MTS reports Q3 2012 results: Subscriber base now totals 494,564, market share in province slips to 53%


  • superfly

    Seems like lots of old fogies go to MTS according to the picture. They must sell a lot of Iphones.

    • Edward

      They do sell a lot of iPhones because they’re too lame to get any androids.

  • Fitey

    Seriously. When will MTS get some new Android phones (SIII, perhaps?). I don’t buy the too small thing. Sasktel has them and they’re just as small. Being the only carrier in the province to have unlimited data, if they’d get ANY new smartphones (other then the crApple diephone) they’d be killing.

    • dstruct2k

      SGS3 is releasing on MTS before the end of the year, and it’ll have LTE.

  • jbarns

    Its sad to live in Manitoba where people don’t even really have the option to upgrade to a GS3. Its littered with iPhones and when I whip my phone own people are completely oblivious.

    This could be the case elsewhere but MTS doesn’t even OFFER the option so I’m sure its worse.

    • dstruct2k

      Upgrade your carrier then. MTS has always charged much more than the competition for comparable wireless plans, and lagged behind on device selection.

      Although beating Telus and Rogers to the LTE party is a great way to turn things around, and with the SGS3 coming out in the next few weeks they might actually have a chance to pull some subscribers back from the other guys.

      The biggest issue at this point is that most Manitobans that were interested in the SGS3 have already got one from another carrier and are locked in on contracts, and MTS hasn’t done any sort of advertising to give potential customers a reason to wait. If they were to share their plans publicly, I *might* not have gotten my SGS3 elsewhere.

    • EvanK


      When did they announce they were getting the S3?

      Regarding plans, their LTE is a little pricey, but their HSPA prices are pretty good. As a student I can get unlimited data with 250 minutes and unlimited SMS for $40, a pretty good deal IMO.

  • Brad

    Get some phones MTS. Not everyone is an iDrone.

  • Owen Finn

    I don’t see how people can seriously say that MTS isn’t competitive in pricing. I have a plan with 350 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings/weekends, My5 local calling, unlimited texting (including MMS), voicemail, call display AND UNLIMITED 3G DATA… grand total price (before bundling) is $63. They cover more of the province than anyone else (Rogers excluded I guess).

    If I include the bundling savings… you could probably say I pay $40 a month for my cell service, as I get TV, high speed internet, home phone, wireless and home alarm for under $180 a month.

  • Bobby Destroy-her

    WOW they have more subs than WIND?! after todays leak on how many real subs wind has I am shocked! Tony get packing!

    • 5th place

      WIND has over 500 000 in real subscribers, while MTS is under that.

  • 5th place

    WIND crushes MTS and speeds ahead into fifth place!

  • Owen Finn

    WIND crushes MTS? Except WIND’s market area population is 3 times the size of Manitoba…