Winner announced in our Bell Sony Xperia T (The Bond Phone) contest


  • Quinn

    Sweet, I’ll take it!

    • TimeTravel

      Is this the Phone where James Bond travels in time to 2011 and gets an Ice Cream Sandwich??

      “Upgrade Following launch”??
      doh,Even 2016 is -following launch!

  • Jonathan

    Are there any chances someone might actually like James bond, Sony AND the Xperia T at the same time ?

    Highly unlikely!

  • Muneer

    After watching Skyfall (and enjoying it), I would still have to say Casino Royale as my favourite Bond film.

  • Jason

    Nov 23? hopefully mobile syrup will give me a solid birthday present 😉

  • Andrw

    Must be 007 Goldeneye.
    Good luck to the thousands and myself.

  • Alex

    Guys, it’s LTE!!! No fandroids wants that, right? Right.

  • DMan

    Hook me up! And my favorite was “You only live twice” Classic Sean Connery.

  • Michael McCluskey

    Hmmm, Casino Royale

  • ReadyOwl

    Live and Let Die was my first Bond film, always will have a soft spot for that one 😀

  • sanador

    Looks good. My fav still remains Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

  • Joseph

    I hope im lucky!!!

  • Cecil

    Sign me up i would like one

  • EvanKr

    Thanks MobileSyrup! Awesome giveaway!

  • Long

    Casino Royale!

  • Johnny

    What a coincidence! I was just thinking of throwing my old optimus chat on a wall!

  • Rich

    I like the Daniel Craig bond movies.

  • Linda Kollybaba

    very nice GLA

  • josh friesen

    i love goldeneye. not only was it an amazing Bond film, but it spawned a video game and an austin powers spoof remake.

  • Byron

    Casino Royale!

  • Brandon

    Casino royale took the cake for me. Good luck all

  • Kevin

    Casino royale


    so cool GREAT will go tweet it now too @roswello

  • Roger

    Seeing Skyfall tonight – in North Vancouver! Pick me! Lovely phone!

  • Roman

    Goldeneye because of the overall cultural impact 🙂

  • vn33

    I will always love the spectacular scenery from “For Your Eyes Only”

    • squirrel_masher

      …and the Bond-girl was pretty classy too.

  • ASH

    me want!

  • Adam

    Casino Royal was my fav as it got me back into the Bond franchise.

  • hc

    Time to win one!

  • COB

    You can certainly give this to me haha.

  • Bryan MacKenzie

    Was looking forward to this phone forever

  • Lyn Scott

    I like it.. 😉

  • sonya mccaughey

    sean connery and that accent and smile in the “Bond” movies is the best !

  • Natalie

    Casino Royale is one of my faves

  • Nishant


  • bret

    my favourite are the world is not enough, dr. no, from russia with love and of course, Casino Royale
    if anyone says Quantum of Shite, they are drinking that standing water from out in the desert.

    I like the phone, it really is a great media offering, I’d love to try one out. I have never considered a Sony phone until now.

  • Janet

    I like Roger Moore classic Bond movies 😀

  • khalidgehlot

    I entered any chance to win?

  • Blake Lyons

    My favorite Bond movie was Die Another Day, pretty great!

  • khalidgehlot

    I want to win it

  • Hungry Ghost

    From Casino Royale with Daniel Craig:

    Bartender: “Would you like your martini stirred or shaken sir?”

    Bond: “Do I look like I give a damn!”

  • Is this Bb10?

    No thanks, I want a nexus 4. James Bond is too cool to be locked into a contract.

  • Shubham

    Best BOND movie.. SKYFALL.. 😉 hope to win this phone.. 🙂

  • Kevin


  • Tony

    love James Bond, I hope i win.

  • Viriak

    Looks like many of us like casino royale

  • Julie Ann

    Soooo excited about this!!

  • robert stacey

    always will like man with the golden gun

  • Moe

    Mobilesyrup please do a review of the nexus 4! Much appreciated

  • WLN

    There are way too many cool James Bond films…just saying. & I’d be 100% okay with winning haha

  • Rampage

    haha no thanks.. not taking anything from bell even if it’s free !

  • Ed

    Great contest! I love the Daniel Craig era Bond films. He’s a great Bond. Casino Royal!

  • DeebsBruin

    I would love to win this phone!

  • MrDisco

    I enjoyed Casino Royale

  • alex

    me me me ,
    I need it.

  • Rio


  • StEC

    I have to say the Daniel Craig Bond films are by far my favourite of the bunch!

  • King of Gin

    From Russia with Love!

  • Sumeet

    Is it open to India?

  • Henaway

    This would be great with my 007 SUV. Okay, it’s not a Bond vehicle, but the last three digits of the VIN _are_ 007!! 😛

  • Osama


  • Jim Jones

    Skyfall looks sexy, that being said gimme this phone

  • shaker

    man with the golden gun!!

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    i wonder if James can operate the phone with only his “goldFinger”?

  • Shushwap

    I want it… I want it…. I want it
    Did I say I want one of these… This can be used with wind mobi and the big 3…. I love it

  • Jamie

    Not a fan of Sony mobile but I I wouldn’t say no.

  • Bobin Monga


  • Warren

    followed by Thunderball…
    then Diamond’s are Forever…
    this might take a while. Goldfinger.

  • Mike Casey

    Way to go MobileSyrup!

    Pretty sweet.

  • Tudor M

    Skyfall was awesome.

  • daredeshouka

    James Bond style

  • Ion Tudorel

    me liked probably the most skyfall.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Honestly, this phone is good and fills a niche… for people like me who think the iphone 5 is too small, the gs3 too big.

  • Franssu

    Skyfall is the best Bond ever. The movie is visually sublime, the Bond Girl is incredible, the bad guy is awesome, and there’s tons of fan service.

  • Valeria

    the world is not enough

  • Kezghan



    This phone is sick and I usually don’t care for Sony devices. Love OCTOPUSSY 😉 – KID ANDROID. ( TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

  • Jesse

    Skyfall was the best. GoldenEye coming in at a close second.

    Would love to win this piece of Bond history.

  • Ravi12

    A.) This would be a sweet early birthday present


    B.) Daniel Craig is awesome, but die another day is classic

  • Sibin Maynalovski a.k.a. WizardBGR

    Die Another Day! This is THE BEST Bond movie ever! Pierce Brosnan FTW 🙂

  • Waru

    Can’t wait to see this movie. From whats posted this seems like a pretty decent phone too

  • Mary Rodwicz

    Wow!!!! I would flip if I won this !! Ty for the chance!! Tweeting @alingcamemary1

  • Scarneck

    Sick phone always been a fan of sony phones

  • Navoneel Biswas

    I would really want to get this

  • General Gustov

    Casino Royal was one great Bond movie and that Aston Martin is one sweet ride

  • slava

    Casino Royal is the best. No doubt.

  • slava

    die another day one of the best ever)

  • Pahech

    I am fond of Goldeneye.

  • Mike

    GoldenEye FTW! Video game kicked major a*s as well!

  • arcsvibe

    Wow what a nice phone! Good luck to all!

  • Aaron

    Most of the Bond movies are good, I really like Casino Royal. Daniel Craig is the best Bond, in my opinion.

  • Guile

    Didn’t see Skyfall yet, so I’ll say Casino Royale… for now 🙂

  • Dianne Arsenault

    I love 007

  • Prabhdeep

    I still consider Casino Royale as the best work of james bond.
    Awesome Giveaway!!! hope i win!! Thanks 🙂

  • Matthew

    Q Branch failed to issue me this phone, so … its up to MobileSyrup!

    Posted and liked on Facebook. Tweeted as @matthew416 and … yes Money Penny, give me a second.

    Sorry, distracted by the help.

  • Brian J

    put me in, thanks

  • A Tiwari

    I liked Skyfall the most, maybe coz it’s still fresh in my head.

  • Priscille Henry

    I like the Daniel Craig bond movies ,he is a Jam Bond very speial and it’s my favorite Bond movie… I like Sony. Skyfall , the song is very good…

  • Melissa E

    Love Octopussy!!

  • Gary

    I need this phone. Saw Skyfall, the movie is crazy!

  • Jimbo

    Count me in!

  • abhishek Dwivedi

    Hey I need it very because I have never win any lottery and this is y last and final time am entering it. so please don’t broke my heart and I have a gut feeling that this time i would get it….

  • Danial

    hmm havent seen Skyfall… but the last two were AMAZING

  • Barbara Maher-Erwin

    Looking forward to seeing Skyfall in IMAX tomorrow night! I followed on Twitter, re-tweeted and folled on Google+.

  • Mike

    I never win these things 🙁

  • James

    Sony got superspy phone for James Bond !! I love James Bond tech stuff for years.

  • Jason

    Dr. No

  • LarryDarren

    Would love this phone,
    count me in please.

  • Benji

    Cant wait to see skyfall. Hope i get the phone too lol.

  • Andy

    Awesome! Hope I win!

  • Johnny

    Huge Bond fan, why not have his phone too.

  • Julian M

    Gonna have to say “Quantum of Solace” is my favourite!

  • myra

    love it !!! <3

  • Nathan

    I hope I win this. I loved the movie.

  • Karen Newton

    It would help if you made it easier to re-tweet the contest. Some sites just have you click on a link to re-tweet. I don’t know how to make a re-tweet otherwise.


    Phone looks like it will knock the living daylight out of me. Good phone specs mobile syrup.

  • Nairy

    Love it bond & the cell … Good luck to all 🙂

  • Ninh N

    I’d love to have one 🙂

  • Skantha

    I like both Bond and sony phone.

  • Darrell Teeple

    I want it

  • Kurt

    I like skyfall the best. let me win this phone..

  • al

    I could use the Bell Sony Experia T phone!!

  • Eduardo

    I have a James Bond’s Cellphone “Sony Walkman W580-i” from ‘Quantum of Solace’ with ‘Track I.D.’ Track I.D. from GraceNote and it used to recorded & indicates- what was the name of the song and the name of the album with artists performed.I been used for 4 years & never get broken. I hope that I’m interested the experience of ‘Xperia T’. Is it has ‘Track I.D.’ the same like Walkman W580-i?

  • Eduardo

    I like to win. Like a ‘Walther PPK’ of Superhone! License to call!

  • Nidhi Thakur

    Die another day!!!

  • Brendon

    Hmm fav bond film? I still love goldeneye since it was the first bond film I ever saw but skyfall is waaayy up there now 🙂

  • Thien

    It would be great to replace my old phone =D

  • tony

    xperia t looks beautiful

  • Conor Anderson

    Best bond movie: I am a sucker for OHMSS. I think Lazenby did a great job and that his agent screwed him.

    Any of the cold-war era Moore ones: eww!

  • jay

    I love the Bond movie franchise! I grow up watching Sean Connery and Roger Moore classics with my Mom and even played the Golden Eye and The World Is Not Enough games on the ancient but much loved N64, as a child. For me, I always found each generation of Bond films brought something new to the table. Sex,love,betrayal and action are just a few of the themes that makes James Bond an Icon.

  • Kykou

    I would have to say Die Another Day as my favourite Bond movie. Thanks for the awesome prize!

  • lynn

    Gold Finger is my FAV!

  • Ted Kooper

    thanks for the giveaway

  • Pen

    SkyFall Was not the Best Bond Movie I have seen Goldfinger.
    Sean Connery and Roger Moore my faves used belong to his Fan Club !!!

  • jamal

    Would love this! Best bond is definitely skyfall, I recommend it!

  • Bons

    Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig) remains my favourite Bond movie!

  • Kersat

    My favorite Bond movie is the first one I saw. Moonraket.

  • Sunshine

    I enjoyed Goldeneye because of the video game, but I also liked Casino Royale. I have yet to see Skyfall though.

  • Janice Lynds

    Casino Royale but I am excited for Skyfall

  • Dylan D

    Looks like a decent phone !

  • saad

    casino royale!!!

  • Ray J

    Skyfall looks like best Bond ever but I liked Casino Royal

  • Avneet Jay

    Good to see an Android featured in a AAA movie!

  • Matthew

    Good luck everyone!

  • Michele

    Dr. No…. closely followed by Casino Royale


    The best of luck to all!


    Good luck to all!

  • Alan


  • Aravind


  • Delano Jennings

    I just watched skyfall this weekend, best bond movie ever!

    I want to win this phone, thanks mobile syrup

  • johnny

    i’m eagerly waiting for this movie, watching it this weekend here in the philippines.

  • Steve Pagdin

    Yes please!

  • Eric Huang

    Casino Royale 😀 Just saw Skyfall and didn’t like it as much

  • Reolin

    Yes please!

  • Ryan

    I’ll take this phone shaken, stirred and in a holster on my side.

  • squirrel_masher

    As a kid I loved seeing how Bond handled the evil henchman Jaws – especially in Moonraker.

  • Vin

    I want it…

  • Vin

    Bond…James Bond !!!!

  • Vladimir Medvedev

    Skyfall the best. Modern but yet in classic style. Rude and hard-boiled but quite pathetic and sentimental.

  • netman3000

    Skyfall is great!

  • Tracy Morin

    Casino Royale is still my favorite

  • adoa emmanuel

    ilike it

  • Olerius

    Anything with Sean Connery in it is a winner in my books.

  • Dennis Leboeuf

    My favorite was Casino Royale

  • Raul

    I’ll take that Ice Cream Sandwich shaken not stirred…. =)

    • Raul

      BTW My favourite Bond movie is “Live and let Die”

  • Charles

    good luck to all =)

  • DroidFTW

    I don’t know about my favourite bond movie (possibly tomorrow never dies), but Pierce Brosnan has been my favourite bond.

  • eshizzi

    Diamonds Are Forever.

  • Brigitte Leprince

    Great Competition! I liked “Skyfall” the best and I have my fingers and toes crossed, hoping a mobile will fall out of the sky for me! @Rainbow222

  • Taha Chehade

    My favorite Bond movie has to be The Man With The Golden Gun.

  • Kouji

    I’m willing to take ANYTHING!

  • Tausif Khan

    Best of Best Bond Film i ever watched Skyfall 🙂

  • Lori Bazan

    Casino Royale rules over all Bond flics! Sign me up. thanks for the chance!

  • Richard Hall

    I want to be just like James Bond with this phone!

  • JP

    Would love to win this!

  • Noah Fang

    I want it so bad!!! Big fan!!! of both SONY and 007 !!

  • Jean Yves

    I feel lucky, I had a Sony Xperia before great phone even better now, James Bond phone:)

  • Mike Hua

    Can I be Bond for a day?

  • Utkarsh Desai

    Goldfinger. All time fav

  • Joe M

    Skyfall is making other Bond movies fall from the Sky for sure

  • J


  • Nathan Poirier

    this phone is so cool ! 😀 I want it so much 🙂

  • H, bazid

    Skyfall certainly!

  • Maarten

    Sweet! Nice phone, nice movie 🙂

  • gabrimen

    I guess i’ll stay with The World Is Not Enough, somehow liked that movie a lot including movie soundtrack

  • Sagar

    Casino Royale Has to be my favorite one so far !

  • Donna Vitan

    So far I love the three Daniel Craig’s in but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for The World Is Not Enough.

  • Sean

    Latest is the greatest. Must be Skyfall!

  • Moyeen


  • C.Eme

    Casino Royale and Die Another Day; i haven’t seen skyfall yet 🙂

  • Bill McGovern

    Dr. No

  • Rick

    This looks like a really cool phone. Would be a nice upgrade from my HTC Sensation.

  • Steven Pagdin

    Yes please

  • Brock

    I don’t think it’s been long enough to say Skyfall is the best, but I can say without a doubt it’s top 5. Other than that Casino Royale, Licence to Kill, Man with the Golden Gun, and The Spy who Loved Me.

  • Sai Tarun Meka

    My favourite Bond movie is Die another day

  • Shawn Tew


  • Mike

    Casino Royale

  • Monis

    My Favorite Movie of James Bond is Skyfall.

  • Kelly

    Casino Royale

  • Jim Lipscomb

    Goldfinger is old but good

  • TrexWesley

    From Russia With Love!

  • Tracey

    My favourite Bond Film is Casino Royale.

  • Tarun


  • Chris Wong

    I’m in, pick me please

  • fida

    the most nice (from what I see), THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
    very so sweet 🙂

    Initially, Pierce Brosnan with Sophie Marceau. then, suddenly and turns, sophie marchau (elektra king) has bad intentions and resentment behind it all. and finally, james bond (Pierce Brosnan) and Denise Richards (Dr. Jones) happy ending
    there are elements of funny, edgy, romantic, and othersthe most nice (from what I see), THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
    very so sweet 🙂

    Initially, Pierce Brosnan with Sophie Marceau. then, suddenly and turns, sophie marchau (elektra king) has bad intentions and resentment behind it all. and finally, james bond (Pierce Brosnan) and Denise Richards (Dr. Jones) happy ending
    there are elements of funny, edgy, romantic, and others

  • Michael Cormier

    Awesome contest ! I have yet to see Skyfall but my favorite is Casino Royale 🙂

  • Tom McIntyre

    Dr.No will always be my favorite

  • Mark Ewing

    That would be sweet replacement for my existing phone, an unlocked Bell Sensation from three days after launch last year.

  • abhishek Dwivedi

    hey sony is one of the best company and i love it.
    and about james bond i am speechless……..
    i want this phone. please give me………

  • BMcL

    Looks like an awesome phone!!

  • carm


  • Vanessa Lau

    I would love to have this!

  • Marcie

    Hubby would love this.

  • Alphamon

    I like it! 😀

  • lukeiphone

    Hope I win this!

  • Matthew

    Yesh pleapb – sorryb, I hab a colb.
    @matthew416 in twitter land

  • NoWonder

    Bond phone? Sign me up!

  • Retche cadavido

    i like james bond movies and im a fan of sony mobiles

  • Retche cadavido

    wow its a great phone.. i love sony keep it up a good work

  • Jack

    Skyfall rules!! Now I want that phone so I can say I’m cool like Bond. 😀

  • Giman Aghayev


  • Joseph

    i love skyfall. The opening credits were cool too!

  • James Wilson

    yes please. i need a new phone

  • Paul

    Should be interesting

  • Marcus A Wolf

    I think I may be one of like six people who actually enjoyed the Pierce Brosnan Bond films.

  • Jon W.

    Want! It’s a bond phone!

  • Stanley

    Never won before =(

  • Who’sThere?

    Casino Royale for me!

  • skippypaccino

    give me this phone or 007 gets the shark tank!!

  • skyraptor

    Shaken, not stirred

  • Daddy

    Big bond fan. Seen and own many of the movies and I even have a 2 disk box set of just the music and listen to it all the time. As for favorit movie… I like the newest the gritty, inexperienced bond is coming of age. Nice.

  • shlomo levi

    i want it. but i newer knew result of MS ruffle

  • Mashika

    I like!!!

  • Luigi

    Casino Royale!

  • Parth

    Skyfall ftw!!

  • Jim Casebere

    Casino Royale

  • Debra Ford

    I like casino royale

  • jay


  • Bray

    You spelled Brayden Johnson wrong as the winner.

  • seroevo

    Great phone, picked one up last week.

  • phil

    Is the suit included ?