Windows Phone 7.8 SDK released to developers, nothing more than a tile change


  • Anonymous


  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    blue screens and viruses? no thanks, pass.

  • Punch Shyamathanalingham

    that cyan lumia 800 is a sexy phone my goodness gracious

  • Rich

    I honestly just can’t believe they ditched WP7 so easily.

  • HiKsFiles

    I am by no mean a RIM/BlackBerry fan, but I really hope they are going to kick Micro$oft’s butt so hard with BB10 that it is going to kill WP7/8. Such a useless mobile OS…

    • fjackie

      Great I am really eager to see how RIM is going to support BB7 users with BB 10 upgrades…. Oh wait they aren’t.

    • Darth Paton

      HiksFiles: Care to expand on your comment or are you going to be a total Jackass?

    • Gino

      What is it about Windows Phone OS that makes it ‘useless’ exactly? Please enlighten us.

    • hoo dat

      And I’m waiting to see how Microsoft is going to support WP7, WP7.5, & WP7.8 users with WP8.

      Oh wait, they aren’t!

      BB10 is an all new, from the ground up OS requiring unique technical specifications from the hardware. What’s Microsoft’s excuse?

  • hoo dat

    My last comment was in response to fjackie.