Update: TELUS to launch the Red Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Ace II X


  • Thomas

    Just gimme WP8 already!

    • Nexus 4

      Nexus 4 Ftw!!!!!!!!

    • 666

      I don’t see any BB10s in there? Where are they? When are they coming? LMAO

  • tiesto

    Is it me or “Galaxy Ace II X” and “Galaxy S II X” sound quite similar?

  • John

    Big woop. Let’s get going with wp8 already

  • Threecube

    Red looks like crap

  • EAK47

    Samsung is overabusing with the “galaxy” name.

    They should keep it for premium devices, everyting is a Galaxy this, Galaxy that.

  • screamer

    Agree galaxy should be for the S and the note. Everything else should be different also the HTC devices should be not only one…

  • gjeff12

    No I think it makes sense as long qs the individual series’ are named properly. Galaxy is for android and ativ is for Windows and the s or ace or whatnot can all be the same.

  • GalaxyWaffles

    What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and the 2 X?

  • Brad

    So the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 will be priced at $250? On the Koodo website, the Samsung Galaxy 2 features dual core processors and an 8mp camera. Not to mention a larger screen amongst other notables. Seems that the galaxy ace is a bit over priced, since you can get the Samsung Galaxy ii S for $300. Even the HTC One V on the Koodo site has very similar specs to the Ace and retails for $200 and is going down to $150 when November 22 hits.

  • James

    Telus should be getting green color for Galaxy 3, Blue for Bell and Red for Rogers.

  • george