Kobo Arc tablet review (video)


  • Aaron

    I bet if there was a custom rom communicate behind this device it would be insane. My coworker got one and loves it, and i was fairly impressed with it, however there were some GUI annoyances that a little but of Cyanogen would fix.

  • Scotiaman

    I have to agree with the review as I have the Arc and love it. 🙂

  • Tri5cui7

    I bought an Arc a few weeks back and I’m pretty happy with it. The price was right and came with a free Kobo Mini, it was a steal of a deal. I can sink my books across the mini and the Arc. I also think the screen is fantastic. I watched Adventure time and the colors popped. I would recommend this.

  • Henaway

    Looks like a nice reader. But we’re already tied up in the Kindle universe – which plays nicely with all our Android devices AND a pair of Playbooks. (Although Kobo would too … but all of our e-library is Kindle.)

  • Cameron Orr

    I wish this review was up when they were bundling them with the Kobo Minis, may have traded in my Kobo Touch for it.

    But otherwise good review. I had basically settled on a Nexus 7 for an eventual tablet purchase but may reconsider now.

  • Mark

    Seems like an amazing device, but for me 7″ inch tablet isn’t a must right now, I see them more as a “luxury”. But for people who like reading alot, it looks pretty good.

  • Graham

    Looks pretty nice. I have a Nexus 7 (pretty happy with it!), and I am jealous of the front-facing speakers.

  • Anonmyous

    You completely failed to mention performance comparisons versus its competition. The lack of software support is also a much bigger deal that you made it out to be.

  • paul

    Thanks…great review. I have one and chose it over nexus 7 because of the speakers’ screen/colour quality etc. and kobo’s ui. Great tablet/reader!

  • Reece

    Meh. I just read. Don’t need all the apps, mail, movies, games etc and whatever. I’ll stick my outmoded Kobo Touch that isn’t back lit so I get no glare and sharp sharp e-copy and has zero distractions.

    Otherwise, very nice review.

  • Nathan

    I have a kobo arc and think that it’s awesome . . . I don’t see how the nexus 7 could be all that much better