Update: Microsoft Canada says the “Nokia 920 and HTC 8X launching Nov 12 with Rogers!”



    Are these the long-awaited BB10 devices!!!!?

    Finally! Hope it will shut up all you RIM naysayers


    • Noki920

      Nokia 920 vs N4:
      available in BLACK ONLY, from Rogers only for the next 6mos
      40 grams Heavier
      LTE; but the N4 has Dual Cell HSPA, same speeds, no battery drain, and maybe no LTE Sim-Card required.
      no SD Card just like the N4; 32GB vs 16 for the N
      4.5″ vs 4.7″ for the N4
      HALF the RAM of the N4
      Smaller battery
      Dual Core vs Quad core for the N4 (Same speed_
      Adreno 225 vs the New Adreno 320 for the N4
      $190 more and LOCKED.
      -Released one day before the N4, Diwali day
      It’s your call!
      -Happy Diwali!

    • skinnypig

      @Noki920 You made it sound as if half the RAM is a minus for the 920, but the way I see it, the N4 needs DOUBLE the RAM to run close to the smoothness of the 920.

    • NEXUS 4

      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!

  • Hugues

    So, at $549 can I then pay Rogers to get it unlocked and use it on Telus, or do I need to get the $850 Expansys version to do that?

    • CB

      It’s only $549 if you’re staying with Rogers on a month-to-month basis. If you buy it without paying for at least a month of service it’s $599 plus $50 to unlock. $650 is still cheaper than going with Expansys though.

    • Arthur

      I am debating this too. It seems like Expandsys has got all of the available colours for a premium price tag. I prefer white over black, but can’t justify paying $200 more.

  • Keith

    So Microsoft, why no unlocked Lumia 920s in different colours in your MS stores like in the US?

    • jussayin

      Maybe at those “popup” MS stores ?

    • Matthew

      Is that confirmed? Do you have a link to evidence. I have been asking this question for weeks now and no one has answered.

      That is a reall bummer if true.

    • Keith


      It is not confirmed; I was just pointing out that Microsoft didn’t say anything about this in Canada yet.

  • Mark

    FINALLY some information! The people I’ve been talking to on Rogers have been useless

    • Tatianan

      They’ve probably only just found out today themselves. They get info when they get info. Until then, they wouldn’t know anything.

  • Dave

    I would so go for an unlocked pure 920 with no carrier crapware.

    • Max

      There’s not so much “crap ware” as your saying.
      And if you get the device elsewhere than your provider, MMS won’t work, neither will Name Display.
      As nobody was able to “jailbreak” Lumia phones yet.

    • Tedd

      “Crap ware” can be easily deleted. Everything is removeable on that phone.

      MMS has a separate setting, so it will work.

      Name display won’t work? Never heard that one before, and see NO reason why it wouldn’t.

      “Jailbreaking” is for IPhones. Rooting is for the rest. But you are right, it’ll be some time before Windown Phones become customizible through rooting.

  • jussayin

    And just in time for these wonderful new “simpler” Robbers pricing plans !

  • chuck

    The Facebook page shows a red lumia. The Microsoft page (with a rogers logo) shows the lumia in multiple colours. Any confirmation from Rogers when they will be releasing it in colours other than black?

  • Frederick Edwards

    Crossing fingers this is a real launch with billboards, tv & print ads that actually showcase the OS and phones.

    • Hugues

      I was watching a recorded episode of Dragons Den last night and every other commercial was either Windows 8 or Microsoft Surface. At least Microsoft is doing their part, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they would add Windows Phone ads to the mix as it officially starts hitting North American carriers.

      Carriers need to do their part too though.

  • carlisso

    I’m waiting until Nov. 16th when the Microsoft store opens at Yorkdale in T.O. to see if unlocked versions of either (or both) phones are available…only 4 days after the Rogers launch.

  • relevant84

    @Mark – Rogers reps can’t give you information that they either don’t have or are not allowed to share.

  • Chris

    Demand that Nokia sell the 920 directly unlocked. Post to the Nokia Canada Facebook page. Also tweet to @nokiacanada using the hash tag #unlockedlumia. Tell all your friends. We can try to make some noise so they will sell it to us directly.

    • Randy – 1

      Nokia hasn’t replied to a single comment or question from its customers on their Facebook page since its inception. They appear to consider their social media as just an outlet to post marketing blurbs, not as an opportunity to have a dialogue with their customers.

  • Th3Grub

    I am one of the lucky ones that got his hands on a Nokia 920 on October 30th with Rogers.
    I am a huge Android fan but let me tell you, the 920 with win8 is amazing ! 100$ with a contract renewal or 550$ is an amazing deal for this phone.
    My favorite iOS and Android apps are also starting to popup in the win8 phone store so that’s great news !!

    • BD

      I agree with Th3Grub – I too have the 920 when it was released on the 30th. I used to own a GS2 LTE & a GNEX, sold those for this and never looking back. Great superb build and software, battery actually lasts all day vs my GNEX or GS2.

  • shaun lee

    ATT sells it for 449 without contact,
    or 549 plus wireless charging kit…

  • chuck

    Looks like the Facebook post has been taken down.

    • UVSoaked

      I’ll assume it was because they showed the wrong colour of the phones?

  • George K

    Is it safe to assume this one won’t have AWS support like the initial batch?

  • dula714

    I asked Nokia about unlocked phones on their Facebook site. They never replied. Then I asked Fido if they are getting the phone. Reply was a big no. I am thinking of buying the phone from rogers and get it unlocked and use on Fido. Good thing I bought the $40 smart plan from Fido.

  • ile2010

    The ATT version will be $150 less and launches tomorrow, Of course, we dodn’t know yet if we will be able to unlock the ATT version and it does come with ATT branding on the case.

    When Rogers did their “limited release”, did they limit the shipment to 5 phones? No stores in London, Woodstock, Brantford or Hamilton had received any.

    Oh well, that’s $678 that’ll stay in my pocket. I’ll be giving the T-Mobile Lumia 810 a shot and it’ll cost half of what the 920 costs on Rogers. It’s only inferior in the camera department.

    • Tank

      I think that they shipped 20 phones altogether, for all of Canada. Most of them, if not all, hafve landed in Ontario.

      The new ones that are about to launch will probabbly be locked, since, you know, Rogers is being Rogers. They will likely still be AWS compatible, so should work on Wind and Mobilcity.

      There will be a spike in reviews after the 12th, so we’ll find out then.

  • Benny Blanco

    @dula714 You dont need to unlock to use the 920 on Fido. Everything works out of the box… MMS, tethering, name display without the need to unlock.

    Works like a charm! Only thing is you see the Rogers logo when you boot the phone… but no biggy!

    • Max

      @Benny Blanco:
      You tested it? I had the samsung focus from rogers, and had to jailbreak it and spent several hours to set the damn MMS settings.

    • Tank

      Windows8 has an MMS setting section now, so you can just adjust things there.

  • Joseph

    I’m not sure why Wind and Mobilicity are quiet. If they are not getting a WP8 model until later, than they may either lose some customers, or lose sales to customers acquiring their own unlocks, like myself.

  • Benny Blanco

    @Max More than testing. My actine line is Fido and the Lumia 920 is my main phone for the past 2 days now… works great. Fast LTE speed in Montreal and all features are working.

    • Max

      @Benny Blanco: Awesome thanks a lot for the heads up. This was my main concern…!

  • Nick Andreas

    This makes for A LOT of Microsoft posts… ever since the paid vacation to NY to cover the WP8 launch

    About half the stories for every other platform are being covered, and 105% of MS press releases are pushing them off the front page

  • Thilan

    Why is it $549 no contract at Rogers when AT&T have the same phone for $449 no contract?

    Did our dollar tank recently, and I missed it? 😛

    • phreezerburn

      Forgetting the “you’re Canadian so bend over” tax? It’s that paragraph just below the “3 year contracts when the rest of the world has to put up with 2” and above the “no unlimited data for you poor sods” one.

  • John

    Global launch=success. Giving the nokia to only Rogers is plain dumb. I’d like to see success of wp8 and nokia, but this was a bone head move.

  • Marco

    Too bad Rogers voice and data plan totally suck

    • caribouroader


  • Reginald

    If you are wanting a Lumia 920 in Victoria I think the Plus store at Hillside has some in stock still. That’s where I got mine a week ago.

  • gwydionjhr

    Reginald: You have got to be kidding me! I went in that store TWICE and they didn’t know SQUAT about having any 920’s in Victoria.

    • Reginald

      Weird, they definitely had stock at one point. When did you go?

  • Calvin

    Marco: I agree, worst plans on the planet.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Well, I guess Nokia doesn’t want my money… I am not switching carriers just to get the Lumia 920…

  • David

    You guys are still stuck on that global launch and Rogers thing and here we still don’t even have a launch date.

    They are just delaying it and losing a lot of customers.