Asus wants to make a PadFone running Windows 8, but how?


  • Sean

    if they could make 64 gig version they would have enough room to put in windows rt. Frankly I have been wondering how long until Asus made this kind of device, hopefully they make one in the future

    • Nokias Phones Rock

      Asus wants to make a PadFone running Windows 8, but who cares?

      They are totally overpriced.

  • kc306

    But will they release it (or any other version of the Padfone) in North America? So far, every Padfone has been made with Asia and Europe in mind.

  • Hiro

    what about ubuntu?

  • Mobilesyrup addict

    just make a good quality phone, at least with stock android, sd card, removable battery (big), 1080p screen and the quality finish you are able too!

    You’ll make a ton of cash, surely mine!

  • Mobilesyrup addict

    could an administrator block his IP address please?

  • crimsona

    Windows Phone 8 docking into Windows RT? Microsoft really shouldn’t have had a different OS for tablets and phones…

  • that’s me

    Asus likes to stick everything in everything.. just make us the s3x doll already!

  • kirilmatt

    What about android/ windows 8 w/ clovertrain atom cpu. Id actually love that idea, certainly look at it if i was buying a phone and tablet