TELUS to launch new International roaming packages next week, here are the details


  • Drew

    Wheres the Unlimited Texting Passes 🙁

  • M1K3Z0R

    I realize it’s not always possible for everyone, but getting a SIM card and/or cheap feature phone overseas is a better option if you need to do serious calling/texting/browsing.

    Canadian Telcos, ripping people off yet again

    • EvanKr

      Exactly. Hopefully more people will start going with a local telcom when they travel, as opposed to paying big bucks when roaming. The Nexus 4 should give more people the opportunity to do so, let’s hope for more phones to be sold unlocked in the future.

    • Me Ted

      So true. Galaxy Nexus + T-Mobile = $3/day unlimited calling in the US/ unlimited data.

  • Brian

    Most “Reasonable” thing I’ve seen in Canada thus far.

    • Carol Bream

      Bell has something similar, but $50 for 50 MB of data, which is totally pathetic, just as the Telus offer is. I was just in the US for 9 days, used my phone sparingly and got dinged $22.45 plus the $50 package. One would think that with the cheap US rates our telcos couls do better for us than this. You basically have to shut off your data and use wifi, so what good is all this to someone who is in the US maybe 50 days a year, off and on?

    • Tom

      I think you mean that this is the most reasonable thing you’ve seen at an incumbent, but it is still not “reasonable”.

      For starters, why do they force you to phone in and arrange a package? The last thing I want to do when I’m getting ready for a trip is waste my time on the phone with the carrier. And what if your trips don’t fit into their packages?

      Just give us reasonable rates, no hassle, and some communication (e.g. messages about how much $ you’ve used).

  • dive4ever

    That sure is an improvement over what has been available in the past but it still doesn’t come close to using a local sim everywhere I go. Baby steps I guess.

  • keiyui

    Now I know why Canada’s population is only 34 million.. :/

    • bobblehead


  • chall2k5

    wow, Telus you really know how to not bring out Good rates

  • Ron Mexico

    Nothing to see here, local SIM in your travel destination still the cheapest way to go.

  • Casey Woods

    This is a step in the right direction. Still not great, but a lot better than it used to be. At least it is an option for people that don’t have an unlocked phone, and don’t have the option of getting another SIM when they travel.

  • TKG26

    Do those rates come with lubrication? Pass the ky

  • Noel

    WHAT A JOKE! I paid

    – $23 for unlimited data/300min/600SMS in the UK/30 days.
    – $2 for 2GB data for 2 days in Argentina
    – $60 for 1.5GB data/voice/SMS in Australia
    – $65 for 1GB data/voice/SMS in the US

    using an unlocked iPhone. You can buy an unlocked 3GS for under $200 on Craigslist/Kijiji for all of your travel. Buy one of those instead of these “the best value and mega savings” RIP-OFFS and you’ll come out ahead. The data on those plans will run out before you get to your hotel from the airport.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Noel: Or an unlocked Nexus S for a $100 =D

    • AWSguy

      These are NOT US travel passes but EUROPE AND ASIA! Show me ANY OTHER CARRIER who gives you lower rates in EU/Asia than this??

      Also, in places like Japan and India, you CANNOT get a SIM card without a local ID.

  • cary

    I was sent to the States to work for 2 weeks… while i was there my phones GPS feature was left on….$5.00/MB X 120MB …. was in shock when i got home. Received a Call by Telus US and they dropped 75% of the data charge.
    After this happened i bought a local CHEAP pay as you go phone and my Canadian Phone is shut off unless im in my hotel or near WiFi.

  • Paul

    I agree with most here. I own a pay-as-you-go sim card with T-mobile for my travels within the USA. Its $3/day with unlimited data, talk, and text within the USA. Sorry Telus/Bell/Rogers, you are just too expensive to use anywhere but home!

    • David

      Even at home they are too expensive to use but we got no focking choice until the new entrants expand

  • Max

    Haha please. I get 3gb data for a month in mexico for $50

  • jatt

    in the uk a Lebara sim is free
    its 4 pence a minute to call a north american land line and 10 pence to call a cell
    10 pence per text
    bolt on packs like data are 3/4 pounds for a while as well

  • sum guy

    check out for pretty good deal for trips to the States. They either didn’t exist or I just hadn’t heard of them when in Florida this past spring. I used a local AT&T sim. It was still way cheaper than any Canadian carriers’ roaming packages.

    • Brian J

      i use roammobility talk and text all the time, use hotel wifi for the data, $3 a day unlimited use ,the longer the say, the cheaper it gets per day. Forget the big three !!

  • George

    I have tried using local SIM with data plan thius year. I forwarded my phone to DELL Voice (FONGO) number. Worked like a charm, roaming is virtually free. I think they have a text plan for $2 per month too.

  • Wysiwyg

    Tough choice here… These new packs or stick to my SFR prepaid SIM card when in France. Costs me 20 € for one month unlimited nationwide text and talk and 300 MB of data. I think the decision is simple 🙂

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Terrible plan Telus , When traveling just go to the local mobile store and pick up a sim in that country , much much cheaper then any of the canadian greedies

  • Tiago

    1 dollar a mb is outrageous

  • Toy lover

    Total highway robbery. And they get away with the longest contracts in the world. We definitely need more government regulation.

  • Francis Thibault

    That is ridiculous last time I went to London I got a month unlimited everything for around 30$ canadian. It took me literally 10 minutes and I was set

  • shaggyskunk

    $1.00 per Mb WHAT???? Cheaper to buy a phone when you reach your destination!

  • oldschool

    Less than 4 years ago intl data used to be $50/mb, people need to quit whining and either pay their carrier, or take the time to unlock their phones and sign up with a local carrier when traveling, easy as that. Either way, quit whining already.

  • Noel

    Well at least Telus will unlocked your phone under contract 3 mos after you enter into the contract. Bell/Virgin and Rogers/Fido will only unlock after your contract is completed, ie 2 or 3 years later (3 years in the case of an iPhone) at which time it’s useless and outdated.

    When will those carriers realize that those of us who are not going to roam on their networks and pay those outrageous prices need our phones unlocked in a manner that Telus does. That way at least they will get unlock fees instead of nothing right now.

    • techie01

      Rogers/Fido unlocks your phone at anytime you request i unlock a phone for my cousin to use on Bell. Apparently they didn’t circulate that on the Telus weekly customer service memo.

  • Chris

    I always pick up a SIM for where I am within a few hours of arriving. Never will I pay a cent for these ridiculous packages.

  • Hernan

    Thank you Telus. You just gave me a reason to switch from Rogers. I know I can get a local sim card. However, business trips do not allow for shopping for cards and finding the right APN settings. The package will save me at least 150 a month.