Update: Google Nexus 4 Bumper is back in stock again


  • Lexcyn

    Thanks! Ordered one, finally.

    • As Expected

      Skip the bumper and get a real case for less than half the price delivery included from Amazon.

    • EvanK

      @As Expected

      I’m not a huge fan of cases, I just want something that will prevent the glass back from shattering it i drop it on its back.

    • Glass.-BackBadIdea

      No Way, I will not buy a Glass Back Nexus 4 phone thank you very much. I don’t need to waste my money on poorly desinged phone. you people can go ahead.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Why use this bumper? I just use the one from my car on my Nexus 4 and it works amazingly well!!!

    • HerpDerp

      You forgot to say RIP RIM. Are you feeling okay?

  • Gsizzle

    I can buy a third party Bumper with the same quality from eBay for a fraction of the cost.

    • winder

      If you are talking about the poetic one, it is terrible. Ordered two and both fell apart within a week

  • theMediaman

    About time. The Nexus 4 has the slipperiest back of any phone. If the table it’s sitting on is not completely perpendicular with the force of gravity, it WILL fall off the table.

    • Tom

      You nailed it. The problem is not that the N4 is delicate – I’ve dropped mine a few times and not a scratch – it’s that it is slippery.

      I need to get some sort of case or one of these times it will crack and it will be my fault.

  • Jay Chan

    $19.99 + $10.95 shipping + tax kills the deal… that’s like more than 10% of the cost of the phone…

    • NeedAJob?

      With a business model of selling the device at a loss and making profits on the backend, this pricing makes perfect sense.

  • dk

    Bought a case and screen protector for 10 bucks on ebay. Better protection and a third of the cost.

  • Brandon

    The shipping and taxes are almost as much as the bumper. That’s a deal-killer. Has anyone heard how the Poetic bumper is?

    • Tyler

      As mentioned above, the poetic case is a complete piece of s**t. I bought one on ebay and it literally separated into the soft and hard plastics in less than two days. I emailed poetic who replied, “we are aware of the problem blah blah blah, since you did not purchase your case from us we can not offer you a refund or replacement blah blah blah”. Go with the official case – besides now that I have mine I can certainly say it looks much better.

  • j

    Snagged one! No extra shipping cost for the bumper when ordered with the Nexus 4.

  • KyoKeun

    Got one but considering canceling it. The shipping price is definitely a deal breaker. Maybe should get the poetic?

  • 2WheelzOver4

    I wouldn’t recommend the Poetic Bumper. Lots of reviews indicating that the plastic and rubber components split from each other quite quickly after using it. In my situation I noticed that the case ends up scratching the polished bezel.

    • Brandon

      Thanks for the info! I hear they fixed the splitting, but the scratching is a really bad thing. Any other options out there?

    • KyoKeun

      Thanks! Nice info!

  • Kakashi

    Alarm from Nexus Availability Checker on my Nexus 10 woke me up and let me know about the Nexus 4 and Bumper Case! Sprinted out of bed and ordered both. Bumper is worth it if you are buying the Nexus 4 as well… no extra shipping cost.

    Can’t wait!

  • TechGuru

    Like everyone else is saying -the shipping + taxes killed the deal for me…pretty much was at the checkout, then saw the total and killed it….much much better deals on Amazon and Ebay, and possibly even Pacific Mall!!

  • jake

    I have had the poetic bumper for the last couple weeks works well, I dont take it off tho, I heard some of the issues was with repeated removal. Ive had no problems tho

  • habskilla

    Can’t order the bumper. Place a bumper in the cart, get an error checking out. Remove the bumper and put in a Nexus 4 phone, I can checkout.

  • Matt

    Sold out again, that was fast!

  • AbeZ

    When i got my N4 a month ago i just went on ebay and got a rubber case for it for 6 dollars and it has grip on the sides. Save yourself some money and get that.

  • Superfly

    Get an ArmourDillo case. $18 + tax plus $6 shipping. Its like an
    Otterbox case

  • Andy c

    dropped my from shoulder height and not a scratch. only had front and rear screen protectors

    i can vouch for the diztronic tpu case (showed up 2 days after the drop) fits like a glove and all the ports/cutouts line up.

  • Alan K’necht

    Just checked and they’re back in stock. Ordered the phone yesterday and started looking for alternatives because they were listed as sold out.

    Saw some ones at better prices so now thinking not going with these from Google.

    Any recommendations.

  • Skylar

    Shipping is $10.99 to Alberta, so the case will be around $31.98 with tax. Pretty expensive for just a bumper!

  • JC Denton

    anyone who buys this bumper is a sucker. Do yourself a favor and buy a $3 knockoff from ebay.

  • alex

    Does anyone know if fido or other carriers offering the Nexus 4 will be carrying the official bumper?

  • Aaron

    If you haven’t bought one yet, I’d say don’t bother especially given the $30+ cost. I just got mine today, and while it looks great and is well made it’s slippery as hell. I dropped my phone the first time I pulled it out of my pocket with this thing on. Hadn’t dropped it once before that in weeks of use. It’s way more slick than just the bare phone or the Rinke case I had before.