Google Calendar for Android updated, improves notification actions for Jelly Bean users


  • skullan

    I’ve just moved from my Nexus S to a BB Curve 9300 🙂 I got bored of Android somewhat, so, time for a short break.

    This is, however, one thing that I will miss is the calendar integration is easy with Hotmail.

    • skullan

      I’ve also moved my father-in-law to one (gifted him one).

    • Max

      Hotmail sucks

    • Nib

      You got bored of android so you… you switched to blackberry?? on bb7? the most boring and stale platform available??

    • skullan

      Actually, worse, BB 6.0 🙂

      With that said, it’s refreshing to have a different UI to work with for a bit. Personally, after 18 months with the Android, I needed a change.

      Not saying I don’t like Android, I just wanted a break from it.

  • Max

    How do I change the damn colors for each event on my Google calendar app?

  • Dave

    There is no way to set an event i.e. Every monday for a certain time period on the calendar app right? I’ve only been able to to set it every monday but it repeats it ‘forever’. Am i missing a way to do it or can it just be done via the website?

    • Justin

      Set the time for every Monday. Find the event after the date you last want it and press delete all after this date.

  • Broken Window

    lol this nerd actually said he left Android for BB 6.0??! lolol

    Left Blackberry soon as the Dream came out and never looked back…

    • yup

      This is more proof for anyone that doesn’t believe that this site is infested with android fanboys. Keep sucking on Google’s dick bro.

  • Joe Fresh

    I owned a BB Curve 9300 and it was a let down of a phone when it came to getting information from the net. Slow as hell browser, yet the sound quailty was great and battery life was excellent. Then I went to a Nexus S and haven’t looked back. Proud owner of an unlock Samsung Galaxy SIII.

  • seroevo

    I’ll have to check this out.

    I picked up the Xperia T a month ago, which I guess has a Sony version of calendar – and actually preferred that to the Google version – but I actually still prefer Apple’s iCal to either (had iPhone before).

    I find that while Google Calendar may be better if syncing with many people, in terms of managing your own calendar for yourself (as in, no syncing with others, entirely self-managed), it needs a lot of improvements.