Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Fido for $550


  • Hammad

    2 year contract… only $150 off? Seriously?

    • tiesto

      Take a 3-year contract, cancel after 24 months, it’ll cost you $150 to cancel + the $100 upfront = $250 instead of $400 if you take it on 2-year to start with.

    • Hammad

      Nah, my Nexus 4 is on the way. But if it wasn’t, I might have considered that route…

    • CRTC

      for that comment we may now consider 5 year contracts.

    • Brad F

      wow tiesto’s math is so wrong and people upvote it? LOL

      on a 3yr, you’re paying 100, so the 450 (550 – 100) goes to the “tab”, if you cancel after 24 months, u only have “paid off” 1/3 of the “tab”. so its 100 + 450 * 1/3 = 400. which is exactly the same as a 2yr.

    • Brad F

      typo, should have been 100 + 450 * 2/3 instead of 100 + 450 * 1/3

  • Mau

    razor hd much better choice

  • Stanislav

    Stop crying about the contact. Do you want them to give you a $500 phone for free on a one-year contract? Think about it. If you cannot afford to BUY the phone, the company will subsidize your purchase over 2-3 years.

    • Ricky

      I wish Canada was more like Asia, $0 smartphones on 18 months contract. Converted back to Canadian, it’s roughly $30CAD per month with unlimited talk text data. Heck it’s even cheaper than buying a phone outright….

    • Henry

      That is totally possible in other carrier outside of Canada. I’m not talking about the USA. iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2 for zero dollars for 18 months contract (1.5 years) in many Asian carreir in Asia. Also they aren’t paying any cheaper or higher plans. The plans there are on par with what we have.

    • Plans

      What I don’t understand is this: if I buy a phone full price and go and try to get a plan; I still have to pay the same as if I get a phone “subsidized” on a three year term. If I paid for my phone, I should get a rebate on the plan since those plans are supposed to be subsidizing the price of the phone. The only advantage of buying a phone full price is not being locked for period of years.

  • JP


  • Sébastien Dicaire

    its still Fido.

  • YSM

    is this bb10?

  • Peter

    Am I reading this correct? $100 upgrade is only available on 3 year max plans, and therefore not $56 promo plan?

    • NienorGT

      Yes captain, awesome isn’t?

  • EvanK

    Whether the phone itself is better is debatable, but considering that it’s free on a 2 year definitely beats it in the value department, hands down.

    • EvanKr

      Edit, this was supposed to be a replay to Mau’s comment comparing the S3 to the Razr HD.

  • jack

    once again, fido marketing department shows why they ARE the worst in the industry.

    razr hd 575 phone purchase, 50 2 yr contract
    s3 550 phone purchase, 400 2 yr contract

    iphone 699 phone purchase, 179 3 yr contract
    s3 550 phone purchase, 400 3 yr contract

    where’s the logic?

    they could have at least priced it comparable to iphone on 3 yr, but no, they chose to be absolutely idiotic in pricing this phone.

  • Mark

    I thought the Note 2 was released…

  • Jerrik

    It’s articles like these that almost makes me wish we didn’t have freedom of speech in Canada. We wouldn’t be bombarded with stupid people complaining about every single little thing about Canada’s wireless industry. This is how it works people. If you don’t like it, quit bitching about it and don’t buy it, it’s an easy fix. Seriously guys, STFU. That being said, I’m going to sit back and watch my comment get thumbed down and have stupid people comment back to this, bring it on.

    • General Tao

      Another easy fix is…don’t read the comments if it bothers you that much. There will always be ppl complaining but you still choose to read the comments??? Cheer up….it’s Christmas.

    • jaylen

      You may be kind of stupid too. Its all good!

  • Mike

    If all you people don’t like 3 year contracts then stop signing those idiotic contracts plain and simple. Pay full price for the phones you want without being locked down. And if millions of people do it this way, then eventually the big 3 will stop with 3 year contracts, and start with 1 year contracts to get your business. But if millions of people continue to sign 3 year contracts then the big 3 will continue to offer them plain and simple.

  • Mike

    And nothing is free in this world, you want a $600 at a $0 price then sign a 3 year contract and be stuck. or pay full price and no need to sign a 3 year contract. The bi 3 aren’t gonna give you a $600 phone for $0 and not get anything in return for giving it to you.
    What people need to start to learn, is to buy things you can afford plain and simple. What the big 3 needs to do is get rid of contracts and people just buying things they can afford. Way to many people these days ringing up credit card bills, huge mortgages they can’t afford, huge car loans they can’t afford, and its hurting our economy, its idiotic people with to much debt is why our country is in recession.

  • Mike

    For every dollar people make in Canada, they spend $1,64 over budget, hows that helping our economy ? People need to start to learn to earn $1,00 and only spend three quarters of that, and save 1 third for retirement cause eventually there won’t be such a thing as a pension, you will have to save your own money to retire.
    People shouldn’t have to have a credit card to buy take out food, or daily living expenses, learn to spend your own money within budget. Same with Cellphones, buy a cellphone you can afford without the need to sign a contract. Its called saving your money people until you can buy that new shiny smartphone.

  • Mike

    And another thing, you save $600 for that shiny new smartphone, pay $600 full price for it, then go home and put an ad up on kijiji and sell your old smartphone for $300 bucks, then in the end it only cost you half the price to buy your new shiny smartphone, and then put that $300 bucks you made from your old smartphone in the bank, until you want to buy another shiny new smartphone and do the samething, this way you’ll always have money saved to buy a new shiny smartphone.

    • jplunks

      every thing you typed, every period, every dollar sing, I COMPLETLY agree with you. Buy the phone outright, things will change. people say be more like wind and mobilicity. well they don’t give sub pricing like the big 3.

  • jplunks

    A lot of people say why do we have to sign a 3 yrs contract, other countries this, other countries that. a lot of countries don’t have health care. Not sure with other companies but I know rogers if you get a plan on a 3yr term and cancel in 2 weeks you cancellation fee is $12.50. It is only when you get a cellphone like lets say the iPhone 5, if you pay $179 for the phone and cancel a month later well $699-$179= $520 minus another $13-$20 I think the fee is that it drops by per month. Thus your paying for the phone over the span of months/years. why don’t Canadians ever rant about being like at&t/verison and saying we want to be told what kind of data plan im allowed to have based on what phone Im using? U.S. companies are changing the way they do business based on what the big 3 has done with the small amount of subscribers the big 3 has.

  • EvanKr

    Whether the Razr itself is better is debatable, but considering that it’s free on a 2 year definitely beats the S3 in the value department, hands down.

  • rbtang0802

    This is a ridiculous offering at this price. The Galaxy is only being released under the Fido branding as leftover/overstock from Rogers. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 due to be announced in less than two months why would you want to upgrade and take a 3 year contract?

  • mike

    And people stop using the word “free” when getting a smartphone on a contract.its very misleading. Smartphones are never completely “free” no such thing. Your actually paying for the smartphone on a monthly basis threw your monthly term contract. Your either Paying monthly which is included in your monthly bill or paying outright full price for the smartphone. People really need to stop using the term “free” cause its completely misleading consumers.

    • gjeff12

      I agree with all your comments except for buying a phone outright. For the most part, you still pay the same rate whether or not you get a subsidised phone. So unless you can negotiate a deal where you save ~$15 a month on your plan, you’re paying more over those 3 years.

    • mike

      @gjeff12. Its not the point of saving $15 bucks a month. Its the point not being stuck in a 3.year contract. Cause what happens your with lets say Rogers in a 3 year contract and paying $100 bucks.a month. And then 2-3 months down the road Another company lets say koodo mobile comes out with everything unlimited for $40 bucks and you want to get this plan and switch to koodo. But you can’t cause your stuck in jail with Rogers for 3 years. And if everyone don’t sign contracts anymore. The cellphone carriers would be More competitive with lower prices cause they’ll be afraid cause people can jump ship any time. But prices are high cause the big 3 know everyone are always stuck in some sort of contract. And prices are high cause everyone is paying to pay everyone subsidized phones. No contracts equals lower prices and more competition in the end.

  • Joe Q.

    A bit confused here — I have a retentions plan with data (tiered data plan) and am due for a contract renewal. I would like to renew for two years. Will I be able to get this phone for $100? Or should I get the Motorola instead?

    • someone

      Honestly it depends if you have fido dollars. Because if you’ve accumulated a considerable amount taking the s3 on 2 years with the 400 dollar price tag is a good deal. that way if you end up actually staying with Fido for at least a few months your cancellation fee + how much you paid minus Fido dollars would come to much less than buying the phone outright. Also going on a 2 yr plan vs a max plan would save you the extra 300 dollars and much more over a 3 yr period. from a fido employee

  • mike

    @ Joe Q don’t renew for two years lol lmao. Pay an extra few bucks and pay full price and no need to be locked down by a huge contract. What’s wrong with people. At first people complaint bout contracts. Then they go right ahead and sign contracts anyway. Man people are dense.

  • rbtang0802

    Just wait… Fido will mark down the pricing within a week or so… just like how the Motorola Razr HD was initially for “Longtime Loal Customers” for $100. Now it’s available to anyone and for $50 on a 2 year plan. I am becoming less and less impressed with Fido. Great plans but crappy deals for phones. Thus why I ended up getting a Nexus 4 instead of re-upping a new contract.

  • jay

    why would you pay $550for the s3 and add another $150 TO GET A NOTE 2

  • montrealer

    Wow Fido, you had a chance to beat the competition and did you do? Just satisfy with tying with Koodo

  • screamer

    the phones are so expensive world wide because of the carriers. they want it expensive because people sign for contracts. we see the nexus 4. who sign a contract for three years to get the phone? make on sense or?but 700$ for a note 2 this money almost 95% won’t have the money to buy it.

    we have to change than every carrier will change. don’t talk about to go to wind…. in city they are cheap but in the valley

  • hoo dat

    Could be worse, they could be asking $649 off contrct for it like WIND is. Then just think what the 2 and 3 year buy would be!