Angry Birds Star Wars now available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8


  • Josh L

    Lame. Let the Star Wars milking begin…

    • Brendan

      Begin? Have you been to a toy store lately? Also, pretty sure this game was in the works before Disney bought Star Wars.

    • Josh L

      It’s gonna get worse with Disney

    • Ricky

      What’s wrong with Disney?
      They’re just trying to continue the series!


    Will this be available for my BB Pearl Flip 8220? They forgot to mention if it will be available in the article.


    • Brian

      you are in luck. they released a special version just for that phone!

  • Blackberry Gangsta

    rim left in the dust once again…sigh always the bride never the groom

    • Noki920

      Have you tried playing angry birds with the center button and the keyboard??

      It took me 10 minutes to pass the first challenge (Not level)

    • Jack

      there’s a precedent for this coming out on PlayBook compared to – say SKYPE or NETFLIX or INSTAGRAM.

      Looking at my PlayBook App World, I see

      Angry Birds
      Agry Birds Space
      Rangry Birds Seasons
      Angry Birds RIO

      So, it’s not crazy to suggest this will come to it too.

  • BreathLess

    Although I don’t intend to buy it. Why have 2 different prices for phone and tablets. I would never pay twice for the same game and I should have to choose which one I want it on.

    • Sean

      Because then they get a lot more money

  • tweak

    Doesn’t the kindle android? Or is it not play store certified?

    • everythingsablur

      The Kindle Fire does run a skinned version of Android (Gingerbread perhaps?), but it is not Play Store certified. You can only install Google Play if you root the device. At $4.99, you get a picture of how Amazon is selling the hardware at a loss: by gouging you in after-sales!

  • everythingsablur

    At what resolutions is it really necessary to move up to the Android HD version? My two devices (SGS2X and HP Touchpad) are only 800×480 and 1024×768 respectively, and I’ve not had an issue with the SD versions. Guessing 720p devices and up?

  • Rabev66

    Another point for Android. We get it free while iphone you need to pay.

  • BreathLess

    Why is the SD anroid version free while every other platform you need to pay for it(in some cases twice)?

    Do they have some sort of deal with google?

  • Jamie

    Best Angry Birds Ever!! (don’t leave a neg comment unless you have actually played it…. ignornace is no excuse)

  • anon

    What constitutes HD versions of apps/games? What resolution do the regular versions top out at? They’ll fit the screen with scaling anyways, right?

    What resolution are the HD versions?

    I wish this was spelled out in the apps themselves or something.

  • John

    Spell check?