Samsung to debut an eight-inch Galaxy Note tablet at MWC?


  • Aidolon

    Was interested until I saw the resolution… Yawn.

    I’d like to (eventually) pick up a tablet to complement my S3, but if the resolution is virtually the same I see no compelling argument to buy one. Hopefully one of the Android OEMs picks up the slack and releases a nice 1920×1080 (or 1200) tablet in the 7-10″ range to slot between the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. For me, that would be the “sweet spot”.

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      I don’t understand why you want something between Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 with lower resolution than the Nexus 10. Nexus 10 would be perfect and it has a superior resolution. You can’t find a better resolution. you are crazy. your comment is a waste of space.

  • that’s me

    what are you doing Samsung? we need a 20″ smart phone, not more crap tablets.

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      Are you crazy??? 20″ phone is too small, has to be at least 32″

  • deltatux

    I don’t see why the Note 10.1 was panned by a few sites. It’s much better than the Galaxy Tab 2 and is a fantastic tablet in its own right. It’s not really too buggy, at least with the latest firmware (less buggy than my Transformer Prime when it was running Android 4.0 before the Jelly Bean update).

    I’m interested in this device because I know several people who would love this size.

  • darknite

    Where are the bigger tablets! Everyone is caught at the 10″ limit because of the ipad. Dual facing PDF’s, sheet music and video watching with friends all need bigger than 10″. Less small more big!!!

  • Queserasera

    I’m writing this on my Gt 7.7″ – a wonderful tablet. It’s a real shame that despite initial announcements, Samsung never released it in Canada. The Super-AMOLED screen in particular is gorgeous.

  • dam n it

    I want a 16+ inch tablet. No, I’m not joking. How awesome would it be to lay it in your lap while in bed and watch TV, or do work with multiple screens, check emails while watching TV, gaming… Think of the other awesome possibilities.

    Sure it’s not portable beyond your house but that’s what our large screen smart phones are for.

    I’m sure a big screen doesn’t suit everyone.

  • Gman

    of all the companies, I thought Samsung is the one that knows that all tablets to be release in 2013 has to be 1080p min. Even the rumor Sony Tablet Z is suppose to be 1080p. I am getting more intereted in Sony stuffs again after the years and years of disappointment from them.

  • Nexus is the best

    more garbage by samdung. the resolution is a complete joke. my nexus 4 will destroy this crap

  • Horg

    If I wanted a low rez 8″ tablet, I would buy an iPad mini.

  • Aidolon

    @GlassBackBadIdea: You must be pretty short on imagination, then. There are quite a number of reasons why I (and I would assume other as well) don’t like the Nexus 10:

    i) I’d rather it be below 10.1″, within the 7-10″ range, like the eight-inch Galaxy Note discussed in this article.

    ii) I don’t feel a tablet provides $410+ of utility to me. If it were (and ignoring point 1) I might have bought the Nexus 10 already. The Nexus 7 is great value, but its resolution is virtually the same as my S3, so I’m not interested.

    iii) It’s ugly. Not a ‘rational’ reason per se, but I don’t like the design aesthetic of it. Perhaps another OEM will produce something more to my (subjective) tastes.

    iv) I don’t need a 2560×1600 screen. Would it be nice sometimes? Sure. But most of the time I only need 1920×1080 for video playback. Also, GPU performance suffers under the higher resolution.

    Point being… There are a number of reasons why I am interested in a midrange tablet. Just because you don’t care to try to think about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If anyone’s comment is a “waste of space”, it’s yours.

  • ile2010

    I don’t even care for 1080p on a 7-10″ screen. Hell, I don’t even care for 1080p on any TV less than 40″.

    At 720p, all tablets displays become “good enough” for me. I care more about brightness, colour reproduction, viewing angles, and battery drain a lot more.