Mobilicity’s 50% off holiday promo plans are back, will cure the “holiday shopping hangover”


  • mike

    Why isn’t she wearing pants?

    • Nate

      I think she’s wearing shorts, walk of shame.
      The Mobi plans are good but the coverage needs work

    • Dave

      Where? I need to find it!

  • John Hash

    As much as I love Mobilicity, this is barely a promotion anymore. They do this same deal once every few month..

    • Lame Game

      They had 50% off in late September 2012, then again from November 1 to 13, 2012, plus many times before. It’s no surprise that they “extended” this promo to last throughout the Christmas and holiday season. That’s their only means of keeping customers and gaining a few more. Almost no one pays full price. Hopping from plan to plan with a telecom can get really frustrating, however.

  • All I do is Wind!

    They could of chose a better picture…

    • All I do is Wind!

      lol and now MS changed the picture… The %50 off deal is attractive during the limited time but Wind Mobile’s plans/network are still more attractive for the long run.

  • Hypersky

    I am totally seeing and thinking something else when I look at that picture…

  • Allan

    On first look, the graphic appeared to depict a woman, laying on a bed, with her butt in the air, holding a jar of peanut butter.

    Is there some subtle message being attempted, here?

    • NursultanTulyakbay

      I get the picture. She is supposed to have a hangover (like the “Holiday Shopping Hangover” in the article title). She is holding a coffee mug and has a “my head hurts” look on her face.

  • xyz

    Why only for 6 Months?

    • Cam C

      because there would be no revenue coming in for a 12.50 plan.

  • haxor99

    Capped at 2Mbps!! I would have moved if this wasn’t the case.

  • cg

    That would be awesome if we could get something like this out east!

  • hoo dat

    When is Mobilicity not on sale? It seems that as soon as one “special” ends another begins. They really have cheapened their own brand, people know just to sit and wait and another sale will be along in a few days.

    • hoo dat

      Oh yeah, I seem to remember the Phone Protection Plan wasn’t available in the last 50% sell off of the $55 plan. I wouldn’t take it as gospel that it is this time too.

    • Lame Game

      Nope, that would be the wrong Gospel to believe. Mobilicity is including the Phone Protection Plan in the current $27.50/month promotion, although you’re right to say that it was previously omitted in most older promotions. A little bonus, but not much more.

      Yes, you’re right to say that they’ve “extended” the 50% promotion. It’s also true that Mobilicity is very cheap, not exactly valuable.

  • Mike

    Unsustainable pricing. I think they’re hoping to get bought soon.

  • Tom Riddell

    Too bad there not in Burlington Hamilton area yet

    • smily

      People, don’t fool yourself, its great pricing but they cant survive / make money with these rates, this is a going out of business plan, so unless you bring your hardware from Wind don’t buy a phone from them

  • LazerAndroid

    Mobilicity, you simply blow my mind every single time! You are for the PEOPLE, and that is what I love about you. You are decent, loyal, and not cowardly, like the rest of them. Keep on representing Canadians, and giving us the best deals!

    There is only one thing missing. I’ve begged and I’ve begged, but Dave kept saying that it would be unfair to others to give me a free Panache. I understand that, but PLEASE, could you just make an exception for your biggest fan? I’d sing your gospel forever if you do!

    Love you, Mobilicity! <3

    – LazerAndroid

    • Mr Mystery

      LMAO!! The real LA going ballistic in 5…4…3…2

  • Jimmy

    everyday low price

    clearly not a good sign for existing customers that are experiencing poor data speeds already

  • aregularonhofo

    The real Lazer Android was funny at least, bluenote73 the fake LA simply repeats himself each time with the same lies that got former Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin fired for trolling on while making secret deals and acting like a total loser. Can you imagine the CEO of Vodaphone going on a technical site to lie about one of his customers in revenge for telling the truth claiming the member wanted a free Panache to hide his own BS and then like a coward posting jokes on Twitter for his dysfunctional fanboys without ever giving proof. That’s the difference between class and the garbage Mobilicity sells. Also goes against Howard’s credibility as an owner for not allowing LA to defend himself and permitting trolls to run his site where regular posters can’t express themselves freely.

    In any case, these lowering rates and deteriorating service and data is good news for Wind Mobile, if you haven’t made the switch already do it soon and let’s face it your loyalty has been spat on …do you really want to continue supporting a failed company who manipulates their subs and waste money on a provider that soon will go under. Your choice guys…you know what you have to do to be on a better network.

  • Dave

    Where can I see the picture that you guys wanted to be removed???

  • Jim

    Mobilicity would be perfect if they supported the Iphone. I don’t understand why Mobilicity doesn’t care about Apple users. Apple has the greatest products in the world. They are second to none.

    Wind supports the Iphone, so why can’t Mobilicity?!

  • aregularonhofo

    Pure desperation sale again my friends and signs Mobilicity will be dead soon, praying for better service isn’t the solution and great to see so many former loyal customers finally switching to Wind Mobile. Should be a great XMAS for Globealive and those who want better service, faster data and more coverage. When a provider has to sell unlimited plans at $12.50 per month to stay alive you know there’s trouble and with all their issues why continue believing lies.

  • Ken

    To all of the financial whizbangs that have an opinion about Mobilicity and how they may not survive I would say that you couldn’t organize a board meeting in a sh-t house.As opposed to being negative in your comments you should be supporting the new carries like wind or Mobi. I’m really happy that ROBELLUS has some competition such as it is. Actually I was tired of being legally ripped off. In those days there was no choice. So if your not happy move to Robellus and give them the big bucks for there plans. A happy Mobi customer.

  • ace

    scrambling for extra subs so they can sell… but theyve been doing this for awhile… when will they go under? CEO saw it coming and chipped out…

  • Mobilicity sucks

    Eve if it was completely free and a free mobilicity phone. I’d still wouldn’t switch back to Mobilicity. I tried them for a few months. I couldn’t stand the poor service I got from this company. You get what you pay for. pay cheap prices get cheap poor service. and besides I pay the same price at Koodo Mobile and I get Canada Wide Coverage and no throttled data and a full data service.

  • silverfox

    A lot of wind customers here it seems, sure mobilicity’s service can blow at times, and yes i ask myself sometimes if $19.50 for unlimited local talk/text/data(throttled after 6gb)/caller id is worth the finicky service. But looking at wind’s prices, i am starting to see the early trends of the big 3.

    unlimited incoming text messages, but u have to pay for outgoing picture messages, and US texts. The plans come with caller id and a bunch of other stuff but no voicemail, which u can add for 8 dollars.

  • lucy2003

    The promotions are only for new customers. They cut off my promotion (got the 17.50 plan last December) and are now charging me $45. I need to figure out which plan I want to go with.