Sony Xperia T (The Bond Phone) now available


  • Max

    Pretty phone! I would probably get that if Samsung didn’t exist.

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      “Sony Xperia T (The ICE Cream Sandwich for $550) now available”

  • Memischap

    I saw skywalk and I think he only used this phone once to get a text message

    • Dalex

      Indeed, and he looked pretty bored looking at it haha. There were a ton of Sony products in Skyfall, but it was predominantely Vaio laptops. Those look stunning though, especially the Vaio Z.

    • skinnypig

      And it wasn’t even issued by Q. They are really milking the Bond association for all it’s worth.

    • Dalex

      They could have made it palm printed to him like his PP7 haha. OMG that would be a sweet real life feature! Get on it Sony (or anyone else).

    • Brad F(anboy)

      You watched an entire movie and don’t even remember the name of it?

  • ASH


    • RIMtheRIPPER

      Nexus 004!

  • seroevo

    As good as bought. Been waiting for this launch.

    And thankfully no “pebble blue” in sight. The main reason I passed on S3 for this phone.

    • Pat

      You must be a woman, to pass the best phone, because of the color, that you will hide anyway, with a fancy protector…

    • seroevo

      @ Pat, the irony is only a woman would consider a phone in blue or white to be adequate. The specs of the Xperia T and S3 are on par enough that I don’t want to hide a leper blue phone with a balaclava case.

      All phones should be available in black. Period.

  • adam5487

    Anyone know when Videotron will have it available??

  • Mike

    Q: “Here’s your new phone 007”
    Bond: “Is it a Nexus 4?”
    Q: “No.. it’s a Sony X…”
    Bond: “WHAT THE @$^&%^%&!!!!!!!!”

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      Q: “Here’s your new phone 007″
      Bond: “Is it a Nexus 4?”
      Q: “No.. it’s a Sony X…”
      Bond: “Ice Cream Sandwich?? Where did I put my License?? ”

  • Jennifer

    I thought the LTE versions would have AWS HSPA because of the FCC application.
    I’m assuming the big 3 removed the frequency like AT&T did with the TL?

    • Scott

      Don’t know this for sure, but I’d bet the Canadian phone IS the TL.

  • technathan

    Not a bad-looking device (especially if it gets bumped to Jelly Bean soon), but I hope you can delete all the Bond media once you’re done with it!

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      ..If you are Blind; if you like overpaying $200 for your phones; if you like using Android versions from 2011 and Don’t mind wating for ..NEVER to get an update.

    • seroevo


      You could argue buying any phone off contract is overpaying $400-500. If you have a good plan, then it is. If you have a crappy plan, well, you’re overpaying monthly.

  • John


    Really? Why is Sony behind by 10 months?

  • TK

    I was expecting something sexier than this one since its bond phone…

  • SBR1983

    it may be available today but stores don’t seem to have it in stock yet. Kinda disappointing.

  • Bryan

    No Rogers in Edmonton has stock yet… Called and said it will ship in 2 to 20 days if ordered online. Last time I ordered online with Rogers waited 2 months for x10

  • Fitey

    Is there a voice assistant like S-voice on this?

  • Kelly

    I called a few Rogers stores in Toronto and they don’t have them in stock. Some stores never heard of the phone. Great launch Rogers. Jeez…

    • 2dfx

      Or you can just stop supporting your deadbeat carrier.

  • Osama

    Look we all know Robelus is bending us over, but seriously, youre gonna go with a welfare service thats your choice, but for those of us willing to pay up the ying yang for somewhat reliable service are forced to bend…thats our choice! and we are free to voice our support for Robelus! I LOVE YOU ROBBERS! When can I get this 6 month old phone???