SaskTel prices the Samsung ATIV S, launching soon


  • nexus 4 life

    i paid $350 for my nexus 4 16gb. i will never pay above 350 for any phone ever in my life its a scam. no phone on gods green earth is worth $600 and up. i was able to sell my galaxy nexus for 350 and that covered my nexus 4. did i mention it was $0 on a tab with 35 dollars unlimited everything north American wide yes data to

    • EvanK

      The Nexus 4 is subsidized by Google, in reality LG charges Google an even higher price. Chances are outside of Nexus devices you’ll never find another high end phone for <$350.

  • EvanK

    Hmm… $600 seems a bit high for this considering that it’s an S3 running WP8. The Price of the S3 has been dropping recently with newer phones on the horizon, this should follow suit.

    • nexus 4 life

      i highly doubt Google takes any loss on the nexus. no company ever takes a loss not a giant like google. how much do you think mass production cost. i run a business i profit on everything. that’s the only companies succeed they report loses to evade tax. Google pays $200 tops for the nexus 4

  • Miknitro


  • Steve

    The nexus costs at least 300$ to make. The I phone 5 costs apple a minimum of 300$ plus an additional 8 for each increment on storage. Apple’s cot of production is probably the same as the nexus since they produce so many. Google has to pay LG and LG, also needs to make a profit. If Google can make a profit, the margins are small, probably around 10$.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    The mark up of these phones is rediculus , I agree with nexus4life.

  • barty cek

    I got a Lumia 800 (WP 7.5) and I havn’t been too happy with it. There seems to be a lack of apps like a siriusxm app. The media player (zune) is terrible and doesn’t work in Canada; but WP8 doesn’t have zune anymore (i think). I never see apps advertised for the WP, although they could be working on it. the hardware itself works good, and the software is easy to use. I wanted to be different by getting a WP but I should of just got an iphone or Galaxy.

    • beyond

      Hopefully things will improve with the new update 7.8 that’s coming out soon. I’m not sure if you mean Zune on the PC or the music player on the phone. The phone player is fine IMO. Besides Zune is being phased out now anyway by X-Box Music

    • freestaterocker

      Are you high or just spreading FUD? Zune works perfectly in Canada, and is awesome. Xbox music (WP8) does need some work, but it still works in Canada.

  • Anthony

    i wish this was also coming to Wind