Samsung details Premium Suite content coming to Galaxy S III (video)


  • Josh L.

    here we go again…. and the waiting begins now.


      Apple fan boy: You can find all this feature in the iPhone 5!! bla bla bla we will sue Samsung

  • MaXiM

    Looks great! Any idea when is this update being released?

    • Brendon

      Most of this stuff is actually in the 4.1.1 update pushed a couple days ago.
      Multi window feature will be included in 4.1.2

    • kb2755

      It was about 2-3 months for us to receive 4.1.1 after Poland received it first. I’d assume about the same waiting period, February or March.

  • Thai

    Probably Feb or Mar 2013.

  • Wafa

    Hummmmmmmmmmm not bad looks great

  • Jv

    I don’t have multiview

  • Kevin

    “… and not just Samsung apps, but any of your choosing…”

    Really curious where you got this info Daniel. Multi view on the Note 2 is limited to pre selected, specific apps. Not necessarily Samsung only ones as you can see in the video. Granted, there is a mod out there for rooted users (and it works amazing) to have any apps, and chose the list of multi view apps at will.

  • Erik

    Guys I like the new favicon, looking good.

  • Kid.Canada

    Now that’s innovation. Take notes Apple so you don’t have to sue later after someone comes up with an awesome feature before you!

    • Rio

      Yes, apple should take notes how how to deliver promised features a couple months after release date.

  • RyanOver

    some of these features are not useless… but people will never use them.. and some of these features exist for a while now.
    HTC Sense have so many handy features but nobody ever showcase them on a video review..
    Samsung knows how to advertise that’s why they are ahead this year.

  • Why

    Awesome. I got the new version and it’s the best.

    Samsung is clearly the innovation winner.

  • screamer

    We won’t get multi view because we got the most we get on the last update. Not even the note has multi view. Does it? So there will be no update or when the next one comes out we will get it just a month before to get the rest out. Why not update on monday when jelly bean arrived in canada?

    • Why

      Blame your carriers.

      I will never ever buy anything from Rogers, Bell, Telus, any of their subsidiary, and any Canadian telecom company.

  • nik

    good god samsung i fken love you…apple is going to be g*y and say oh i have a patent on that you…fk if it was allowed apple would have a patent on taking sh!t

  • jack

    wind is not updsting th

  • jack

    Wind is not updating. They never update anything not even there Galaxy Nexus. They are terrible carrier.

    • scrooge

      Wind doesn’t control the updates for “their” Nexus.

  • Rio

    Lol what? All of their advertisements, touted those features and people are only getting some of them now?

  • mike

    I’m still on 4.0.4 and i’m with Vidéotron

  • bg

    Comments not showing.

  • Adam

    Does anybody know if SGS3 or Note2 have a radio chip to listen to local radio without data? I know the FMradio app is missing on both devises but it is there on the international version.

    • Why

      Also blame your carriers. They are the ones to blame for removing the FM Radio app.

      I have it on my international GS3 and works great.

      I will never ever buy from any Canadian Telecom company.

      They are the biggest scam artist of them all.

    • andrew

      got intl version and wont update

  • Kid.Canada

    @adam download Tune In Radio. Its free also.

    • Dalex

      Isn’t tune in radio an internet radio provider? He is looking for an option without data.

  • andrew

    still dont have 4.1.1. on telus intl version.
    room mate on rogers version and still no update