HTC 8X, LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia T dummy devices arrive at Bell, all launching this week


  • General Gustov

    Dont like Bell , Telus or Rogers so have to wait and see if the others pick these phones up i.e. WIND

    • Does BB10 Exist???

      Are these BB10 devices?

      RIM said BB10 devices would be available last March, where are they?

      RIM is dead, and they lie, its hilarous.

    • Does BB10 Exist???

      Are these BB10 devices?

      RIM said BB10 devices would be available last March, where are they?

      RIM is dead, and they lie, its hilarous.

    • NEXUS 4

      DOA, DOA, AND DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ace

    these awesome phones are hurting apples stock prices… ok.. maybe not… you’re right… its just they are making crappy products that aren’t fooling anyone anymore LOL 700-500 in a few weeks… SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!!

  • steve

    woah… just checked apple stock… ITS GOING DOWN LIKE THE TITANIC… hope these android phones are awesome!!!

  • ace

    yeah… didn’t you hear, GS3 was the best selling phone on the market supposedly! CRAZY!


    I want the Optimus G 🙂

  • Nick

    hoping for a nexus 4 review.

  • systemsoundbar

    Nice phones, but bell is a big joke and what’s a bigger joke is…. a horse goes into a bar and orders a drink, bartender says “so why the long face?”

  • Al

    Wow…nothing on these threads are actually about Windows Phones, which is what this post is all about. Canadian school system has failed us again!!

    Can’t wait for the HTC 8X..which is a WINDOWS PHONE, PEOPLE!!!!

    • hmmmm

      I understand but look again, only the first phone is Windows8.
      If I could get a 920 unlocked at 549$, I would get it but I don’t think we’ll see this in Canada so I’ll probably have to go with the Note 2 on contract to save 550$, 55$ a month with Videotron with 6gb of data…no more Telus…not at 100$/month…

    • Sid

      I hear the Nokia 920 is a better bang for the buck vs. the HTC

  • Sid

    Which of the new phones releasing this month are pentaband and LTE making them work with every Canadian Carrier?

    • gwydionjhr


      The initial release of the 920 on Rogers was Pentaband (and unlocked) whether that holds true with the general release remains to be seen.

      The Nokia 820 is LTE as well. Which bands the Cdn version will have is unclear.

      The HTC 8X is LTE, and appears to be Quad band, as does it’s little brother, the 8S

      The Samsung Ativ S, coming to Telus as LTE/Quad.

  • Bobby Jones Norton Antivirus

    Why are they known as smartphones when they’re called dummy phones?

  • abhishek Dwivedi

    could somebody please tell others that it is not reality….

  • Is This Bb10?

    Ian, the only device that matters now is the Nexus 4. I want a review. I want to know if it works with a Bell SIM card, if there are any compatibility issues with the Bell network, if Mobile TV and Self-Service works. You need to call your Google contacts and get a Nexus 4 device for review now!

  • mikkey

    Any word of when the HTC One X+ will be released on Telus?

  • Hunkyleepickle

    So bell has dummy htc 8x devices in their stores, for a release this week. And Rogers has supposedly already released the Lumia 920 almost 2 weeks ago, and still no dummy devices, let alone real devices, let alone listed on the website, let alone having employees that even know what a “lumia” is!! Ridiculous.

  • Is This Bb10?

    The only device I would consider other than the N4 is the Razr Maxx HD because of the huge battery. But that does LTE only at 700Mhz so it’s not coming to Canada anytime soon. Blame the government for dragging its feet on the 700Mhz auction.

  • RIM Job

    Out of these 3 phones I would take a stab at the HTC 8X, not much of a LG or Sony fan