Virgin launches the HTC Windows Phone 8S


  • paul

    what other networks would this work on?

    • Brian

      Bell, TELUS, Rogers and their children.

  • cody

    @paul be careful with windows phones, i recently switched carries with a mago7.5 device, and you cant edit the mms apn, meaning even if you unlock it, you cant send picture or video messages. Data apn is fine though.

    • paul

      thanks for the heads up 🙂 really want to give wp8 a chance, it looks so pretty

    • Entegy

      @cody This has been fixed in WP8. You can add your own full APNs now, no OEM app needed.

    • DonSod

      Tethering may not work though. With a Rogers branded phone, after unlocking you can goto another carrier and get full data/MMS by editing the APNs for both (WP8), but tethering won’t work because Rogers has modified the ROM to ensure it’s crippled this way. That being said, I don’t know if Virgin branded phones will experience the same issue. Just another heads up…

    • Shane

      Editing MMS/APN settings isn’t a challenge with the WP8 phones as Microsoft (finally) added a section in the OS settings to make them editable. You should be able to play with all of the required knobs and dials without needing a phone specific app like Nokia’s with the WP 7.5 phones.
      It was one of the big things I wanted to check (along with OS-wide support of text size rescaling) when I was playing with all of the WP8 phones last week.


    Whats the difference with the HTC Windows Phone 8x?

    • bob lawblaw

      Hey Laila, the 8X is the flagship hardware. Better camera, processor and larger screen. 8S is a mid-tier device. It really works great though. I used a pre-production version for a while and it was really great. If you want a smaller phone that’s still smooth and reliable while also more affordable this device is the way to go.

  • BM

    Can this phone be unlocked? I’m really tempted to get one just to try the Windows Phone 8 experience, but I’m with Fido.

  • Rich

    Certainly tempting when Best Buy / FS offer this up with some sort of gift card promo + the usual reward zone bonus.

  • RandomBB

    so is it 1 ghz dual core or 1.5 ghz dual core, ive read both here????

    • Blas

      1Ghz dual core

  • CD

    Does anyone know if this phone will work on FIDO? Does it need to be unlocked? Also, I’m not sure if 4GB of memory is going to be enough?

    • Petra

      I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with Fido, but it would need to be unlocked first.

      Unlike the 8X, the memory is expandable up to 32 GB with a MicroSD card.

  • BM

    Only 4GB of internal storage? How much space does the OS take, and can you install apps on the external storage?

  • CD

    From what I heard, only 1.6GB is left from the 4GB. And no, you can’t install apps/games on SD card. And that’s the reason why I’m concerned. I think I’ll just wait for the new Nokia 620, but who knows when that will be released here in Canada, if ever.

  • Dave

    Anyone seen one in a store yet today?

    • Dan

      I’ve seen one when I walked in today. They only had the dummy device, no device on for you to try. I love the feeling of the device though and how it felt in the hand.

  • CD

    Also, I wish they offered more colour options. The grey and yellow one is SICK!

  • Brad

    Hmm. Htc 8S, Nexus 4, Nokia 620. Wondering which one i should get in February…we shall see. Nice that two of my options are now WP8.

    • EvanKr

      I’d go for the N4, simply because a) it has a higher resolution display, and b) I’m an Android guy. However, for Windows Phone you can’t go wrong with either, they’re both excellent value for the money, it’s really a matter of Android vs WP.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    At least it has no glass back like this stupidly designed Nexus 4 phone by Google/LG

  • vincent

    for tethering you need to activate it in your carrier account then do a phone reset and it will work!