Facebook update for iOS and Android brings in-stream sharing and improved photo tagging


  • Slappy

    Finally, now all those photos of food my friends keep insisting I see…tagged for my enjoyment.

    • aliwhatsit

      ugh… more hipster s**t.

  • Stuntman

    I bet it still sucks. Trying to decide if I want to keep the current sucky version or risk possibly getting an even suckier version.

  • Stuntman

    Well, I decided to try it out on my old phone. I’m actually impressed with this update. It’s actually pretty responsive. I guess forcing FB developers to use an Android device really worked.

  • My Name Is Earl

    whats facebook?

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Omg! now iI can tag all mah friends with my every meal so they can be amazed at all of them!!!

  • Porilaisten


  • Dagmar Schnietz

    My cousin has already discovered this app and ran to town with it!