RIM announces BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon for BlackBerry 10 developers


  • Business 101

    So a company that is hemorrhaging cash is depending on paying people to develop for their platform?

    Great plan. Good job Alec LOL

    • sp

      hemorraging cash?

      last time we all checked and have been witness to by their reports, they are in no dire position of hemorraging cash.

      company has a lot of money in the bank and dont have any debts..so dont know where you are getting your bunk information there bud.


      RIM is dead, why publish articles about this nonsense joke of a company? Let them die in peace LOLZ

    • @sp

      Rim is dead.
      Rim is soooo dead.
      COME!!! Let us dance on their grave, celebrate their short life and rejoice in their failure!

      Commence the Danse Macabre!

  • Ralphie

    Interesting, but when can I physically go to the store and hand the people at the store $$ and in return get a physical BB10 phone? Any ideas?

  • roman

    Way to go, encourage quantity over quality.

  • Blackkey

    Way to go RIM. I hope they make it, I like Canadian companies.

  • Blackberry Gangsta

    do fart apps count as games?

  • Bobby Jones Norton Antivirus

    I’m going to make an app that counts the seconds in a minute.

    Players have to guess what number the hand stops on.

    Dolla dolla bill yall

  • gurtej08

    36 hours is not enough time to develop a quality game. What most of you guys are forgetting is that RIM has to approve the game, so buy making it 36-hours they are really targeting people who have already developed games for ios and android to port the game to BB110. I know people can start know and finish the game by the event but RIM is using a nice strategy to get people to port their games.

  • cd

    apple was dead at one point. rim will always be around, african and asian marketsare enough to survive.

  • Go RiM!!!!!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a BB10 phone.
    2013 is going to be an epic year!

  • Sweet

    It’s great to see RIM fighting back and trying hard, instead of giving up and selling off the company’s assets.

    What they’re doing here with this port-o-thon is smart. I hope it works.

  • Jenny

    Cant wait. Great phone. FIPS 140-2 ahead of the launch and Gov approved. Iphone and Droid not even close. The Iphone out of date already and is used only by 16 year old girls who tweet and take InstaGram smut shots for boyfriends. Droidboyz are always loading Antimalware on their devices constantly updating. Win for RIM. Keep fine tuning this.

  • Mike

    Ralphie said: Interesting, but when can I physically go to the store and hand the people at the store $$ and in return get a physical BB10 phone? Any ideas?
    January 31st is likely for the launch day. Software roadmaps are on track, Heins has been using BB10 as his main device since September, carrier approval should go smooth, no delays in parts or assembly, FIPS security certification in hand.

    Shipping and release schedule will depend on which country you want to walk to a store and buy, but the first round of countries will probably be 1-14 days after the launch. The first device will be an all touch screen candy bar. Then a half touchscreen, half physical keyboard model should launch soon after. Mobile World Congress is Feb 25-28, and they will probably make use of the occasion where all supplier partners, carrier buyers, and mobile journalists are gathered.

    Then the possibilities and timing will depend on the progress of the first two models and the state of the market, but could include a full touchscreen with slider keyboard, a larger screen / larger battery surperphone, and an updated tablet.

    RIM really did take a chance to completely reinvent themselves, and you see that in the excitement and engagement of their employees right now. The existing company is just a shell that served to incubate a startup. 2013 will mark the emergence of RIM v2, and the first 9 months will probably be the biggest in company history.

  • Mike

    Long Live BBM and the Canadian King of smartphones. Hope this OS lives up to everyone expectations and that the devices are up to date specs wise! Would be good to see a Canadian company comeback and stand its ground.

  • sp

    thanks for censoring me mobilesyrup… thank you very much… where is my 2nd post?

    • 2dfx

      The comments system seems to eat comments at random regardless of content. Happened to me a few times.

  • Nathan

    Considering RIM just picked up a huge contract with the U.S Military, I hardly think they’re gonna die. If Apple keeps putting out failures like the iFail 5, they are gonna be the ones who fade out, and eventually go away..

    Blackberry is HUGE in Latin America, and RIM isn’t anywhere close to bankruptcy..

  • koko

    $100 is a joke.. it costs ten of thousands of dollars to make a decent app, let alone a game.

    • BB

      think about it though, if they get people to put there games on bb10 and get paid before people even purchase it from the store, its a win win for any developer, especially young developers trying to make it. Money is money don’t snuff $100 like its pennies.

  • rei

    Apple has a great incentive program running in that they have customers to buy your app once it’s done.