPhone resale values.

      And what world do you live in? There are barely any accessories available!

  • sp

    notice how it says.. .will ship when available.
    oh my..

  • rspear

    Seriously, when will the next nexus phone be launched? Can’t be that far away right? Spring?

    • Ivan

      Try November.

  • hurric

    Just ordered!!! awesome! best price

  • Piff

    I honestly dont care. I am just going to wait for the next Nexus phone. This device launch is a joke.

  • Jeremy

    Time to sell the Optimus G. Lol actually maybe I’ll wait a day or two. See if any are left. ;-P

  • Josh

    I’m still hoping the Nexus 10 32gb will make an appearance very soon

  • Noah

    Just got one from play store
    awesome, great thank you for whoever made the availability check website and app.

  • Rob

    Now I’m back to the old 8 gig vs 16 gig question again. My current 2.5 year old antique phone has 500 mb internal and I’m using something like 4 gigs on my SD card. Clearly I don’t need 16 gigs now, but will I later? Maybe it’ll sell out again so I can have more time to think about it.

  • baconeater

    Pumped about getting the official bumper! Not so pumped to pay $11 for shipping though.

  • Nathen

    ORDERED 2 !! 2 week delivary. YaaaaaYYY Whooo hoooooo.

    $309 and $349 Greatest “PENTABAND” Unlocked NO BS Phone


  • HwyXingFrog

    1) Now let’s see what the white one actually looks like.
    2) What about the wireless charging orb?

    I currently have 2 Galaxy Nexuses, so I can still be patient.

    I want to see some actual official accessories for this Nexus device, but it looks like it will be another fail. They will come too late, be overpriced, and have very limited supply.

  • Miknitro

    Rob, let the old phone rest in papers in the drawer, get the new phone for yourself.

  • Geoff

    At least it’s still shipping at 1-2 weeks even after being up for a couple hours or so…

  • Craig

    sorry google, loved this phone when it was released but waiting around for all these weeks turned me off ….. I’ll keep my Galaxy Nexus and tough it out till a newer one is released.

  • CM

    Ordered… now I just need to offload my HTC One X!

  • Rob

    I wonder if this phone is a rev.B

    • Rob

      I just checked xda. The N4 has already hit Rev. 11. Maybe the new one will be 12?

  • Henaway


  • baconeater

    Please start selling the charging base!

  • Rumi

    How come it’s still available!!! it’s already been 3 hours!!

  • Jaga

    @Rumi, everybody else already pre-ordered the BlackBerry 10, and don’t care for this!

  • nexus 4 life

    I’m very happy for everyone now being able to order this amazing phone I’ve had it since mid December and honestly it has been an amazing experience. I recommend anybody debating on whether to buy it or not just go and buy you will not regret it is an amazing price you cannot get another phone off contract with this price. my phone has had 0 problems it runs perfect a place all the games on the highest settings and I manage my emails and I run my business correctly properly and most efficiently. the Nexus 4 is a device upcoming handsets need to aspire to.

    • George

      What is your usage like throughout the day, and how does it affect the battery life. The only thing stopping me is the battery life concerns. I don’t want to be looking for a plug twice a day…

  • Data Outage @ WIND MOBILE – Tony’s GONE

    Just ordered mine in celebration of the BB10 launch tomorrow 😀

  • Cmarenburg

    I am happy to see it back. It might not be the best fit for every one (ie. Power users) but for some one like me that might send 10 texts a day. This should make a decent smartphone, that can do everything i need it to do and more for less than half the price of GS3 that i was thinking about buying.

    IF they still have it in stock in a few weeks i just might go and scoop one one up.

  • mynameissexy

    OMG looks like Google is learning! This Nexus 4 has 2500 mAH battery!

  • Just Sayin’

    I’ll wait to see how much Wind and Fido charges. If it is about the same, I’ll buy from Fido and use up my Fido dollars. Once I’ve done that, it’s GOOD-BYE FIDO!!!!!

    Hoooray!!!! GOOD-BYE FIDO!!!!

  • Superfly

    I changed my mind and cancelled my order. Nexus 5 with 1080p screen coming Q2. I waited this long, what’s a few more months. My international galaxy note 1 can tide me over until then.

  • TheRock


  • TheOtherSide

    Wow, it’s still available! Either they got a million units or everyone is now holding out for the white one…

  • Rio-is-a-troll

    @rio hahaha you’re an i-troll. Someone had to be idiotic I guess. There are cases and stuff out there just not from Google. Wireless charging is existent already. IPhones boring just like those who buy them. A grid of icons with an Android inspired pull down menu is Sooo exiting. Sure their app selection is good but there’s nothing you can do on ios that you can’t get done on Android anyway.

  • kirilmatt

    Superfly its probably going to come a year after the nexus 4 was launched. Google wouldn’t quickly come out with a new one with such high demand. It would also be detremental to the developer community. I ordered mine!

  • Vin

    This is DAY 2 i.e. Jan 30, 2013 @ 9.20 AM and the Nexus 4 is still available, as i said before Google is Really back in business…

  • monsterduc1000

    Hoping for a 32 gb brain version :-). THEN I will pull the trigger!

  • RL

    If this phone had LG pasted on it instead of Nexus, noone would care about it.

  • Superfly

    I decided to keep the order. Mine shipped 5 minutes ago. Awesome.

  • Oilman

    Ordered mine yesterday and it shipped this afternoon. Awesome.

  • Ed

    FYI. I just received shipping email for Nexus 4 and bumper; ordered on 29 Jan.

  • Henaway

    Ordered Jan 29th … STILL no shipping email. *insert primal scream* Yes, I am impatient. Even though I didn’t NEED this phone, and my S2 is perfectly fine, I want that dang notification! Just give me a projected date Google! Get on it!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

    … need more caffeine.

  • ImTherious

    Shipping now email received – expected delivery date of Feb 7th…!

  • RS

    Ordered mine on Jan 31st. Still hasn’t shipped. It has an estimated shipping date of Feb 13th 🙁

  • John

    I ordered mine with out bumper. I find the shipping high considering its not 2 day express.

    Cant wait to flash AOKP on it! Oh and I guess I’ll have to circumcise my SIM to fit.

  • TIM

    Ordered on the 2nd w/bumper, was listed as Shipping in 2-3 weeks. Sure hope I get a confirm soon.

  • JL

    Ordered my 16 gig Nexus 4 yesterday (Feb 05) on Google Play.
    Said “ships 2-3 weeks” when I ordered.
    Just now got an email saying it shipped today. Wow.
    Good news.

  • Amir

    How about the white version? Is it available in Canada now?