Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 confirmed to be pentaband, compatible with WIND and Mobilicity out of the box


  • Sean

    Glad to see carriers selling devices unlocked. They will get the cost of it either way if the persons in a contract or buying outright. Also glad to see it is pentaband so everyone here in Canada can use it

  • zed

    Unlocked from Rogers?! Heresy, heresy I say! If only it would become a standard.

    I’d like to know how many people actually pay the provider those high fees to unlock the device instead of $5-20 from almost anywhere else (iPhones notwithstanding).

    So what incentive does the provider have to lock them? I mean sure, require the person to use your service for 1 month if you really must, but still…

    • EvanK

      I can confirm that it’s unlocked, many users over at WPCentral have tried many different SIMs in it and it works fine.

      I tried the 920 out at a Winnipeg Rogers store, and it’s an amazing phone. If only they brought us a few different colours…

  • GDub_

    We need to get organized and start a letter writing campaign to our Members of Parliament telling them pass a law that prohibits the carriers from subsidizing the cost of the phone hardware, and only allowing them to subsidize the consumer based on the length of contract they are willing to sign.

    If you want an iPhone5 fine, but you should get a higher subsidy than someone who wants a lower end android phone if you’re both willing to sign the same length contract.

    And for the love of Pete no more 3year contracts too. 😀

    • GDub_

      oopz, that should read: If you want an iPhone5 fine, but you should NOT get a higher subsidy than someone who wants a lower end android phone if you’re both willing to sign the same length contract.

  • Art

    It could be just the first batch that is unlocked. Come on, we are talking about Rogers here. If there is a possibility of making an extra cent, they will throw customers’ needs under a bus in half a second…

    So yup, snatch it up, while the getting’s good!
    Such an amazing phone!

    Oh, and yup, only available in Black.
    Oh Rogers…

  • gjeff12

    Maybe they’re hoping to get people from the other carriers to buy the phone from Rogers. They know the plans suck so if they can’t get new subscribers they can sell unlocked phones.I like it.

  • Kingk

    How would I check to see if my Lumia 920 is unlocked?

    • gnote

      Pop in a non-rogers sim

    • Sammy OH Sammy!

      It should be unlocked right away, but yes, you need a micro-SIM card from another provider.

      You can try searching for available networks, and see if Wind or Mobilicity show up. That won’t prove anything, necessarily, but at least you’ll know that your phone recognizes other networks.

      You can always go to a Wind or Mobilicity dealer, and try out their on-location Micro-Sim cards. Call the beforehand, to make sure that they have one you can try out.

      Report back.

  • Wes

    great…. now we need the other colours besides black…

    • TheCyberKnight

      +1 for this.
      I hope Rogers finally emerge from their brain lethargy and understand we want colors.

  • Ripper

    ONLY available in Black; $600, and Pentaband, the first batch was “International (they tried to release it in limited numbers to get ahead of the N4 fut FAIL)

    The first Rogers-shipment arrives next week; they will be BLACK, LOCKED and without SD card, that phone is about $200-300 too expensive.

    Lumia 920, HTC One X/+ and the S3 have to drop in price within the next two weeks if they want a bite of the Nexus 4-market.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Too expensive the Lumia 920?
    I wonder what you think about the iPhone 5.

  • screamer

    Windows phone? Don’t know nobody who has one. Wait I remember one guy I think we was a geek.

  • Chuck

    Dame I really want one since I’m on Wind. I just don’t want Black. However if I find one I might settle.

  • ActivesiN

    awesome phone but $600…ill stick with Nexus 4

  • gunshoe

    Mine is unlocked… Pleasant surprise

    • KV

      I have a micro SIM from Fido. I called up Rogers yesterday and asked if they’d unlock Lumia 920 if I buy it outright. That guy just said they won’t do that!! But I’m surprised yours is unlocked out of the box. How did you find it out? Are you using a non-Rogers SIM?

  • DeepSlicedBacon

    Wow windows 8 looks great! Pentaband is a huge bonus, I agree it should become the new standard.

  • dv

    Sweeeet! 🙂

  • Crocography

    Wind here I come.

  • migo

    For the record, pentaband isn’t confirmed, just that it supports AWS. It’s possible that the Rogers 920 has the same CLR/AWS/PCS/IMT support as the 710.

  • Chris

    Rogers beginning to sell unlocked phones? The end of the world is coming soon!!

  • Big Ang

    Wait….. it can work with Wind and Mobilicity!?!?!

    I have never been so happy to have been mistaken! I was sure there was no way this was going to happen. Awesome!

  • technathan

    Am I the only one that PREFERS the matte black? To my eye it’s way sexier than the garish, glossy yellow.

    Seems to me that it’s a fantastic device with the only downside being the limited app selection. If apps aren’t that important to you though…

  • pauleece

    yeah the black looks good i think, and the grey too, the rest are so shiny makes the phone look more plasticky…
    anyways i called all rogers in southern ontario, no one has it. eaton center store only got 4 on tuesday and sold them out to the people who reserved… i heard rumours that they are coming in next week. some other representatives told me on the 12th… good luck to everyone trying to score the unlocked batch

  • Samuel

    When I bought my phone it was actually like 150$ on a three year contact with a 50$ mail in rebate. I had done the rebate online and got notice about 2 hours later that it had been processed.

  • Samuel

    I found out that my phone is un-locked I had tried it out with a co-workers sim card and they are not with Rogers.

  • Listboss

    Does anybody know if the new batch of 920s that Rogers offer on its website right now are still pentaband and unlocked ?

  • Vincent W

    I just got my black Lumia 920 from Rogers yesterday and ordered an unlock code this morning. $10.99 at I should have it before the end of the day then I can switch the phone to my existing Telus account.

    I did have to pay for one month of pay-as-you-go with Rogers but I’d rather do that than actually switch to Rogers.

    Oh, and although I originally wanted a coloured phone I am actually really happy with the black because I bought a cyan case to go with it which is surprisingly slim and awesome. This way I can switch to a different colour after six months if I get bored. Seriously the cyan case on it looks and feels really nice, so don’t be afraid to buy a black phone.

    • Listboss

      Did the code unlock your phone successfully? Can you confirm that it is actually a pentaband phone like the developer version?

  • Larrissa

    I bought the lumia 920 today outright at Rogers for 600 but I’ve tried my sim card from bell and it’s asking for the code.. so it’s definitely locked. Love the phone so much already and can’t bring myself to take it back but I’ve already paid for codes online and haven’t received anything.. Rogers told me they won’t unlock it and I need to call customer service to get them to unlock it and it will cost me 60 dollars. Has anyone been in this situation? Any suggestions?