Nokia Lumia 920 takes on a blazing fastball, shows off build quality against the Galaxy S III


  • skazzers

    RIP Galaxy s3

    • pacalis

      The main conclusion I draw from this is that the autofocus on the lumia is horrible and the picture is over-saturated on blue. The S3, while much more pleasing needs a white balance correction.

    • pacalis

      Oops, didn’t mean to reply to skazzers…

      He must be really excited about the GS4!!!

    • Nokias Phones Rock

      Everybody knows that metal is stronger than plastic but:

      Nokia’s phones are heavier than a ROCK and…try holding a Nokia in -8C with no gloves Against your face!

      I couldnt’ care less about a flimsy plastic sheet covering my Samsung phone..I always add a case! with a Nokia you add a case and you are looking at 200gm of phones.

      The day Nokia starts putting Android and lighter plastics in their phones, they will kill Samsung sales in one or two yrs!

      But for now samsung is sleeping like a baby!

    • Nokias Phones Rock

      Another video of a Nokia that IS NOT BLACK!
      And Rogers keep selling it ONLY in BLACK??

      Call me when Nokia churns out a phone at less then 140gm with Android inside.

  • Collin

    yeah lets see it take a fast ball screen forward.. nobody is concerned about the back side of their phone breaking except iphone 4 and 4s users

    • Andrew

      You conveniently left out the Nexus 4…

  • JC Fung

    I’d like to see how the iPhone will stack up against this test.

  • Eric

    That would be awesome… except they didn’t hit the Lumia even close to the same spot at the Samsung. They hit the Samsung literally in the center, center of the phone, the Lumia however gets hit on the top corner… Of course you can’t compare the results of this test unless the circumstances are the exact same…

    • Brian

      Your comment made me curious, so I replayed it in 1080 & spent a couple of minutes carefully going frame by frame… not that the results would make much difference in my opinion.

      I think you actually have that backwards. Even though it’s hard to tell even when going frame by frame, it looks to me like the Sammy is the one that gets nailed in the corner & the Nokia gets nailed dead center.

      Either way, the Nokia depends on flexible impact absorbing plastic. Sure, they have fancy terms for it, but it’s a solid block of plastic. While it doesn’t sound as SEXY as the GSIII or iPhone’s materials, it makes more sense for portable electronics. Glass & metal don’t absorb impacts like plastic does.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      There are numerous other drop tests out there where the 920 smokes the S3. The S3 is cheap quality and fragile, deal with it.

    • Keith

      Except there are several similiar durability tests on YouTube that also come to the same conclusion–no one builds them like Nokia.

  • ASH

    This is purely random experience… You can not use that to judge. Both phones have sturdy screens, but the body is different. One is uni body, and the other has practical plastic back… so you are not comparing apples and apples.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Good for you Nokia. Too bad your OS is the worst on the market.

  • senrap

    Did the ball even hit the Nokia? Looks like it just hit the bar…hard to tell

  • Steve

    And to add to your comment Eric….The S3 stops working because the battery fell out which is understandable when you have a removable battery. They did not try to turn the S3 back on. Not a very conclusive test.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Idiot, they were showing off physical build quality, not how much it takes to kill a device. Clearly, the S3’s screen cracked and the 920 screen did not.

  • Chris

    The back cover came off of the galaxy s 3, as it is designed to do to to absorb impact force and the battery came off. That’s why it didn’t work.

  • til-bar

    Now I know which one to have in my pocket when fastballs are firing at me, cool

  • Drew

    I’m convinced. My whole phone buying experience is now going to be based on which phone would serve me best as a baseball bat.

  • eric

    I love how some Samsung fans get so butthurt over this. The Lumia won, the Samsung didn’t. Get over it. They’re just phones.

  • robbers

    Guys, the video is done by Nokia, do you really expect them to show any weakness from their own product?

  • Henry

    Now this changes everything… not. I would still buy an s3 again but good for you nokia. I do not need my phone to be that durable but if I had to recommend a phone to someone in the military then the nokia it is.

  • coolchick

    After seeing this controlled test result, I’m heading out to buy myself a Nokia Lumia 920 because I get hit by fast balls everyday going to work.

  • Craig

    what a stupid test … you keep the Nokia phone, the platform is going to tank anyways.

  • Martin

    I don’t see why people defend the S3…
    Haven’t you all heard: Built like a Nokia or Nokia brick?

  • Duuuuude

    So the only thing that broke on the S3 was the screen? The back cover flew off and the battery popped out causing it to “no longer work” lol. Marketing FTW.

    I prefer the lightweight quality “plastic” build of the S3 to my Nexus 4. I want to be able to drop my phone once in a while without too much worry. That said, there is no arguing the build quality of the 920.

  • abc123

    Putting a Windows Phone OS into a phone that withstand a baseball pitch doesn’t make it better. In the end, it’s still a Windows Phone.

    A better test would be to tape the phones to one of the guys crotch, redo the test, and see how much better the Nokia protected his jewels.

  • that’s me

    now try it on the guy’s head. lumia vs human skull.

  • some guy

    I have a feeling it’s more like the baseball stopped just before hitting the Nokia because it realized it was WP and didn’t want to touch it.

    As long as the phone can last through regular use, who cares if it can survive a nuclear blast? Compare legit things, like reliability, battery life, function, etc. This is just pointless.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Nokia should concentrate on providing more colours of their shiddy phone.

    A proper case will solve S3’s fragile construction. With the S3, WIFI will not cut off when the screen turns off.

  • dam n it

    I’ll buy whichever phone holds up to a ballistic missile the best.

  • sak500

    Ah the test which is made by nokia. I would trust them since they good ethics like when they showed off it’s camera quality by shooting it around a moving van. I would certainly believe their ads.

  • stan

    My S3’s glass broke so easily after dropping it from a short distance. You don’t need such test to prove that it has a HUGE design flaw.
    Even with all that in mind, I’d not get a Lumia 920 if I had the chance:
    1. I think they made a mistake signing exclusively with Microsoft. Other companies make both WP and Android phones.
    2. Only from Rogers Wireless!?
    As a customer I’d like to have options, and Nokia gives me none!

  • ile2010

    The Android camp is bitter because they can’t get Nokia hardware and with their favourite OS.

    • pacalis

      Honestly, check out 20 seconds where they’re recording with the Nokia 920. The astroturf stobes 4 different colors of green. The should have done the test with the lights out to really show of the 920s camera!

  • Slype

    This was not a very controlled test. You are hitting different areas of the phone. Why not have something that can be reproduced many times? I’m sure the Nokia is strong than the S3 but I would like to see a fair comparison (hit in the same spot). Kind of like the Gorilla Glass V3 demo at CES. Now that was a good test.

  • Kenny A

    Nokia hardware + Android = $$$. Fire that trojan horse Elop.

  • rich

    If you watched closely the ball hit the S3 right on but only hit the strap that the 920 was on causing it to fly off but wasn’t hit by the ball so I wonder which one would be better especially since it’s a Nokia stunt.