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  • sinclair

    I will be buying 5 bb10s when they are out next week, one for each member of my family. Our iphones and androids and wp8 have been rendered obsolete by bb10 and we need tools, not toys. I can’t wait for next week!!

    • Mabalene

      I will also be buying one, I have a Galaxy S3, but its so slow and boring and old now. Out with the old, in with the new!!

    • Liang 2$

      It is the security on the BB10 that attracts me. I miss it from the days of my old bold. The balance feature will be awesome, I can finally use 1 phone for both business and pleasure. Can’t wait!

    • Sly

      Oh for c&^%# sake! Tone it down a bit. Do you work at RIM or get paid to advertise for them? You’re saying that not only has RIM, which has seen its market share dwindle to single digits now not only has a product that will rival or beat the big three, which BTW, hold about 90% of the smartphone market share, but a product that renders their product offering OBSOLETE.

      I could try to convice you otherwise by presenting arguments on ecosystem maturity, device selection and whatnot but that would be lost on you would it?

      As a Canadian company I hope RIM succeed…. I just can’t see that happening but heh that’s my opinion…

  • Douglas

    **** rogers

  • screamer

    Me too get one blackberry for each of my family member. By 99 $ without a contract that is a deal…

  • trevor

    BREAKING NEWS!!!….. fido to release nexus 4 sometime february!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Comments that made me laugh from the past week on MobileSyrup

    Have a feeling Blackberry provide mobile payment before google wallet to canada. anyways no matter who is first. im excited. and iphone can go f*ck itself and its passport s**t -8-downS
    That’s 100 million less iphone users. The world is a better place. -Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack
    That cloud on the right corner is a patent infringement on iCloud services. -iphoneee
    you can blame Apple, they started it with the iPhone 4.
    Personally, I’m not that interested in a 1080p phone. I don’t think the difference from 720p to 1080p on a phone is worth the extra battery drain. -jrfox87
    I think that if Shaw does not plan to use the spectrum they should give it back. Not sell it to one that wasn’t entitled as it was set aside for “new entrant” in the auction. -Hub
    Rogers want to buy spectrum set aside for new entrants that Shaw bought but didn’t use. And buying Mountain Cable, I guess it is part of that non-compete agreement that Shaw broke when they bought the Hamilton cable co.

    Let’s see how the CRTC AND the competition bureau deal with that. But I don’t see it being delt properly. -Hub
    Hi guys CRTC here.

    We won’t be regulating this purchase, a few rogers chairmen paid me a visit last week to let me know about the purchase- before they left they gave me and my colleagues a wonderful gift in the form of a cheque, by CRTC
    It’s sad knowing that we could have had competition and now its handed over to the worst possible carrier. -Brad
    CRTC should invoke the “use it or lose it” rule and make Shaw give back the spectrum and put it up for auctioning. It’s only right. -John
    Facebook is SO 2004.

    Who still uses Facebook now-a-days? -coolchick
    I’m Binging it! -Nicholas B
    Phones should not be engineered to require cases.

    If you need a case to protect your phone from everyday use, that’s poor hardware engineering. -Bardia Sonata
    Really? Is anyone buying Windows phones anymore? I thought people stopped doing that a decade ago. Why would you buy the same hardware but lock yourself into a closed, proprietary platform when Android is available? Seriously, essentially the same hardware but you are gimping yourself with a close OS from a company that seemingly invented anti-competitive behavior and crushing competitors? We really want MS to come back?

    Wake up people. It’s Android or nothing. -Ron Mexico

    Slow speeds. Must be a Window phone issue. -InfinitiGuy

    I’ve never been a huge fan of on-contract low end phones. As long as you’re going to be dishing out >$2000 to them over the period of 3 years, you might as well just pay an extra $150 up front and get a decent device that lets you take full advantage of what your plan and the network has to offer. -EvanK

    I hope Google is watching closely. RIM is about to give a lesson on how to properly execute a product launch. -Piff

    Why 8 mp camera just to increase the price? Any way who is going to take a pic with a 10.1″ only the sheeps uses their iPad to do this, right iSheep? -Sam