Videotron launching the Nexus 4 on January 30th


  • Acco

    I’m betting $550, like T-mobile sells theirs in the states for plus the Videotron surcharge, to get even more people to justify the 3 year contract.

    • Nexus 4!

      I was going to get a BB10, but now I will get this instead! F U RIM!!

    • Squint

      I can’t think of anybody that goes into a store and buys a phone outright for the stupid price they charge. Might as well be a grand. Because if you can get the phone for 40 bucks on a contract that price is appealing for people over anything else.

      When it comes to contracts I think of it like this, I’ll still have my cell phone either way. This way I don’t spend hundreds of dollars every time I upgrade. I can go and buy the Nexus from google and then feel that I need to upgrade in a year and a bit. I spent way more on this phone and it would hurt to spend another 400 bucks within two years for a new version. So the contract just makes me wait for the moment when I can renew and get a new phone for cheap.

      Although I would like them to switch from a 3 year to a 2 year contract. Here’s hoping that the CRTC gets that changed.

    • Caroline V

      I was waiting for this day and went on their website 5 minutes ago..they’re selling it for 499.99$…they are completely out of synch with the rest of the world. That’s 190.99$ more than the Google Store and they say it’s because of their buying power….imagine that!!! What a bunch of crooks.

  • Chris

    So there are supplies out there, just not for people who want it free of carrier tyranny.

    Thanks, Google/LG

    • COBwiggy

      LG has openly stated that there is plenty of supply, but Google is moving to selling it through carriers. So that is where all the supply is going.

    • Wes

      I think most of the people who have ordered have received their orders. I ordered mine the second time it was up for orders and the wait time was 7-8 weeks, but I got mine last week (6 weeks instead of the projected 7-8). I believe they stopped the orders shortly after I ordered mine, so I don’t know what’s the wait time for people who ordered their phones after me.

  • trev

    Hopefully bell has it so the mobile TV app will work. I’d like to watch the hockey games while at work.

  • anonymous

    Where is the RIP RIM guy?

  • screamer

    Who buys a phone with only 16 gig? I have some apps and games on my phone and keep deleting apps… for me only a phone with at least 32 gig and micro sd card

    • deltatux

      No complaints here, the Nexus 4 is amazing. Until there’s a phone that’s sold for $359 with the specs that the Nexus 4 has and its openness, I highly doubt you’ll find any equivalent.

  • john

    It will probably be around 100-150$ on a 3 year contract.

  • sadbuttrue

    Probably the most pointless launch of all history. Not many accessories so money lost there. Not supply so money definitely lost and a pointless web page that shows sold out for most of it’s existence.

  • Comment Master

    If videotron relases NEXUS for $550..Pretty sure VERY few people would buy it..(Few people like 1 or 2)..what kind of stupid strategy is this.. release something for less price and sell it for higher ????

    • sp

      because obviously you missed the note that the Nexus 4 is actually that price every where else BUT from the Playstore.

      buying it from Google/Playstore was/is/always will be SUBSIZDIZED HEAVILY…

      sigh… the ill informed…

    • T-Mobile

      T-Mo released it and sold out right away, they just replenished today. I’m sure it’s way more than VERY few people

  • Josh

    Eww its LG yuk!

  • Comment Master

    SP..are you stupid to buy something for higer price..while the seller sells it for less price…use your brians not your legs

  • Comment Master

    @SP..are you stupid to buy something for higer price..while the seller sells it for less price…use your brians not your legs

    • Ronny

      LG sells the phone for ~450$ to Google; Google sells it back to you at a 150$ loss.
      LG sells the phone for the same ~450$ to carriers; Carriers sell it back to you wih a 3-year.

    • jack

      u must be r******* to think lg sells this to google for 450

    • sp

      trust me…i use my brain.

      and you still are misinformed.

      good luck buying the N4 on the Playstore. By the time you’ve ordered it and its been delivered to you…I ll be happy with my BB10-Z10.

      your argument is moot.

      nice try though.

  • TP

    Most people would still opt to sign 3 year to get the phone $100-150. $380 (including shipping) + tax is actually quite a lot of money for people who are used to pay just $0-200 for midrange-highend phones.

    • Carrefour

      But if you’re going to sign a 3-year contract why not get better hardware like the Optimus G?

  • FM

    Ill add to sp’s and tp’s comment that time is money, and if you want to wait something like 2 months before getting it a bit cheaper means your time isnt worth much right?

  • sp

    FM is right.

    I wont lie..I actually was curious to try and purchase the N4. I even was trying to time the first release of the phone from the Playstore.

    But in the end my time and sleep was a little more important!!

    Id rather have the BB10 within the next few weeks than waiting to try and get the N4 with a non removable battery and no expandable memory.

  • xxXXXxx

    with videotron, you will get a warranty in store directly, and they replace the phone, they don’t ship it for reparation for a month or so and come back 50% of time broken again. Plus, they have good plans. I would say get it with them and pay the cancellation fee if you are not happy, witch will surely not happen. Let’s face it, LG’s are LG’s, they can be deffective, and maybe more than other companies if your and android guy for a while. My opinion. AS bit more money, a lot less headache.

  • Nexus4Ever

    By the way, for people living in Montreal, just found out that there’s a Videotron kiosq in the Archambault in the Place des Arts gallery. Nobody knows it’s there so you can speak with someone right away!

    Don’t know if they will have a lot of Nexus 4 but definitely the place to go if you want to avoid lineups.

  • Joe Joe

    This is why this whole android google crap is starting to bother me.
    Google and LG go ahead and release a phone that is supposed to be amazing at a great price point but impossible to get a hold of through the online store.
    Now they are selling to carriers who in turn will force us who want this phone to either sign up for a contact/tab crap or buy the phone outright and a higher price then what google is selling it through the play store.
    Yes i know google is subsidizing the phone through the play store, but dont go release a phone and hype it up so much that it is amazing and a great price point only to have it sold out most of the time and then turn around and sell it to carriers who will sell it at a higher price point…
    Im giving it another month to become available through the google play store.
    If i cannot get it by then… well google/android can suck it…
    I will spend double the amount and buy an iPhone just out of spite…

    • sp

      BB10 for me

  • Carrefour

    Why would anyone be excited about buying this from a carrier? The LG Optimus G is basically the same phone with 32 GB and LTE that won’t be disabled.

    People are excited about the Nexus 4 because you don’t have to sign a 3-year contract and get a locked phone.

  • Rajesh Singh

    ys we r ready