This awesome inductive phone charger stand is awesome


  • Comment Master

    Forget Nexus 4 Charging orb hitting Canadian grounds…we are still waiting for NEXUS 4 to makes it royal entry 😛

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    I think you’re link is broken…

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    your !

  • Canuck WebOS

    I liked it when Palm released it at CES 2010 first – LONG LIVE WEBOS!

    • EvanK

      Unfortunately, Palm went with a proprietary solution as opposed to going with a standard.

      This does look an awful lot like my HP TouchPad’s wireless touchstone charger though…

  • gjeff12

    Any word on the charging back for the s3? This would make a nice combo.

  • awesome


    your awesome title is awe inspiring, it simply left me in awe after reading it. Awesome is a word that is under-used, you rarely see it out there and people use it seldom these days.

    Save the AWESOME layer in the poles.

    • Name

      Yep….redundant statements are redundant. =)

  • Tk

    Finally! The last piece found for my nexus 4!

  • COBwiggy

    Might pick one up when it comes out

  • MattyMattMatt

    If my phone supported wireless charging I would totally buy one.

    • valleytalkpolice

      “totally” “awesome” like, totally awesome

  • Andrw

    The flat surface may be a turn off to some.

    • monsterduc1000

      I know flat surfaces turn me off 🙂

  • patorikku

    Does any one know if wireless charging works with a case on? I have a hard case made from plastic on my nexus 4. It’s not too thick. NFC works without any problems, but will wireless charging work?

    • TheMeII

      IT should, Qi charging is meant for distances of 40mm tops

  • UncleBobbyB

    Now that I have a nexus I’m really keen on getting a wireless charger….going to be waiting for a little while to see what’s going to happen as new chargers become released

  • jonny

    I want one that I can adjust the angle on. I want to mostly use it for a clock by my bed. and the angle for that would depend on the height of the bed to the height of the side table. Not everyone will want the exact same angle….