Samsung Galaxy S III heading to Fido?


  • Chihuahua

    Will launch next week

  • Bob C


  • Jonathan

    This is a name card for display phones at the Mobile Shop. We were recently informed that this was anticipation and not confirmed. We were advised not to put the card out because it is currently unavailable.

  • Max

    What is this, 2012?

  • Ryan

    So what? The GS3 isn’t that great and fido is pretty terrible.

    • Jamesology

      If it’s not big news for you, then why did you put so much effort into responding? You must have some crazy emotional issues on a product. WOW

  • Yannick Wolfe

    Fido is terrible?

    they have the exact same network as Rogers, which is pretty good.

    And they have some of the most affordable plans. What more do you want?

    the SIII tho is kinda old news. Like Koodo getting the SII 3 months ago…..

    • Falco

      Fido is the best for plans. They’re reasonable and uncomplicated. Fido does have its own network, but if you’re in an area where it doesn’t, then you will be switched to Rogers and vice versa. And Fido stil has the bedt. customer service and most easy to navigate web site. The new entrants are ripoffs at any price because of their very limited coverage areas. And if you stray outside those areas, who do you get switched to with subsequent roaming charges?

    • MattyMattMatt

      Falco, no, they do not have their own network. Just like Virgin and Koodoo, if you root, it shows your real carrier, i.e. rogers/bell/telus.

  • Josh

    Man Koodo launched with the S3 running JB, if Fido launches with it still running ICS, that would be a real joke.

    • jack

      damn u mean the customer would have to *gasp* update their phone?!? what a bummer

  • Welligton

    It was funny that last week when I switched Fido for Koodo. Fido asked me why I was changing my career, then I told them it was because Ive got one S3 with Koodo, which they don’t have at their Portfolio. Does it seem that they are losing customers because of the S3? Hmmm… Coincidence 

    • Henry

      They are probably losing a lot of customers because of Galaxy S3 and Note 2, which are in every major carrier

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    And here I was thinking this was about Public Mobile rofl. Nah, their phones will always suck.

  • jack

    only like 3 weeks after everyone else. this is why fido management sucks, always a step behind the competition. now watch fido put this thing only available with a 3 year contract on those crap max plans.

  • Tipster

    December 18th, folks.

    • jack

      by the time store actually get stock of the phone? probably after christmas, fido really f***ed this one up

    • 45

      @jack … they messed up by getting a phone? I don’t get it. I have a Galaxy Nexus now, and may upgrade next week, or shortly there after.

    • jack

      no they messed up by carrying this phone so late. other sub brands have had theirs for a while. you’ll be lucky to get it before christmas. samsung training doesnt even start until the 20th at the earliest for dealers, and judging by the usual delay in phone shipments, christmas might even be a very optimistic date.

  • john

    Anyone know how much it will cost and how long the contract will last? Will it be ona 2yr like the razr hd or a 3yr like the iphone?

    • jack

      going to go with $50 on a 3yr, because that’s what virgin is basically doing, and we know how carriers in canada love to copy each other

    • 45

      It’ll be $100 on a 3YR term, $400 on a 2YR term. I just called and confirmed the info with a representative.

    • 45

      Oh, and coming on December 18th!

  • john

    How does this phone stack up against the razr hd? I was looking to upgrade from my bb 9700 thats on month to month with rogers. I want a decent smart phone and rogers plans are terrible, koodo, and virgin both only offer 200$ toward the phone and fido seemed to be the best and its a 2yr contract only.

  • Anon.

    Someones getting fired…..

  • roberge

    Well if it is 100 on a 3 year that will suck big time, I am about to switch 2 accounts away from Fido because they did not have the S3 on a 2 year… will hold until the 18th to be 100% but the S4 may be released on Jan 8th why bother they will get the S4 in 2014.. Fido just sucks at Android….

    • E

      LOOL You think you’ll find someone that will sell you the S3 for a 2yrs contract at cheaper then 100$? Get real.

    • Roberge

      Well E if tipster 2 is right, a 2 year for 100 will be offered to existing customers. And it will be 0 for me because of my Fido $.

  • Big 3

    hope they’ll have the garnet red S3

  • Andrew

    Fido’s phone selection is always terrible. Look what they’re offering for $300 outright when Koodo had the SIIx, and the latter is now $250!

    The SIII will probably be $575 from Fido like the RAZR. 🙁


  • G-Muny

    All this means is that the GIIIs is becoming obsolete. Samsung is going to be releasing a new phone in the new year, no doubt!
    Other than the iPhone4 & 5… Fido is where cellphones go to die. Lolz

    • Crusader

      You speaks my mind, Buddy.

  • Brandonn C

    I really wanted to stay with Fido when I got my S3. I went with Virgin after I called Fido 4 times and they said they didn’t know when they were getting it. I would go back but I’m one week past the return date.

  • Bean

    haha. This was probably a mistake, because this phone is definitely not out on Fido yet. It’s not on their site or anything even as “Coming Soon”.

    • Tipser 2

      Coming out next week, 100$ 2 year contract.

  • Tipser 2

    Oh and this will be 400$ on any contract for new customers. The 100$ on 2 year will only be for existing customers.

    • Brad F

      lol fido is really the worst company when it comes to phones. i guess this is great for existing customers but not new ones that fido should be really focused on for the holidays. 400$ on a 2/3 year new activation, how stupid would you have to be to sign up for this??

    • Brad F

      it’ll be 100 on a 3 year with those crap max plans. not 2 year

  • multimobile

    Roberge… you forget that you have to pay 25$ from your pocket to use the fido dollars!

    Rip off… no wonder they called it fido, it’s a different way for Rogers to treat customers like dogs!!!

  • Free

    Too late for me. I am loving my Note 2 on Telus!
    -former Fido customer