Pebble smart watch starts shipping today, but only in black


  • Andrew

    Really wish they would have mentioned that other colours would be shipping later. I was very close to sticking with black but ended up with grey. Probably wouldn’t have switched if I had known this.

    • Wear this -> guaranteed lifelong virgin

      Anyone who wears this watch is a guaranteed lifelong virgin. It looks like a watch I had when I was 6.

    • alcazar jones

      Why don’t you buy a Seiko, or guess, or timex, or roots watch and look like a normal man, instead of buying this and looking like a childish techno geek.

  • iphoneee

    I hope it comes with apple maps

  • oldschool

    I hope only yours comes with Apple Maps, and it leads you right off a steep cliff.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Wow another manufacturing setback.? This mickey mouse company needs to learn how to manufacture. Apparently they learned nothing as allerta.

  • amand

    You actually thought they would ship?


  • BB10

    I wish they would support BB10…

  • Mark

    I heard it will cost 149$.

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