Sony prepping to release a flagship device “that can compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III”


  • Sean

    Just in time for the S4 to be released…

    • Ghoul

      LOL. I was ready to say that as I finished reading this article, knowing someone already would. Oh Sony.

    • ICSinNovember

      1-They should “focus” on STOP releasing phones with Ice Cream Sandwich in November, 2012; right James??

      2-They should try to compete with specs and price with the N4, not the iphone nor the S3 ( which is dropping price in Dec)

      3-When I see a square “brick-like” phone I always think of Sony or Nokia.

      4-If Sony doesn’t get their act together Nokia will start releasing Android phones and Sony will loose their “brick” advantage.

    • John Marshall

      Samsung: Too big to obey Moore’s Law, I guess.

    • lolz

      If it allows saving contacts on a sim or phone itself then great.
      I don’t want all of my contacts on google or sammy servers.

    • Ramy ayash

      If the Galaxy S4 has anything better than a 5 inch Whitemagic 1080P IPS Bravia LCD, IP67 Water and Dust proof certification, 2 gigs of RAM, Quad Core S4 Pro, Android Jelly Bean, Playstation Certification, Metal/Glass body, 13 MP Exmor RS camera, X-Loud, Clear Audio+ and on-screen buttons; then maybe Sony has made a mistake.

      P.S. Specs above are referred to the Sony Yuga.

  • Lukeiphone

    Sony can never compete with samsung or apple when it comes to phones.

    • howitzer

      they can’t compete spec wise but they can certainly compete on build quality, ergonomy and aesthetics

    • Henry

      I remember people saying the same thing about Apple iPhone when Apple first released. It was like Apple can never compete with Nokia and SonyEricsson.

      Then in recent years people started saying Samsung could never compete with the iPhone and now with the S3. Samsung is considered one of the leading company for android.

      So… history tells us that never doubt a company with goals and desire even if their current line up isn’t making much market interest

    • ICSinNovember

      What are you talking about; Sony has the most powerful phones with Ice Cream Sandwich now!
      -Nobody else has anything closer with ICS in Nov 2012!

      Granted, everybody else moved one or two versions ahead but Sony..and LG with the Optimus G are the leaders in ICS this season!

      Too bad this is not 2011, but don’t tell that to Sony or LG!

  • panda

    So glad I waited… come on sony I have faith in you

  • ActivesiN

    Sony phones dont compete with Samsung or apple, even with the help of 007
    sony should be more worried about the Nintendo Wii U

  • Brandon

    Sonys devices are lucrative, although I’ve never owned one.. yet.

    • ICSinNovember

      Lucrative …or Ludicrous??

  • Is this Bb10?

    I will never buy a 5″ phone.

  • Paulman

    If you want to make a flagship phone to compete with the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5, I don’t think bumping up the specs (especially screen size) is the problem/issue. I think you will need to pour your efforts into the usability and user experience. That, plus the aesthetic design of the phone.

    Those two reasons (iOS “feel”/usability and the looks of the iPhone) are why it is the king of the smartphone market. Well, actually, the Galaxy S III is outselling the iPhone 5 right now, but I don’t know if that will continue this quarter.

    But in summary: put more attention in the fundamentals of the phone experience: e.g. battery life, in-hand feel, aesthetic design, and most importantly: SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT.

    Timely updates are important. But even more important is making a phone that runs smoothly and isn’t BUGGY. My Galaxy S II is currently running the latest stock OTA update to Android 4.0.3, but there are still weird bugs. Ironically, it was most stable under Gingerbread 2.3 (well, maybe that’s to be expected because that branch was what it shipped with). UI draw rate (fps) is better under ICS than Gingerbread, though 🙂

    • ICSinNovember

      Paulman: Sounds like you are ready for a N4; unlocked, inexpensive and with the easiest fastest upgrades.

      If you need LTE and or SD card and more than 16GB, you will have to pay more and look somewhere else though.

  • Kim Jong ILL

    Get a Sumsumg and support me!!
    Youre dear Leader!

    • Ron Mexico

      Die in a fire, dick munch! Better yet just come and say that to my South Korean friends, I`d enjoy watching you get kicked in the face.

  • pisidan

    Wonder what garbage and empty promise they are gonna deliver this time!! No competition to is garbage!!!!!!!

  • eric

    sony can’t compete with Samsung? sony started making phones way before Samsung even existed. people back then thought Samsung sucked, and the best were nokia and sony ericsson. sony can easily catch back up.

    • Xperia User

      I’ve always been a fan of Sony phones, but Sony doesn’t stand a chance of catching up to anyone until they realize that they can’t stop releasing firmware updates six months after they launch a phone, and while it’s still being sold by the carriers. Every year it’s the same thing, they say they learnt their lesson but then repeat the same mistake. Go onto their own blog and you’ll see how p’d off users are after having gotten hoodwinked into believing that things would be different this time around.

      I’d love to pickup an Xperia T, but I’m sorry but I don’t believe that they will release more than one firmware update to 4.1 (not even 4.2), and that for me is a deal breaker.

  • Quinn

    Paulman: 100% wrong. If you want a phone to compete with the smartphone giants, you need marketing, and lots of it. Successful, clever, non-stop marketing is the only way to make your phone popular, even if it blows.

    Just look at the iPhone… Case and point.

    • nely

      but you both overlooked overall quality… it’s probably the most important thing.

  • gjeff12

    I love Sony’s design and their extra functionality but they always seem like they’re a year or so behind. Maybe by the time all of us s3 owners are done our contracts Sony will have caught up. The t is a good start.

  • nely


    • caribouroader

      I believe they can as you are able to actually purchase and receive their phone..(yah I know the joke about how they are available since no one buys them)

  • Guillaume B.

    I think Dennis van Schie might end up on the job market very soon.

    What this man just implied to the press is that their current flagship, the one they just released, the one they spent millions marketing, cannot compete with their biggest competitor’s flagships.

    No matter how true it might be, that’s not something you tell the press. Ever. And a Marketing VP should know better.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!

  • Brad F

    at this point, it would have to be able to print real money for anyone to care

  • LOL

    Yes, but can it run CRYSIS???

  • Paulman

    Quinn, I agree with you that marketing is huge. Perhaps it’s even more important than the things I mentioned. But at the same time, the iPhone would never have taken off if the hardware and software behind it wasn’t solid.

    I hardly heard much about the first iPhone, and the things I did hear about it was that the iPhone 3G was much better than the original iPhone.

    A lot of people don’t know how superbly engineered most of Apple’s products are. They don’t always push the latest specs, but what they do decide to implement is very soundly designed and thought through.

    And I’m saying this as a Windows PC and Android smartphone user (I did own the iPhone 3G – it was pretty good for its time until the iOS 4 update, which reduced it to the speed of a snail, unfortunately).


      The 1 and only reason CrApple ever took off is because they had no competition at the beginning, but they’re so inferior compared to price that once a competitor came in the picture they got blown by pretty damn quick. ANDROID IS THE FUTURE – KID ANDROID. ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)
      Galaxy Note 2 is the best device available right now hands down.

  • Brian

    Wow, some of you guys get fired up over this stuff!

    I think the Experia T is perfectly competitive. It just lacks “mindshare.” I hope they are successful enough to keep producing phones simply because I love how the marketplace is forcing these companies to be innovative. 13 megapixels on the T! My Panasonic Lumix is only at 10. Granted, pixels are only half the equation, but at least they’re figuring out that the camera is one of the key motivators in phone purchase decisions. With that in mind, I’m lusting the Lumia 920! It’d bench my Lumix!

  • Brad F


  • dandroid

    Not overly wise to target phones that are already out for months when making a new model for yourself.

    I’m not an expect but the reason they do so poorly is a couple of reasons :
    1. older and weaker specs
    2. sometimes weird build quality or design choice
    3. carrier exclusives
    4. ships with older software and takes long time to get new up to date

    Sony should take a hard look at HTC and learn from them first, because if anyone is trying to beat Apple and Samsung it’s HTC and although they have excellent build quality, high specs and a good UI they are lacking in some areas too

    The SIII isn’t the best speced phone anymore but everyone knows about it and it’s selling well ( all carriers and with different colors and storage options ) iphone is a given with it’s marketing and customer base.

    Sony needs to push whatever it has to make itself stand out, not just ” better” then other flagships

  • Gary

    I hope Sony can come up with something good, but talk is cheap! Start showing and proving! I’ve heard about this 5″ phone, but if The Galaxy S4 is being released at CES as well, now it’s Sony and it’s unknown quantity against the grandeur and build quality Samsung is now known for. Constantly poor timing by Sony.

  • Intuiitive Consulting

    Is This Bb10?, KIM JONG LL, 2c, Just Saying, etc.:

    Mobile Syrup throws up lots of Windows Phone threads for you to keep posting about how you’re going to buy X phone as soon as the Y colour is released by Z carrier, even though you been saying the same thing since before WP7 launched without ever following through.

    If it’s not enough, please find a forum or chat room instead, because personally I like it when the comments would remain for the people interetested in the news item.

    If I thought you were doing more than being paid posters, or generating conflict for your own amusement, I might be more understanding when the comments drift off topic.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • m82a1

    Ship the phone with 2GB RAM as well as Android 4.1 or 4.2 and we’ll see….anything worse than those, i’ll pass. SE / Sony always ships with outdated OS, its bullshit.

  • Intuiitive Consulting

    Sony phones could easily be so much more, even accepting the internal politics they have where MiniDisc and Walkman were sacrificed to appease the music publishing division.

    How about NFC tapping a Sony phone to a Sony TV, Receiver, BluRay player, … And when you do it brings up a touchscreen Sony remote, that can work over IR or Bluetooth. Keep running with that idea until Sony headphones control the phone, laptop controls media playback of a Sony phone physically connected by HDMI to any TV

    Sony may not have a huge presence in phones now, but they have the power under one roof to instantly make phones more powerful. Hardware performance is going to move forward at its own steady pace, and there isn’t anything that’s been overlooked thanks to competition. So they should ask themselves what they can do as a company to make the future a reality, instead of having the phone division try to mimic current market leaders.

  • Intuiitive Consulting

    It’s been a while since I looked at Sony, but you’re right their always on generation behind on the OS. I was going to mention it before, but I don’t think a single person has bought Sony BECAUSE they include a unique 3D interface, that money/time is better spent elsewhere. But it’s even worse, those doodads are costing them more by delaying Android versions

  • Who’sThere?

    I don’t doubt Sony’s ability in making a top notch phone. From the rumours that I have read about the Yuga and Odin’s specs, along with Sony’s designs, they can very well compete with Apple and Samsung. What they need is, as some of you have said, good marketing. They can’t do what they did with the Ion and release it months after it was introduced. With so much great phones being released at alarming rates, people have short attention spans. Really hope for a good 2013 for not just Sony Mobile, but Sony in its entirety.

  • Sc

    Sony is always slow to update. Not a single device on jellybean right now.

  • Jerry

    I like Sony designs, its the outdated OS release and the terrible battery life that was the downfall of the Experia T.

  • ruaman

    I love Sony and their products. If any day they make a Nexus device, I’ll take it without any question.
    However, I think Sony has one of the worst marketing strategies out there. They make good quality products, but sometime over price, and by the time ship a product (specially cellphone) in the market there is already the next generation available from its competitors.
    And the software updates from Sony for its phone…??? I don’t even want to mention it…

  • David

    They can go to hell with their Xperias. Sony launches so many phones per year but can’t even fix their software bugs months after they have been reported and confirmed. Crappy customer service ruins a product.

  • screamer

    Like always to late

  • nate44

    make it like note 2, with price like nexus 4.

  • noknok

    still waiting for something that can compete with Nokia Lumia 920 😀

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I will never give up my IPHONE! Every review of a new phone ALWAYS draws comparisons to the “jesus” phone. Yes, the iphone of 2007. Steve Jobs said it would take five years for other companies to catch up. Well, it’s now five years and it’s still the bencmark to beat.

    Sorry, I gotta go update my iTunes and Safari.

  • new_tradition

    When it comes to gaming, I’m a Sony fan all the way, but it’s only recently have I become interested in their mobile line. The Xperia T is mighty smexy, so I’m interested in what’s in the works already that tops that.

    Though yeah-aiming to compete with already released devices isn’t the greatest idea xD

    Maybe if they slide pricing accordingly…