Could BlueStacks Android player solve the Windows RT app problem?


  • greenlink

    chrome nor firefox will appear on windows 8 RT. microsoft has made it almost impossible. im not up to spec on why but i did read somewhere that google tried but microsoft won’t let it run

  • Eduardo

    This would also be handy on the Playbook.
    (I’m not trolling!)

    • Evan

      who still uses RIM products?

    • Sam

      You ain’t kidding.

  • Tom

    I didn’t think competing browsers (you mentioned Chrome) were allowed on Windows RT?

    I’m sure they are allowed to do fake browser shells (e.g. Mozilla created firefox home on iOS and could do same for Windows RT) but they can’t do the real thing.

  • Keith

    I don’t trust the Android marketplace. It would be better if they could get iPad apps to run on it otherwise I would rather wait for the apps to come.

    • Orillian

      Obviously you don’t use an android device and know nothing of what it does of doesn’t have to offer. It’s called Google Play btw, not Android Marketplace.

      Oh, and it has almost the same selection of top 100 apps you install on your ipad, but in a format that is more open, making Bluestack a viable option for people with RT if Bluestack can get the approval by Microsoft. I’m looking forward to using Bluestack with the Surface Pro I hope to get in the new year. My fingers are crossed that the performance will be viable.

    • Keith


      Notice that was marketplace with a small “m”.

      Of course I don’t have an Android phone if I don’t trust the marketplace and there is good reason not to trust it with the amount of spying going on by the carriers and the apps on Android.

      Also I don’t have an iPad but I would trust apps from the iOS marketplace a lot more than from Android’s. Not that I wouldn’t use any from Android but I would be very choosy about who I would trust.

  • Chowdder

    I see apps increasing on Win8 platform, which is good. The good apps will come in due time, but it needs time. Windows 8 was only publicly released for a little over a month. In due time, it will be more popular.

  • Sam

    Rightly or wrongly, I feel a little queezy about entering my play store account info. Which you have to do to sync and use certain apps.

    I tried to find a statement by them that says they can’t/won’t see it but couldn’t find anything. I found something to the contrary though.

  • Me

    “so we have to deal with Internet Explorer 10 for a little while longer.” could you be any more biased? Use any browser that you wish but dont try to make it sound like Chrome is superior to IE or that IE is garbage. If you’re trying to sound smart by bashing IE, then you fail. You’re simply coming across as ignorant!

  • jellmoo

    I think that this would be an incredibly interesting solution to the app shortage problem that RT has. The Surface is a really compelling product that is hard to love because of the missing apps. Part of my problem is that the Surface is never my go to device. If I need to type my laptop does it better. If I want to read a book the Nexus 7 is my go to choice. Play a game, and it’s either the 7 or the Touchpad. The Surface is cool, but seldom the best choice for my particular needs.

  • ile2010

    I’m not really missing anything on my Surface RT save for a uTorrent. I’ve long abandoned Dropbox for SkyDrive as Skydrive gives me 25 GB for free.

    I’ve used Office, IE10, Netflix, and played a few (free) games.

    Gone are the days where I needed to replace IE. IE10 is more than capable and its “flip ahead” feature (swipe right to left like flipping a page) to go forward in a list of web pages is excellent. I’m not against a choice of browser, but I’m not seeing anything that’s missing at the moment.

    The Surface is the first tablet I’ve owned that I did not immediately regret purchasing. I’ll probably replace it with a second-hand Pro version in the spring.

  • S2556

    I didnt realize windows rt and phone8 was so closed. I will never buy a product that tells me what I can and can’t download, run, share etc…

  • J-Ro

    I think chrome has spoiled me, i tried IE recently and i found it to be slower. I liked it over all but i didn’t like the pop ups (or bar that pops up to block pop ups) and how much space it takes up on my taskbar. The tabs are still considered separate pages, unlike chrome.

    Like i said though, i think chrome has spoiled me.

  • Jeve Stobs

    i don’t trust android marketplace. has too many viruses. apple has a far superior product. its called the iPad, and its revolutionary.

    • S2556

      This is you:
      goo. gl/yjQm8
      remove space after goo.

  • Mark

    Or you can just go with Android. I like competition but Microsoft is a joke.